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1 settembre 2023

Printify does not allow sellers to leave a rating and a review of the products on their platform. I wasted money sampling Printify tshirts, only to find that each was of very poor quality. It would have saved time and money if there were reviews of products in their catalog, but per their tech support: "Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to leave a review for the products in our Catalog".

I don't recommend Printify - at the moment their t-shirt product quality is just not good, and there is no way to see ratings or reviews of the other products in their catalog, so I have to assume they are also poor quality and a waste of money and time.

Coati Outdoors
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Printify ha risposto 4 settembre 2023

We sincerely apologize for the disappointment you've experienced with the products received 😔. Providing high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. We're actively working on enhancing our feedback process for products, which we believe will lead to a better experience for our users in the future. 🚀

In the meantime, we'd like to make this right for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Merchant Support team with some photos of the affected items. We will promptly investigate the issue with the relevant teams and print provider. You can choose either a refund or a replacement for the affected items based on your preference.

Rest assured, we're committed to resolving this matter promptly and ensuring your satisfaction. We'll be reaching out to you shortly to assist further 🤝.

Data modifica: 14 novembre 2023

really bad, does NOT work
photos and edits do not sync over
very disappointing
set up new product and advertised and then Printify said they could not provide

Dana Cooper Bermuda
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3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Printify ha risposto 4 settembre 2023

We're truly sorry for the inconvenience you've encountered 😔. This isn't the experience we aim to provide to our valuable customers. We'll be reaching out to you shortly to resolve this issue promptly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention 🤝.

18 settembre 2023

I wish I could give this 5 stars. I wanted to so bad. I feel like it could be a really good product. The problem is, it doesn't do anything it advertises from what I can tell. I tried listing a shirt with a few variants and for whatever reason, it will not display any stock available. I've checked the settings multiple times in the app and it still doesn't work. I've been on hold waiting for a support agent to answer chat for over 2 HOURS! and no response. Unfortunately, any email to support has also gone unanswered. I'm looking for another app, and I'd suggest you do as well.

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Printify ha risposto 21 settembre 2023

We're truly sorry for the inconvenience you've faced 😔. We understand your frustration and want to assure you that we're currently experiencing a significant influx of support requests. We're working diligently to assist each customer promptly. Your feedback is valuable, and we'll get in touch with you to help resolve the issues you've encountered. Thank you for your patience 🙏👍

14 dicembre 2017

They have terrible customer service. You get answer 2 days later and not satisfactory response . Copy-Paste answers no solutions. After 8 days still items are on production. I appreciated festive season they maybe more busy than usual but a lot of other POD companies doing 3 -4 days production. I switched most of my works to different company. They need to improve their customer service and they have to provide a lot more faster service than this...

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23 febbraio 2018

An absolute horror show. If you want to lose money and ruin your reputation with your customers this is the go to place. First I had someone order a few shirts and I had Printify do the job. The customer ordered shirts with skulls on them only to wind up getting Christmas sweaters with cats on them in the mail for the holidays that we do not even carry. Nice work Printify. Now to the latest screw up -Customer orders six shirts, I place the order through Prinify and they say the design is not centered when it clearly is as they have already printed the shirt in the past. I responded within an hour and told them they were wrong and to go ahead and print it and I have been ignored for 3 days now with an angry customer wanting a refund, more lost money and more lost customers. Do yourself a favor and use anyone but this company, What a joke!

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4 marzo 2020

I really wanted to use Prinitfy for my t-shirt biz because they are so cheap compared to the other POD company I was using but their quality is absolutely awful! I have had SO MANY customers complaining of prints fading after 1 wash. I do not recommend and will be deleting the app as soon as all my orders finish going through. Not willing to take the risk of ruining my business reputation for a few extra bucks in my pocket. Until they get better suppliers, I will not be printing with them again.

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Printify ha risposto 6 marzo 2020

We are very sorry for your experience with us .We are regularly adding new print providers to our selection in order to improve print quality and the service overall. Despite our efforts there is still an error rate less than 1 % but we are truly working on improving this number . Our manager will be in touch with you in the next 24 hours .

19 novembre 2020

This provider lacks customer service which makes it a POD to be cautious while using. There is no accountability from their partners and expect to eat costs when their partners fail to deliver. It is unfortunate because this has potential to be a solid POD service if they can learn to meet customer service needs and respond timely to issues as they arise like their competitors. There are other options in this space that better suit my needs.

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Printify ha risposto 20 novembre 2020

Thank you for the feedback - sorry to hear about your experience! One of our managers will contact you within 24 hours to solve this matter as smoothly as possible.

Data modifica: 9 luglio 2018

The absolute worst customer service. Absolutely infuriating. You will lose time and money using this app. Don't make the same mistake we did.

Also, if you choose ArtGun as your shipping provider, expect it to take 2 weeks for them to deliver 1 shirt and half the time it'll come wrong or with stains on it.

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10 marzo 2016

this was a great app if there is no errors. I am following this app from last 5-6 months and contacted the support many times but there is lot of errors.

1) not working on google chrome perfectly
2) even if we use the "Save preferences" option the description and prices reset to default
3) the product description rich text editor is not working correctly

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29 aprile 2022

Before the holiday season, I had a mostly positive experience with Printify. However, during the 2021 BFCM and holiday season, I had an abysmally horrible experience. I had around 200 hundred sweatshirt orders that said they had been marked "shipped" from the print provider. I assumed that to be the case. Then I began getting emails daily from customers saying they had been waiting for their orders for weeks, and there were no tracking updates since the initial scan. I reached out to Printify, and at first they were helpful in setting up replacement orders and deeming packages lost in transit after 7 days. However, by mid-December, I was receiving around 25 emails per day from customers that they were not receiving orders and didn't have tracking updates. It was very clear this was a bigger issue and that something was going on with this print provider - it seemed they were printing labels, marking them shipped, and then just not shipping products, for whatever reason. I reached out via the customer service chat, but they continued to make me submit an issue for every order individually, rather than acknowledging something was going on here. I compiled a list of around 200 orders that were "lost in transit" and sent to their customer service team, hoping this would reach someone higher up, or directly to the print provider. However, they continually passed me off to different customer service agents, acting as if each order was an isolated incident, and made me submit around 200 individual issues for orders lost. The nail in the coffin for me was when in the middle of all of this, they changed their policy on deeming packages lost to be 14 BUSINESS days after the last tracking update. So, I had to tell my customers they had to wait almost 3 weeks, during the HOLIDAYS, before I could reship their package. Most customers did not receive their orders in time for Christmas, even when they were well within the holiday cutoff date, and some even accused me of lying about shipping packages since they received no updates after the label was created. Printify did absolutely nothing to make this right, and never gave me insight into what happened. Months later, I received an email from the owner of the print provider that I had issues with, apologizing for the disaster and asking if he could do anything to make it right. I assume they reached out after noticing the drop in sales after I stopped using them (and never will again). Would have been great to be in touch with them when this was all happening, since they were clearly aware it was happening. Overall, a horrible experience, and Printify never made an attempt to make it right.

3 Kinds Co.
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Printify ha risposto 29 aprile 2022

Thank you for sharing your experience. We're sorry to hear that it hasn't been the most positive, but we certainly hope to improve it moving forward!

End of the year holidays is the busiest season, and we're sorry to hear that fulfilment issues put an extra strain on your business during said time. It is our goal to provide reliable production and delivery to our merchants all year round.

Our team is looking into the situation and will contact you regarding this shortly.