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Don't Knock Champions

Your prices are too high on all your items. There are other outlets that perform the same things that charge less. Also, your limited variety is a problem.

Developer reply

December 23, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review, we really appreciate it! Thank you for your feedback on our prices and variety options! We realize that the prices we offer might not be suitable for everyone, but we consider them fair taking into account that they include print and fulfillment, and they also help to cover such features as our mockup generator and the free integrations with multiple e-commerce platforms that we offer. We also do not have any subscription fees that you would be charged for using our services so you can invest more in developing your store and brand. We do review the prices of our products and features and the prices are decreased whenever possible.

In case there are any products that you would like to see available in Printful. feel free to let us know at! We definitely appreciate user suggestions and requests!


Ran about 4 samples different quality of shirts/ inconsistent with colors. Even had them redo my design. Black looks faded on white shirt. The labeling & packaging are good. It's alot of incentives to leave a good review stay woke people.

Developer reply

December 5, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review! I'm sorry to hear that there has been some inconsistency with colors! There is no white underbase (a layer of white ink applied before the actual colored ink is printed) used for white garments, therefore, the outcome may appear differently when compared with colored/dark shirts. It is possible that the color of the garment might slightly affect the result of the print, but we would definitely like to check closer with this.

We will follow-up with you via email to gain more details about your experience with the products and the print quality!

- Zana


used to loved the app,
but now they added 10$ for worldwide shipping.
So - one t-shirt costs like 12$, which make it 22$ for every person that is not from USA/EUROPE/CANADA.
i used to sell shirts at 20$. now i have to change ALL OF MY PRODUCTS PRICES
10$ shipping worldwide is a lot for a t-shirt. A LOT
i lost money because of that.
have never received a mail or a phone call about it.

but what can i do? all of my products are based on Printful.

Developer reply

October 29, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review! Thank you for your feedback and input on the recent shipping changes, we definitely appreciate it! We want to decrease the number of lost shipments and provide transparency regarding shipping costs. The shipping costs provided by our carriers were higher than what we charged our users, we weren't profiting off of shipping costs. These changes are part of our strategy of making shipping costs more transparent and easier to understand for our users. The No Rush and Economy shipping methods (which are now discontinued) often were assigned a carrier service that didn't provide full tracking information and packages were more likely to get lost during transit and we recognize that this is not a pleasant situation when this does happen. Now our customers will be able to track their package until it reaches its destination. Working with fewer services also means that we provide them with more shipments and can negotiate better deals in the future to bring the prices lower. Additionally, the majority of our flat rates are now cheaper than previously, but some costs may be higher than what you were used to.

We notified all of our users about the shipping changes via email, we recommend checking your spam/promotions folder in your inbox to see if our message may be located there.

If you have any questions about the changes or additional feedback, be sure to let us know at We certainly appreciate your feedback on any updates we make.

- Zana

Known Distro

The fulfillment procedure is VERY counter-productive to being a white label solution. We put in 85 orders (multiple items in each order) in the matter of 5 business days. Example: The first order we placed was for express shipping on 9/19, an order for the SAME exact item, print, and size was submitted on 9/23 and already shipped 9/24 with the standard shipping item selected. They assign the orders to different teams at different warehouses. Some teams are I guess more efficient than others so it leaves our customers talking to eachother about when they placed their order before and wondering why their order hasn't even been started. It makes US look like we are disorganized. I don't understand why their internal system does not place orders with certain teams based on their availability from the order in which they are received to Printful. This process instantly makes it very apparent that this is being done by a third party.

Developer reply

September 25, 2019

Hi, thank you for your review, we appreciate it!

All of our orders are fulfilled at our facilities in the USA, EU, and MX. We do not use a third party to fulfill our orders, fulfillment is done completely in-house.

The orders are routed to the most convenient fulfillment location based on the product, its availability and stock, the destination of the order, and the order queue at the facilities. If the same items were ordered in different orders, but the order destinations were both closer to different fulfillment facilities, most likely each order would be routed to the closest fulfillment location to it so that the order could reach the recipient sooner after fulfillment.
The orders aren't fulfilled in the order they are submitted due to the differences in printing technique, availability of stock (the item may be restocking) and the order queue at the facility. This is why you may notice some orders being fulfilled faster than others.

Additionally, our fulfillment timeframe is 2-7 business days for apparel items and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products, the delivery time is additional. Of course, we'll try to fulfill your orders as soon as possible, but the full fulfillment timeframe should be considered when submitting an order.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any questions or feedback about this process or anything else, surely let us know at, we'd love to hear from you!

- Zana

Be Pretty Not Petty Apparel

I like what they are doing, HOWEVER I would love to see more BLACK and plus size models. That's my only concern here. I would like to see all races. When I was chatting with someone on printful all the could do was recommend me to go elsewhere to find people of color (THAT WAS THE TERMINOLOGY THAT WAS USED. smh. A little disappointed. A big change is need here. Thank you!

The revised the post and the original response they gave me.

Developer reply

August 3, 2019

Thank you for your review, we appreciate hearing from you!

We're truly sorry to see that you have encountered these concerns with our services.
I wanted to let you know that we do have diverse mockup models on quite a few of our products. You'll be able to see this when browsing products in our product catalog here:

We are also working on adding even more diverse mockups to our catalog in the future.
Feel free to reach out to us at, if you have any additional feedback, as well as any questions or concerns!

- Vita

Boltcutter Bike Works

I've used this app in the past with a lot of luck. I'm not certain what's changed since using it again other than now fulfillment is happening out of NC. Two out of my first three customer orders have needed to be redone. One was missing an entire side and had the label printed on the front. The second order was on a tee that the stitching missed the seam entirely and had a hole in the shoulder as it was not stitched together.
It's apparent Printful is having QC issues or not doing QC at all. This makes it difficult and rather embarrassing to launch a brand using this company right now.

Developer reply

July 20, 2019

Thank you for sharing your review! I'm very sorry to hear that your orders have encountered quality problems! We do have QC teams working at all our fulfillment centers and each item is reviewed before it is shipped out. However, human errors do happen and some issues may not be noticed at first and we understand that it can create an unpleasant situation. It is important that our customers report any quality concerns to us, should there be any, so that we can take a closer look into what happened and help resolve the situation, and how the same issue can be avoided in the future. We definitely take your reports and feedback seriously regarding product quality concerns as they help us recognize problem areas and improve the quality of the fulfillment process.

I see you have submitted a problem report for your orders and we’ll make sure to follow-up shortly.

- Zana

Magna Phi Jesus

I've used this app since the day I started months ago. I've always had issues with it though. Whether it's an issue with the order itself or items always being out of stock. I recommend this app as a fall back option not your first choice. With printful my most popular items have gone out of stock and have just never been replenished or restocked. That's so frustrating. Consider trying AOP+.

Developer reply

July 7, 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing from you!
We're sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been great, but we do hope that we can improve it moving forward.

As a print-on-demand dropshipper, we keep a relatively small stock on-site and restock a product only after you've placed an order for it. This allows us to offer cheaper product prices and a larger selection of products to you. Restocking usually takes 2-3 business days and is accounted for in the estimated fulfillment times.
We understand that sometimes these products can go out of stock with our supplies and recommend setting product alternatives to speed up fulfillment of orders that have products, which are temporarily out of stock.

Another thing we recommend is checking in with the Availability tab on each product's page in our Product Catalog, to see which product variants are in stock with us currently.

Our customer support team is also always available to help you with any issues you've encountered!

We truly appreciate your feedback and would love to hear more from you, so feel free to reach out to us at

- Vita


When it works the way it's supposed to, it's fantastic. Unfortunately it is unreliable.

Multiple times I've had orders that have made it through part of the fulfillment only to get lost. When this has happened, I've had to contact customer service to check on the existing item. Sometimes that fix it immediately, other times they tell me there's no issue and it takes several times to contact them. Not worth the hassle of inconsistent fulfillment.

Developer reply

June 28, 2019

Thank you for your review!
We're truly sorry to see you've encountered these concerns with our services and I wanted to let you know that we truly appreciate your feedback, as this allows us to improve the quality of the services we offer.

We take about 2-7 business days to create apparel products (t-shirts, etc.) and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products (posters, etc.). Then you should add shipping times on top of that. You can open up the order in your Printful Dashboard to see its current status and whether it's been shipped.
This does not happen frequently, but sometimes orders can go missing in transit. If this happens, we are happy to issue a refund or a reshipment of the order, you can see more on this in our Return Policy here:

Feel free to reach out to us at, if you have any additional questions or concerns, we'd certainly love to hear from you!

- Vita


Incredibly slow shipping and processing. It took a week before they even started fulfilling my order. Products and varients constantly being discontinued. Reached out to staff and they told me that there was nothing they could do to mitigate this or fix it in the future. Too inconsistent to continue to use. Switching to TeeLaunch

Developer reply

June 18, 2019

Hi there, thank you for sharing your review. I’m very sorry to hear that you have encountered some issues with discontinued items. Unfortunately, sometimes products may be discontinued due to stock availability from suppliers and low customer demand. We understand that it is not a pleasant situation for you and we try to notify you as early as possible if an item is going to be discontinued. Additionally, we look into options that could be as an alternative to the discontinued item and would be overall a better product for our customers.
Our fulfillment timeframe is 2-7 business days for apparel orders and 2-5 business days for non-apparel orders, but, of course, we’ll try to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. Shipping time will depend on the selected shipping method during checkout. Since we offer various shipping options, the delivery times will also differ.

We would like to find out more about your experience with the discontinued items and how this experience could be improved so our users could adjust better. We’ll follow up with you via email shortly, but please let us know if there’s anything we can help with by sending a message to

- Zana

Shooter Up Aviation

You know how when things seem too good to be true? Welcome to Printful. Regularly expect your customers to receive misprinted items, poor print quality (not centered, poor color matching, random smeared ink), and even garments with either holes in them or tearing after 1 wash. It is embarrassing on a level that is forcing me to move away from drop shipping. If you value the face of your business- don't go this route. Invest the money to get your products made up front from a quality manufacturer and do everything yourself. By doing it that way not only can you put eyes on your products before your customers receive it, but it is also more profitable- it's just more time consuming. Trusting these people is poor business, and I guarantee you'll remember reading this if you go with them.

Developer reply

May 24, 2019

Thank you for your review, we truly appreciate hearing from you!
We're also sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been positive thus far, but hope that we can improve it moving forward.
We pride ourselves in the high quality products and prints we offer, which is why we are truly saddened to hear that you have experienced several quality concerns with your orders.
The issues you mentioned with print quality should not have passed our quality check.
Since all steps of the fulfillment process are done by human hand, mishaps can sometimes occur, although we do understand that is is not an excuse for sending our products with visible quality concerns.
This is why we also offer to easily submit problem reports on your orders, in case you have encountered an issue with the order, so we could assist you as fast as possible.

Our products should also not develop holes after the first wash, that is certainly not to be expected.
We'll follow up with your last problem report for some additional details and hope that we can assist you with these concerns!

- Vita