Printify: Print on Demand

Printify: Print on Demand

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We used to love Printify but the customer service has gotten so bad. Now, we can't get ahold of anyone for at least a week. The most recent problem we've had is a customer got sent a tee with a design that wasn't in our store (not Printify's fault) but we emailed Printify to get a replacement. We didn't hear back so we continued to send emails for over a week straight without a response. Sadly, we are looking for another provider now.

Sweet Science Apparel

App worked fine for an month now it doesnt work at all , its time to leave Printify .


The technical portion of the app is great and the developer should be very proud of the interface. Well done!

My issues is with customer service and quality control. Printify is a middleman between printers and merchants. While having a proxy to multiple printers can have its advantages, the downfall is with quality control and delays when there is an issue.

I have had a quality failure rate around 20% with the prints thus far. One customer received a blank shirt with no print. How embarrassing is that? Then not having a direct line to the printer to correct the issue and expedite a resolution compounded the issue. A customer in this situation is angry and does not want to wait days for two levels of bureaucracy to approve a reprint. Then wait an additional 4 days for the print, and an additional 4-5 days for shipping.

Finally, the shipping charges are completely out of alignment with industry norms. $4 for shipping the first product when the vendor is paying no more than $2.60 for a single shirt. Then tacking on $2 for each additional shirt. This is highway robbery. If one orders 5 shirts, the shipping charge is $12. The vendor isn't spending half of that.

The technology is great, but the application of the technology is pretty darn poor. You can't build a brand on top of Printify. If you are serious about being in this industry, find a printer that you can rely on who is just as maniacal about customer service as you are.

Naughty Gits

UPDATE: I set up my store for fun, and assumed I was making money. It started getting more and more orders, but I didn't really dig in, just thought of it as "free money" for the most part.

I say that to explain my mindset when finding Printify. The app was pretty easy to use, they had products different from Printful, and it seemed decent. I was pleased.

Fast forward 6 months and I'm trying to get serious as a business. I started digging into my expenses, and saw that for several orders, I was LOSING MONEY. How could this possibly be?

It was ALL because of PRINTIFY'S SHIPPING. Let me dig deeper...

I started with Printful. I had it set up so that Printful was setting the delivery price that my customer saw because they were my only print provider. Then I added Printify. I couldn't use that delivery price thing anymore, couldn't figure out another way to set it up, so I said "Screw it" and just set flat rate shipping. Printful's shipping was usually around $3 in the US (with some rare outliers) and $7-8 internationally, so I set my shipping prices as $5 flat for US and Canada, and $12 international.

Then I set it and forgot about it. That was so stupid.

Each of their printers has their own shipping, and they are not just charging you the costs. They are charging you like I charged my customers, with a little padding. That is not cool. Let me break it down:

A mug
A backpack
A t-shirt
- All printed from the same place, and shipped to the same place, so shipping would be like $4 domestic, $8 international

A mug - comes from one printer who charges $5 dom./ $12 int.
A backpack - comes from one printer who charges $5 dom./ $12 int.
A t-shirt - comes from one printer who charges $5 dom./ $12 int.
- All shipped separately from different providers, costing $15 domestic and **$36 INTERNATIONAL**

I don't know about you but that would be my entire profit margin. I added coasters through Printify, that were really popular but they were cheap ($9 or so bucks, $5 cost I think). I thought it would be an easy way to upsell. They ended up draining profits because the shipping ($5) would eat up the profit margin and then some.

Don't be fooled by this. Do not use Printify unless they fix their shipping costs. I tried talking to support and they were just like "it's not up to us, the shipping providers set their own prices." So they don't really even care. I deleted all my products, cancelled my subscription, and uninstalled the app.

I left 2 stars because for everything else, they are great. If they fixed this, I'd come back.

Original Review: I love the app. It's pretty easy to use. There are a few small things that bug me, but overall it's a great app. I wish there were more products available. Right now, I have to use several different POD services, and I wish I could just use Printify. Great app!


Glitchy app, doesn't integrate well with Shopify and often lags severely when syncing. After using a few other fulfillment services, it's a bit strange that Printify does not offer a discount on sample orders. They will reimburse you up to $50 of sample order fees after you achieve $500 in sales. If your customers are mainly in the US, some products are more expensive than if you use their manufacturers in the UK.


I've been using the Printify app for some time already, made some sales with it. I like it that their helpdesk staff are mostly friendly like Derek and Alina but i have to give it a 3 stars due to recent issues. Since Friday last week till now, one of my collection is still updating. I can't add new collections, and previously submitted PNG files all ended up messed up. I have stopped using the app and has transit to another app. Given the choice i would love to continue using Printify, but the errors coming one after another is frustrating and the response i keep getting is "we are sorry, we apologize for the issues, etc" It's been 5 days since the issue and it is still unresolved.

EDIT: apparent the problem has been resolved.. but i've already switch to a new app. I might continue using Printify for some orders but the trust is shaken already.

Level Merch

Platform is buggy, Products don't fully link to store (prices won't sync). After I placed my first order, for some reason, the shirt had to be produced in London when the customer address is in the US, and they claim to have a wide network of manufacturers, so turnover time was significantly increased.

Yukiai Apparel

Terrible Shipping (DHL). I still haven't received my samples that I ordered 9+ Days ago that is shipping to Hawaii. Tracking currently says it should arrive on September 19. That is 21 Days after they first shipped the package from their offices. Hopefully Printify can figure out a way to get a better shipping partner for their future business. They get two stars because they have great customer service.

House Of Hustle

Surprised this app has so many positive reviews. First of all our sample order took 6 weeks before we received it and apart from the long wait the quality of the prints on the t-shirts were almost embarrassing. It is true the products are really easy to create but the lack of quality in handling, quality of prints just is not good enough. Perhaps we had bad luck but we have now deleted the app and won't be using it anymore.

Thac Store

The app is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. However, I ordered some samples of the shirts to see how the final product looked, and it was borderline unacceptable quality, despite the source image being 300dpi and correctly sized for printing.

I may be a fringe case, but still, be sure to get samples before you put items on your store!