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25. mars 2023

Good Customer service. London was very helpful. The app is easy to use and the pricing is good. This is a good platform for print-on-demand t-shirts. For My hoodies, I need more quality control. I started using another platform because the designs were fading quickly after washing.

I liked that you could add different colors to your designs on dark vs. white shirts. I would like to have a link once I publish a design to go directly to Shopify to edit my template. Also, there needs to be a way to offer different variants of designs on the same color shirt to reduce having too many products on the website.

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Printify svarte 29. mars 2023

Thank you for your feedback and positive comments about our customer service and pricing. We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with the quality of the hoodies and we appreciate your feedback on this matter. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services, and we will certainly take your feedback into consideration. We also appreciate your feedback regarding the ability to edit your template on Shopify and offering different variants of designs on the same color shirt. We will take note of these suggestions as we work to improve our platform. Thank you for choosing our platform and we hope to continue serving you in the future.

Redigert 15. juni 2023

I only started working with Printify for 2-3 weeks now and there were quite of bit of 3rd party manufacturing mistakes and issues and problems with customer service. I had 4 issues total with my products (all different). The customer service reps: Hong and Jaylyn were trying to evade helping me with getting a refund (it was hard for no reason) and blame me for the poor quality printed work that was provided to me from Printify's 3rd party manufacturer by stating that it's printed the same as my original piece and that my images were not enough to prove the poor quality even though they were...I can clearly see the difference and I received my fine art print warped and blurry and discolored. It was not at all accurate to my original art piece I created.

I was attempting to get a refund and finally Jaylyn did provide that but stated it was a one-time thing because my images were not good enough to their standards to prove what I was stating was true or not. I have no reason to lie. If I liked the print, I wouldn't have reached out at all...

BTW the company I used for the fine art prints with Printify was Prodigi, not recommended at all. The fine art print also has a black rectangle on the image's border which makes it look unprofessional.

The customer service was helpful in one way when I got the other items reprinted but with the refund, it's a lot harder for some reason. I felt I wasn't treated well by the customer service staff as they would copy and paste the same things they've said to me before and send it again and they would just end the chat when I wasn't done with my questions. I am thinking of switching more of my products to Printful or something else as I only started with Printify and they have shown me what it's like to work with them. It's not good.


* There is an update to my review * Cameron, one of the customer service representatives reached out to me to make things right. And she did! She went above and beyond, which is something I am used to with Shopify! Which is why I decided to work with Prinitify in the first place. Shopify has always been great with customer service and I appreciate them for being so kind and helpful.

Cameron took the time to listen to me, read what I actually wrote to her, and was very compassionate about the situation. I hope that Printify's customer service can continuously be helpful in this manner.

Thanks again Cameron Wilson for being so helpful and kind :)

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Printify svarte 17. mai 2023

We sincerely apologize for the negative experience you had with Printify. It is not the level of service we strive to provide to our valued customers. We have thoroughly looked into your concerns and identified that one of the items in question was printed based on the design you uploaded or that there was a lack of clear photographic evidence to proceed with a swift resolution.

At Printify, our support team is dedicated to assisting our merchants in understanding any print issues they may encounter. We aim to guide you on how to enhance your designs to avoid future problems. As a business, we heavily rely on photographic evidence as we need to submit reprints and refund requests to our print providers for approval. Therefore, it is crucial to accurately identify any print issues and have clear evidence to rectify them and prevent recurring problems.
Regarding the one-time courtesy provided, it was meant to allow you to update the design if necessary and order a sample to evaluate the quality once again. However, we acknowledge that this step should not have taken up too much of your time, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

At Printify, we greatly value our relationship with our customers and continually strive to offer the best possible service. While we take responsibility for defective items, we kindly request that you provide clear photos or videos of the item when requesting a refund or reprint. This enables us to swiftly and effectively provide a solution. Additionally, we encourage our merchants to reach out to our support team if they have any doubts about their designs, as we are here to analyze and advise on how to improve them if necessary.

We are pleased to see that your concerns were addressed by our support team, resulting in a refund for the mentioned item. Once again, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused and sincerely hope to provide you with a better experience in the future.

31. desember 2022

So far it has been a very easy process to be able to design whatever I want and put it on just about anything as well. Only issue i have is i wish i could had more design space on the inventory thats there for example the shirts or long sleeves.

Alisha's Corner
2 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 4. januar 2023

Thank you for your review and the suggestion!
We are glad to hear that you enjoy our platform. In your suggestion, if you are referring to print areas, we indeed agree that it is cool to have more print areas in apparel products and we will forward this as a suggestion to the relevant team. However, we'd suggest checking on our AOP (All-over-print) products which allow you to add design according to your preference. Wishing you all the best!

6. januar 2023

The design process is extremely simple, they have made the entire UX very intuitive and integrating your products with your eCommerce platform can be done with a couple of clicks.

I haven't ordered a sample to assess shipping time, material or print quality yet but I will update my review and/or edit to 5 stars, if possible once I do.

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Printify svarte 11. januar 2023

Thank you for your great review!
We are glad to hear that you find our platform easy to use and that you enjoy it. Our support team is here to help you 24/7 and feel free to reach out to us via live chat or email if there is any issue with products, shipping, or anything else. Wishing you loads of sales.

14. mars 2023

So far so good... a few clunky things in the design experience but overall great. I've been able to create some amazing products.... Check out what I've been able to do at with Printify at for some inspiration if you like...Made my first sales... and am looking forward to more. Cheers, Jennifer

DeCourcy Design
3 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 15. mars 2023

Thank you for leaving a review! We're happy to hear that you've had a positive experience with our platform and that you've been able to create amazing products. We've checked your website and it's great, loved the yoga mat too. Congratulations on your first sales, and we wish you all the best and continued success with your store!

Redigert 6. februar 2023

Printify is a great website and tool for designing and drop-shipping all kinds of interesting products. It has a nice interface for Store catalogs and design tool. However, we are giving 4 stars for 1 reason...they don't accept SVG files over 20 MB.

We are fine artists and high resolution images of our art produces large SVG files, and you need these for large prints (e.g. 36" sq). In our case 20MB SVG gets us about 10% of our catalog whereas a 50MB limit would cover 97% of our files.

So for fine art prints at large sizes, they are not there yet. But we hope to encourage them to make this change !

A cool app nonetheless...

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Printify svarte 8. februar 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We're glad to hear that you enjoy using Printify for designing and drop-shipping products. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the 20 MB limit on SVG files. Your feedback is important to us, and we will forward your suggestion to our development team to consider increasing the file size limit in the future. Thank you for your support and we hope to continue providing you with great services.

21. februar 2023

I love this app it is very easy to use but the only thing I hate is that they barely have sweatpants and the aop ones are trash and take 4 weeks to come and the lane steven sweatpants you can only print the design on the back pocket which is pretty dumb. Great app but they need more sweatpants. Please fix this.

3 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 26. februar 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We're glad to hear that you find our app easy to use. We apologize for the limited options in our sweatpants collection and any inconvenience it may have caused you. Our team is continuously working to expand our product offerings, including sweatpants, and we appreciate your suggestions for improvement. We understand your frustration with the long shipping times and we'll do our best to improve the delivery time. Wishing you all the best!

10. mars 2023

For someone as technologically inept as myself, this site has been relatively easy to navigate and print my designs.
No need to ask a teenager for advice as to how to do anything here. Very impressed.

Holy Dooley from Gooley
2 måneder bruker appen
Printify svarte 10. mars 2023

Thank you for your wonderful review!
We are delighted to hear that our platform has been easy for you to navigate and use. We are happy to have been able to provide you with a hassle-free experience, and we appreciate your kind words about our platform. Thank you for choosing Printify as your print-on-demand provider. Wishing you all the best!

4. februar 2023

Based on the user experience and product availability, Printify seems like a great alternative to Printful, if you're into that sort of thing.

The Edge City Mercantile Exchange
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
Printify svarte 8. februar 2023

Thank you for your great review! We're glad to hear that you find Printify to be a great alternative and appreciate your positive assessment of our platform. We strive to provide the best user experience and product offerings for our customers. Thank you for choosing Printify and we hope to continue serving you in the future. Wishing you all the best!

13. juli 2023

Hi I've been getting messages on my Shopify store saying that Printify is no longer supported, and that the developer needs to update the app to keep it running and working properly. When Can Printify update the app?

Over 1 år bruker appen
Printify svarte 17. juli 2023

We apologize for the inconvenience you're facing with the Printify app on Shopify. Our team is currently investigating the issue and will reach out to you soon to provide further assistance. Thank you for your understanding and patience.