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Clive and Bacon

I hate to give a bad review but I'm incredibly disappointed in their communication during covid-19. They could have easily sent email updates to let everyone know what's going on so we can communicate with our customers.

Instead, they just continue to extend the processing time with no notice at all, leaving you to figure it out on your own. My items have all been queue for over 30 days, which is past their current estimated processing time.

Covid aside, their quality is good 80% of the time. 2 out of 10 items come back with a bad print but you can have them fix it for free.

Developer reply

June 17, 2020

Hi there, thank you for your review! I'm very sorry to hear that your experience with us during this time has not been the most positive! We have been providing Covid-19 related updates on our site since March, you can follow any changes or updates to production times right here (you can also find a link to this page when viewing the order through your dashboard). We definitely understand that these delays are not pleasant and we are working diligently to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.
I am also sorry to hear you have encountered some quality issues in the past! We would definitely take responsibility if the quality issue was an error on our end and it is useful for us when you report any quality concerns, as it helps us see trends, recognize the problem, and fix it.

I will follow up with you via email on your order!

- Zana

Garbage This people make my business look very bad my store almost was reported with the BBB because they got charge of a product that it took 5 months to received not good for business not recommended

Developer reply

June 13, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with us! We definitely want you to have a positive time using our services and I hope we can improve your experience moving forward!

Waiting for a package to be delivered for that long is definitely unusual and it sounds like it may have gotten lost in transit at some point, but was eventually located. I will follow-up with you via email to find out more details on this order and your experience with us!

- Zana

OIB Kahuna

Forget it, they're always running behind even before COVID-19 hit. And now it's just silly. They literally disabled their DTG and Print Services. No heads up just have to find it when you get an order and then their chat says "it's on our blog" GTF out of here.

Developer reply

June 12, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We’re sorry to hear your experience with us during this time has not been the most positive, but we hope we can improve it moving forward! We do apologize for the delays in fulfillment and we are doing our best to catch up with the order volume.

We are still experiencing fulfillment delays due to the situation with Covid-19 and an unexpectedly high order volume at this time of year. We have temporarily disabled some options on our site such as the sample orders and also some product categories in the product push. By disabling these options, we hope to catch up with the current order volume and to return to our normal fulfillment timeframes. Existing items in your store are not affected by this update and non-apparel products can still be added to your store. We do provide updates on these decisions on our Covid-19 updates page here (we recommend following this page regularly for the latest Covid-19 related updates) as well as via dashboard notifications, to make sure our users are aware of these changes and can further make decisions for their own stores and customers.

We understand that having some products temporarily disabled may not be the ideal solution for some users, but we expect this to help us manage the order volume and decrease production timeframes. These are temporary decisions and we look forward to re-enabling these items in product push again soon. We are working diligently to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible and, hopefully, the situation normalizes in the very near future.

If there’s anything we can help with, be sure to contact us at!

- Zana


Update 08. Dezember 2020:
Aktuell nur mehr 1 von 5 Sterne! Die Kommunikation mit den Kunden funktioniert großteils, allerdings wird nicht ehrlich und transparent kommuniziert. Seit 10 Tagen wartet ein Kunde auf Erfüllung seiner Bestellung, das Produkt galt kurz darauf als vergriffen, jetzt plötzlich ist es auch bei den Lieferanten nicht mehr erhältlich? Ich habe schon mehrmals Kontakt aufgenommen bzgl. ausverkaufter Ware, jedesmal hieß es, Nachschub kommt in den nächsten Tagen. Nichts gab es!
Werden uns nach einem anderen Anbieter umsehen müssen :-( Juni 2020:
Defintiv der beste Anbieter! Tolle Shopintegration, tolle Produkte, super Features, schneller Support!

Developer reply

June 11, 2020

Update: Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung! Dies sind außergewöhnliche Zeiten für uns alle, und wir arbeiten hart daran, dass alle Aufträge so schnell wie möglich ausgeführt werden. Da die Pandemie mehrere Branchen auf der ganzen Welt betrifft, sind auch Lieferverzögerungen zu erwarten. Die aktuelle Situation mit einer Pandemie hat branchenweit zu einigen Lagermangel geführt. Wir kommunizieren kontinuierlich mit unseren Lagerlieferanten und arbeiten an Verbesserungen. Manchmal werden wir informiert, dass das Produkt nach der Bestellung nicht mehr vorrätig ist, daher kann dies jederzeit passieren. Wir empfehlen, wenn möglich alternative Produkte für Ihre Artikel festzulegen. Weitere Informationen zu unserem alternativen Tool finden Sie hier:

Bitte lassen Sie uns wissen, wenn Sie weitere Fragen oder etwas anderes haben, unter!

Hallo, vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung! Ihre positiven Erfahrungen mit unserer App und unseren Dienstleistungen haben uns eine angenehme Freude bereitet.Wir freuen uns schon darauf, dass wir Sie beim Erfüllen von Ihren unzähligen kommenden Aufträgen noch mehr unterstützen und durch unseren Rundum-Kundendienst ausgezeichnet betreuen.

- Zana

Blue waves gear

Everything is disabled, and cant upload new products. Not good for a new store that are just getting started.

Developer reply

June 11, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that your experience with us hasn't been the most positive!
As we are still encountering longer fulfillment timeframes due to the situation with Covid-19, some of our product categories have been disabled in the product push, which means they can't be added to a store. This will help us manage the current order volume better and return to our regular fulfillment time sooner. The products are temporarily disabled in product push and we hope to enable them as soon as possible, so our users can continue adding new products to their stores.

We also recommend following our Covid-19 related updates on production times and changes right here

Hopefully, the situation normalizes soon and we can continue providing fast services to all of our users!

If there's anything we can help with, be sure to let us know at anytime!

- Zana

Fives Stree

Products never arrive at customers or arrive too late,
customers very angry and disappointed by delays, You can lose the business as my loss of customer and sales is happening to me because the orders never arrived on time and customers threatening to sue for the scam because their order never came, it is a very bad idea to do business with a company that cannot send your orders on time because they arrive very late or they never arrive and you can lose everything as happened to me

Developer reply

June 10, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We are very sorry to hear that the orders are experiencing delivery delays! We understand that not having the package arrive as timely as expected can create a negative experience.
Postal services and carriers across the world are still encountering delivery delays. We are seeing the longest delays for orders shipped from EU to North America, due to the limited availability of cargo flights. Packages shipped from EU to international destinations can take up to an additional 30 business days to be delivered. This situation should improve soon as more flights are becoming available, though delivery delays are still expected until the situation normalizes. We also have information on shipping delays on our Covid-19 updates page:

We do hope the situation returns to normal very soon, so that we can continue offering fast fulfillment and delivery services.

If there's anything we can help with or if you have any concerns, please let us know at!

- Zana

Whiskey Piggy

Seriously, stop blaming Covid for your failures. Enough is enough. Orders from May 25 are still NOT shipped, while orders from Jun 3 are already in process. Makes no sense. It's NOT Covid, it's poor management, pure and simple.

Developer reply

June 10, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're very sorry to hear you're having a negative experience with our services at this time! We are working hard to fulfill all orders as timely as possible and we hope your experience with us improves as we return to normal!
The situation with Covid-19 has affected us unpredictably and with a higher order volume than usual at this time of year, fulfillment delays are still expected for the time being while we keep the health of our employees in mind and adhere to safety measures recommended by the respective states. We are hiring more production staff and up-scaling our equipment to help us manage the order volume as well.
It is possible that some orders might start fulfilment sooner than others. This is mainly due to the ordered item and its availability, the printing technique, and the fulfillment facility where the order has been routed to and the order queue there. Additionally, if you have back-up facilities fulfillment enabled for your store, when an order is routed to a back-up facility for fulfillment, the order status in the Printful dashboard will change to "Being fulfilled", but you can definitely check in with our customer service in case you have questions about the order.

We understand that these delays are not pleasant and we are doing our best to up-scale our production and return to our regular fulfillment timeframes. I hope we see the situation normalize soon, so we can continue providing a fast print-on-demand service to our users!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at anytime!

- Zana

Starcove Fashion

Very long delays, no follow-up when asking about status of orders, poor customer service with generic copy paste answers, delivery dates changes constantly, more than 6 weeks to produce an item and shipping can be another 4 weeks, high cost with overcharging on taxes. Really poor experience. There are many better out there.

Developer reply

June 9, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review, we really appreciate it! I’m sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been entirely positive, but I hope we can make it better moving forward!

I am sorry to hear that your orders are encountering delays as well. As we are still feeling the effects of the situation with Covid-19, our fulfillment timeframes are currently longer for some product categories. We are scaling up our fulfillment equipment as well as hiring more production staff to help us manage the order volume, but production delays are still expected for the time being.
Our customer service team will provide you with the available information we have, however, it isn’t possible for us to provide a more specific deadline for your orders and we generally recommend referring to the estimated fulfillment timeframes to best understand when the order could be fulfilled. We are working on fulfilling all orders as fast as possible, though.

We understand that fast fulfillment and service is important to our users and we are doing our best to fulfill all orders as quickly as we can given the circumstances. The increased order volume and the production delays were unexpected to us, as was the entire situation with Covid-19 for many people and businesses. We hope to see the fulfillment timeframes improve for the most affected product categories soon.

I will follow up with you via email on the situation with your orders as well.

- Zana


I have placed a sample order on May 26th and still is NOT FULFILLED, how can you do business with a fulfillment center which hasn't fulfill the sample order for more than 10 DAYS? I believe when you get too big you can not handle the orders anymore!

Developer reply

June 6, 2020

Hi, thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that your experience with our services hasn't been the most positive so far, but we hope we can improve it moving forward!

Due to the situation with Covid-19, our fulfillment timeframes have increased and delays are expected for the time being. We recommend referring to our Covid-19 updates page for the latest information on the current estimated fulfillment times for each product category:
We are also experiencing a higher order volume than usual during this time of year, but we hope to catch up with order fulfillment and return to our normal production times very soon!

If there's anything we can help with or if you have any concerns, surely contact us at anytime!

- Zana

House of Stellium

Update: Unbelievable! As a graphic designer, I create custom artwork for my products and after weeks of painstakingly creating FANNY PACK designs (top, bottom, back, pocket, ect) they NO LONGER ARE FULFILLING ORDERS ON FANNY PACKS because of "production time". Now I have to CLOSE A STORE NOT EVEN OPEN YET! I'm in shock right now. I'm so mad I could burst. This company is unorganized and amateur. People can make hundreds of hand sewn masks in a day and you can't even produce a fanny pack...

Long wait times. More than 20-30 days and I could just use Ali to e-packet already made ones... American Apparel is very cheap material. Also, EXPENSIVE. I can't turn a reasonable profit for a $24 dollar PRE-PRINTING cost. A fanny pack was $24 dollars and I can't sell it for more than that - its a cheap fanny pack, not diamond encrusted. They got the fanny pack for probably less than 2-5 bucks, quadruple what they charge. It's a CA run company, so terrible customer service. Currently searching for a new vendor...

Developer reply

June 4, 2020

Thank you for your review!
We are truly sorry to see that your experience with us has not been great, but we hope that you will give us a chance to improve it moving forward.

Our fulfillment times are currently delayed due to the global pandemic and a growing order volume, however we do hope to bring them back to our usual estimates of 2-7 business days for apparel orders and 2-5 business days for non-apparel products, averaging out at 4 days in fulfillment, soon enough! You can see our most recent fulfillment estimates here:

We also truly appreciate your feedback on our fanny packs and will take it into account whilst working on future updates for this product.
This product is made on-site at our fulfillment locations, you can see a showcase of what that looks like here:

It is also important to note that a portion of the product costs goes into providing you with a variety of other services like free integrations with e-commerce platforms, ensuring and improving product development, offering technical and customer support, as well as other services.

We also appreciate your feedback on the quality of our customer support and we would like to review your communication with us, however we were unable to locate any chats or emails from your specific store, which is why we will also follow up with you directly via email.

- Vita

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