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6. juni 2023

"Printify is an excellent platform for creating and selling custom products. It offers a wide range of available products, customizable design options, and integrations with various e-commerce platforms. However, I would like to suggest an important improvement to make the platform even more accessible.

It would be highly beneficial if Printify allowed users to lower the profit margin for better sales. Currently, the platform offers fixed margin options, which can limit the possibilities of competitive pricing for those who cannot yet afford the premium plan. By enabling users to adjust their profit margins according to their needs and sales strategies, Printify would create more opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to benefit from the platform.

I understand that the company needs to balance its services and offer premium features for paid subscribers. However, allowing this flexibility in profit margins would also attract more users to the platform and increase business opportunities for everyone involved.

I hope Printify considers this suggestion, as I am confident it would be a significant advantage for the platform and benefit the selling community as a whole. Overall, I remain satisfied with the quality and features offered by Printify and look forward to seeing continuous improvements in the future."

3 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 13. juni 2023

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion! 😊 We appreciate your support and are happy to inform you that Printify already offers the ability to edit profit margins. You can adjust your profit margins according to your needs and sales strategies.

To learn more about how to edit profit margins, please check out this article:

We truly value your satisfaction and would greatly appreciate it if you could update your review to reflect this information. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help!

Thank you for being a part of the Printify community, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

28. november 2022

It's a good site, but they take too big a cut. They should also have more variety of non-western clothing, like abayas and thobes.

19 dager bruker appen
Printify svarte 29. november 2022

Thank you for your review!
We offer the best prices in the POD industry and can guarantee we do everything to make more profit for our customers. Additionally, we understand that we are lacking non-western clothing and will forward this as a product request to the relevant team. Hopefully, such categories will be added to our catalog in the future. Wishing you all the best!

5. september 2022

Major drawback: images don't automatically push/sync with your Shopify store when you create and publish a product. For many of your variants, you'll need to download the images manually and then upload them to Shopify. If you have tons of products you want to print, this will be too time consuming! Consider a different app
22 dager bruker appen
Printify svarte 6. september 2022

Thank you for your feedback!
We are sorry to hear about your experience. When it comes to Shopify, all the mockups should be published automatically, unless they are created somewhere else. But we identified your inquiry, and the issue is being investigated by our tech team now. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

3. mars 2022

They have a Quick easy design tool, and good pricing. App runs smooth with Shopify. All orders have been fulfilled and delivered as promised. Printers have well priced and good quality products but limited options. Would be five stars if I could find a little more business casual wear and/or all over print options from your U.S. based Printers.

Not J03 Mama's Designs
5 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 5. mars 2022

Thank you for your feedback! We’re pleased to hear that you find our Mockup Generator easy to use and we’re happy that your experience with our services has gone smoothly. We do have a couple of print providers based in the US that offer an All-over print option and their selection is not as big as our Direct-to-garment printing. Our team is actively working on growing our product catalog, new products are introduced every week. Hopefully, soon we will have more options on All-over printing and other garments for you to choose and so you can grow your business!

29. juni 2021

I love Printify products and prints but to be located in Europe doesn’t seem to be the best match with Printify. It applies higher shipment costs and longer waiting times for some products that are only produced in the States. That automatically makes those products unsaleable in Europe

Over 2 år bruker appen
Printify svarte 1. juli 2021

We appreciate your review, and would like to make sure we note down your feedback for future improvements.
One of our managers has reached out to you in order to find out what products you would like to see in Europe, as we're regularly adding new products to our catalog to provide you with more options to choose from!

Redigert 13. september 2021

Printify is improving a lot, but their lack on software development and checking the quality of their suppliers.

Rundt 1 år bruker appen
Printify svarte 8. september 2021

Thank you for your updated feedback! We strive for excellence, and won't stop continuing to improve our service.
Only with valuable feedback like yours, we can achieve it, therefore your thoughts and questions are welcomed any time!

4. desember 2020

Too many additional steps to add product to the store. Once you make the product you should be able to add the name and add to store. Not to go back in again and finish or edit the product to add to store. My personal opinion. Thanks.

Nesten 3 år bruker appen
Printify svarte 6. desember 2020

Thank you for the feedback - we are sorry to hear that you find the process of publishing products to your store inconvenient.
We would like to find out more about your suggestions how our app could be improved, therefore one of our managers will be in contact with you shortly!

8. august 2021

You guys should look into other shirt making places features, and add some of them. Like the lines/cubes that show up to help you line up a product. Also bigger placement, and more options to add a design all over a product instead of just the little square. Thanks!

8 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 10. august 2021

Thank you for your review!
We will make sure to note down your feedback for future improvements in the mockup generator.
We already have products that can be designed all over and these can be found in the AOP Clothing category -
Few of our products have options to print on the sleeves and custom neck labels, which can be filtered in our catalog.

In case you need assistance with navigating the products in the Catalog, do not hesitate to reach out to us at or through the chat bubble.

18. april 2021

I love what you guys have been doing. But I don't like that I can't you on the phone for support or help with an issue. Some people can't or don't like texting.

NSF Radio Stations Online Store
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
Printify svarte 19. april 2021

Great to hear that you are enjoying our app!
It is true that support by phone is not offered currently. Our support team can be contacted by email (, in addition to the live chat option.
We will make sure to note down your feedback for future improvements. Best of luck with your sales!

21. november 2021

This app isn't bad, but it isn't one of the greats either. Theres some pretty common problems with platforms like this and they usually have to do with suppliers. To build a cohesive product line on printify, you will need upwards of 3 different suppliers (if you want totes/hats etc) and as a Canadian, running a Canadian based business, I do not understand why none of your North American suppliers carry decent tote bag or beanie options. It's just super limited and spread out, and as all the suppliers are spread out, so are all the items, so if a customer orders 3 items they are going to recieve 3 separate packages on 3 separate days, and pay shipping 3 times. It's entirely flawed in that sense. Other than that, there are just some basic front end design issues that make it annoying.

3 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 25. november 2021

Thank you for the feedback! We will make sure to note down your feedback for future improvements. Best of luck with your sales!