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Printify: Print on Demand

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Chase Street Accessories

The interface is great and setting up products is a piece of cake. I really wanted to be able to use this for all our custom clothing. However, it doesn't adjust when distributors' items are out of stock, so that forces you to refund a customer order if out of stock. That comes off as really unprofessional and made my business look bad, not to mention losing a sale. While customer service was very responsive, they had no fix for this issue.

Edit - I'm taking this review from 3 stars to 2. This company has the strangest way of dealing with mediocre reviews. I told them precisely what the issue is (inability to predict when an item is out of stock), they told me they had no fix for the issue, I told them I wouldn't be able to use Printify anymore. They THEN sent an email asking me to remove my review or change it to a higher rating because "I believe I have covered every area of concern you had." They in no way addressed my concern other than saying they can't do anything about it. I'm very surprised they asked me to remove a review when the underlying issue still exists!

Here is the customer service response to the out-of-stock issue:
"You mentioned that you would like us to incorporate a system that automatically accounts for out of stock items and/or variants. I completely agree that that would be ideal. When it comes to items that are out of stock, we only find out when our print providers notify us. We have been in discussions with them lately trying to work out an effective system to notify our merchants when these issues occur. This is an issue we have been addressing and I can assure you that we are woking on an acceptable solution.

For now, our policy concerning out of stock items is as follows...

For temporary out of stock issues, no notice will be sent out. We expect these issues to be dealt with quickly and will be only a minor inconvenience. For out of stock matters that will be more lengthy, we will send out an email to all our merchants notifying you of the issue so you can make the necessary adjustments to your account.

I totally understand that in some cases this can lead to some inconveniences. I would like to assure you that we are committed to finding a solution. Your patience and understanding are appreciated."

inuk Design

It is not the best user interface and it is confusing to have to sync its products. I think this is very time consuming. I am in Europe and have my customer group there and my customers are not happy when they order a T-shirt and it goes about 30 days before they get it, even though I have designed a T-shirt in the EU.
But they are good at answering and helping.

Developer reply

March 16, 2019

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! However, really many merchants appreciate exactly the ease of use and interface of the Printify platform. We would be very glad to hear your thoughts about what exactly could be improved in our interface (please send them to Moreover, we are upgrading our Mockup Generator's interface and functionality in the coming month. Maybe that will fix your feelings about the platform's usability.

Regarding delivery times, t-shirts are currently delivered from the US and UK. That's why it takes some time to get to your customer. If your customers are in Europe, we advise using only a UK print provider. Also, we are connecting more printing facilities in Europe very soon – so, delivery time should significantly improve for t-shirts by this summer.

If you have any additional feedback or need for help, please reach out to

Angelus Direct

Right now I am not very happy with them but every day they ask for a review I figured I would finally leave one. We have 10-20 shirt designs we wanted to upload. We chose the person who was not the most expensive as we just assumed it would be okay. We get the first shirt in and it is great. I have people buy shirts and they come in terrible. Cracking paint and a giant square around the artwork a different color than the shirt.

I tell Printify about it and they do actually refund and reprint the shirts. That is fine but then it keeps happening. They then recommend to just switch to a different supplier thats more money for possibly better results. Would it not be intuitive to put maybe a better best category? I assumed the cost was for the speediness of the delivery not the actual quality would be bad.

I am trying a new supplier right now but I think they should be far more clear about the quality control. They told me many are very happy with that supplier but I am wondering how when the quality was so bad on some of them.

They give you this information of the suppliers like they use a "DIGITEX 4000 Top of the line printer" and then another one uses a completely different printer. Am I supposed to know which one of these mean I will get a good quality job?

I hope they add that element then it would easily go up to 5 stars.

Developer reply

March 16, 2019

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! As you wrote, any misprints are reprinted or refunded. Moreover, we are currently investigating how to inform merchants better about expected print quality for each supplier. It's not a secret that the same product fulfillment prices differ for different suppliers because each supplier uses different printers or organizes work differently. We want to give freedom for merchants to choose suppliers.

Not always you need a top-notch printing technology to get a good print result for a simple design – and those $2-3 in price differences can play a huge difference if you have a simple design and you compete with other t-shirt sellers in the low-price segment.

As for now, we always recommend to reach out to for advice regarding suppliers.


The app is well done and easy to use BUTT I ordered a sample to try their products and they were very poor quality and shipping time took 3 weeks~. As well, I received the wrong item. Would not recommend for quality goods delivered on time.

Ranger Candy Coffee

Higher priced then most print on demand apps, and also orders take about 4-5 weeks and customers don’t want to wait weeks for their products.

The Indian Feminist

It's ok but I've had a lot of frustration trying to use their product/mock generator for creating phone cases. If I chose one position/size of an image on say an iphone case it will not be in the same position or even the same size on the samsung case. I've also noticed that even if my image reaches the edge of the phone case template, it will STILL SHOW UP AS IF I DIDN'T COVER IT, LEAVING THE EDGE WHITE!
Such a plan, I am moving over to a different company.

Lark Ellen

I thought this would be a cool app. The first couple of orders were ok but they last one was terrible. I took months to get my shirts. When they arrived they arrived in different shipments at different times... like 5 shirts one time and then another 3 a week later. After one washing all of the printing peeled off. Terrible. Deleted from my store.

Warrior Women Society

Printify unless you want to waste your time and screw over your customers.

Ordered SAMPLES from Printify. First order came 12 days late and smelled horribly of fumes. I was concerned about the delay, but figured to give them a second try.

Ordered a SECOND batch of samples, this time from two suppliers (the same as before an a new one). Suppliers A product arrived in time, but I wanted to throw up upon opening the bag the fumes were so bad. Washed the shirt inside out, and the design pealed right off. Told Prinity, replaces arrived about a week later. No fumes, but definitely not as high a quality print either.

The second printer “had to replace their machinery” and the order would be over 14 days late. When it arrived, a wrong item in the wrong color was sent. Still waiting to hear back from Printify on when this can be rectified, but 30 days after my second order of SAMPLES, I still have useless products that have not been fulfilled correctly.

In general their support has been good, but it’s clear emails are being answered in a queue. Twice, I’ve had quick responses from employees who have CLEARLY not read the above comments.

In terms of an app - their interface can’t be beat. I get that there are growing pains, and as a company, they seem to be trying to address them.

But if you care about your customers, you need to stay away for at LEAST six months. Give them time to figure out which of their suppliers can actually meet the need - before YOU ruin YOUR reputation with constant complains and returns.

Rodifer Animation Company

I decided to give Printify another shot after they (twice) delivered my product to the wrong address last Summer. On top of that, it took them several days to respond to my support requests. But since that was almost a year ago, and they do have a good catalog, I decided to give them another chance.

Unfortunately, not much seems to have changed. Several times over the last few weeks, the app has displayed a message: Printify users are very active right now. We have received your submission and placed you in a queue. In fact, this happened again at 1:30 this afternoon - hardly a peak time for uploading. It's now 11 pm, and none of the products that I uploaded have gone through. If Printify gets overwhelmed with simple uploading, then how do they handle all other aspects of their business? I gave them another chance because everyone makes mistakes, and I hoped that they'd gotten better. Unfortunately, not much seems to have changed.


The print quality is super cheesy and unprofessional. They do not follow your specs and will distort your art. In addition, their customer service is non-existent.

To be fair, I am following up with my review. Customer Service finally reached out to us and for that effort, I'm changing my 1 to a 2 star review.