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4 de outubro de 2015

I cannot recommend this app for some one who is serious about spending all the time required to open a legit store with a good possibility of making sales. I thought this was a good concept, but after spending many hours getting my store setup and looking right I soon realize this was a bad idea. I did a test sale to see how the process would work and to gage shipping times, because in the world of Amazon doing 2 day shipping to anywhere in the US customers expect fast shipping times. Considering how expensive the shipping costs are it is extremely slow, I made an order of 3 items around midnight on a Sunday and a full week later I only received one of them. I do not believe people shopping online is going to tolerate shipping so slow, they will buy once and never again. The product should be at the customer's door in no more than 5 days from order date (again just based off of current expectations with selling online). The other issue I had was if you look at the pricing you will be lucky to make $5 a T-Shirt (research on google don't take my word for it).
They also don't seem to be truthful in their advertising, they said when the product ships that it will have your company name on it, when I got my 1 item it said "Printify Fulfillment Mug Center" not my website name, the "Ship From:" was even misspelled as "Shipp From:", I brought this to the attention of Teresa at "Customer Service" among other thing and still have not gotten an explanation for this huge error. If customer's saw this I think your credibility will be immediately called into question.
If you plan on using this app you can try may be it will work better for you, but I suspect that what is going on is after they take your order Printify is not actually printing anything, they are outsourcing it to the lowest bidder and have no actual control on the printing and shipping, it would also explain the high prices since they are probably actually getting the T-Shirts for $5 but charging you almost $15, so they are more the middleman.
Lastly I gave this 2 stars and not 1 because I think their customer service was good enough and the app was good also, but you will have a lot of work to do if you plan on uploading to google shopping adding fields that does not exists.
Good luck and I hope this helps your decision making before you spend a lot of your time. I advise anyone to make sure you properly research before going into this or any other area.

City Streets Bikes
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 8 dias
2 de outubro de 2015

Printify exceeded their promise on shipping. I got my two coffee mug samples in the mail in just two or three days in spite of Printify telling me the sample set (first set) can take 5- 7 days to ship (rather than the normal 3 - 5 days) since they have to review them for quality. I am so impressed with how nice the mugs are! They are absolutely beautiful. The speed of delivery gives me confidence to move forward with promoting these on my website. Great going Printify - I'm so glad you joined the Shopify community!

St Augustine Lions
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: Mais de 5 anos
1 de outubro de 2015

so far so good! Looking forward to finding out how fast they ship! I have wanted a tshirt section for ages and am so happy this was fun and rather effortless. Looking forward also to having them upgrade it so you can edit after you make the collection (there's tons of way to edit your products- i mean go back like you were still working on the collection- they said this functionality is coming soon.) I also look forward to having some new products too. So far just doing the apparel and the mugs, so very cute and decently priced if you don't add a ton for commission.

Vaping 5
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 2 meses
1 de outubro de 2015

Awesome, far surpasses the competition in pricing, product, customer service and ease of app. Really excited to move forward and forge a lasting relationship.

Shock Theater Horror Art
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 29 dias
1 de outubro de 2015

Super easy to use - could do with more of a price breakdown on the prices provided as default - but that is not an issue at all will recommend this to all :D

Chosen One Uk
Reino Unido
Tempo gasto no app: 14 dias
1 de outubro de 2015

So far it has been really easy to use. It takes some effort to set up but once it's done, the process runs very smoothly. I like that the app generates all the sizes for you. You can remove what you don't want too. My first order (from a customer) went perfectly and delivered much faster than the other DTG printer I was using. I'm looking forward to more choices for products and some upcoming changes that will make the setup process easier. I contacted the customer and found the quality, printing and delivery time were very good.

T Shirt Zen
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 8 meses
28 de setembro de 2015

This might be the easiest app we've used! Within a few minutes new products were up in the site! We produce a lot of tees and Mugs, this app is totally a lifesaver! Thanks!

Midnight Special
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 28 dias
28 de setembro de 2015

Products are exactly as shown in the pictures. Good freight service and the products seem great quality. Very happy with this app and it's products.

Earth Garden
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 7 anos
27 de setembro de 2015

So far the easiest print fulfillment app to use. Mockups and listings are easily generated at the same time. Really, it so not complicated at all!

Mothers Mark
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 4 meses
Data de edição: 9 de outubro de 2015

you would have to be out of your mind not to take advantage of this incredible app
I recently had to contact app developer and they called me (yes on a telephone) and solved my issue.

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