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Absolutely atrocious for anything apparel related. Been trying to use them for the past year and have had issues with over 60% of my orders. Wrong colors, wrong items, delivered with stains, print coming off in the wash, printed sideways, pathetic shipping times, you name it. They’ve even messed up reprints of reprints. No joke. Extremely disappointing. They have been fine for art and mugs though in my experience, which is why I gave them a 2 instead of 1 star. If you’re trying to do apparel steer clear.

Inspire The World Apparel
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Printify 已回覆 2020年5月14日

We are sorry to hear about your experience with us. Our print providers have an error ratio which is lower than 1%, however, that error ratio can be unevenly distributed (one merchant gets a lot of errors and another merchants gets no errors at all). Nevertheless, we want to make it up to you, this is why, one of our managers will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours.


I've been using the Printify app for some time already, made some sales with it. I like it that their helpdesk staff are mostly friendly like Derek and Alina but i have to give it a 3 stars due to recent issues. Since Friday last week till now, one of my collection is still updating. I can't add new collections, and previously submitted PNG files all ended up messed up. I have stopped using the app and has transit to another app. Given the choice i would love to continue using Printify, but the errors coming one after another is frustrating and the response i keep getting is "we are sorry, we apologize for the issues, etc" It's been 5 days since the issue and it is still unresolved.

EDIT: apparent the problem has been resolved.. but i've already switch to a new app. I might continue using Printify for some orders but the trust is shaken already.

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It's ok but I've had a lot of frustration trying to use their product/mock generator for creating phone cases. If I chose one position/size of an image on say an iphone case it will not be in the same position or even the same size on the samsung case. I've also noticed that even if my image reaches the edge of the phone case template, it will STILL SHOW UP AS IF I DIDN'T COVER IT, LEAVING THE EDGE WHITE!
Such a plan, I am moving over to a different company.

The Indian Feminist
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I have been using Printify for about 3 years now. Usually it is pretty good but when you have problems with the vendors printify is not supportive. I have had several coffee mugs and ceramic ornaments arrive broken due to poor packaging. I have had notebooks arrives water damaged because of poor packaging. Clothing will very poor quality printing. Hats with poor quality embroidery. And orders that take a month to get to the customer. When I go through the complaint process with in Shopify my request has almost always been turned down. They make the complaint process very difficult. They ask for a ridiculous amount of photos. And then they always come up with some reason to turn down my complaint. So I end up replacing my customers item out of my own pocket - almost every time. I would recommend people to try Printful or Printed Mint instead.

Steno Swag
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Printify 已回覆 2022年1月26日

We are very sorry to hear about your experience! Thank you for your review and feedback! In all cases concerning packaging or frequent product quality issues, we inform our print providers so that we can improve the quality and service our merchants receive. To fully resolve any issue with the delivered product and improve on the fulfillment and delivery process, we do need photographic evidence of the received items. If the issue or the product is not clrealy visible, our print providers require additional photos to better understand the root problem. Once the photos are received, we provide a free of charge replacement or a full refund.
One of our managers will be reaching out to you regarding this matter. We truly hope that we'll be able to help you solve this.


Too many issues with this app. Firstly, there's often issues with the payment, meaning you cannot go ahead with an order. Secondly, the product templates cannot be downloaded (error message is received). Lastly, Printify replies within a DAY. That's a long time to wait to get help with something. I have really tried to like this app, but it simply doesn't work. I've also found that the products are more expensive with Printify than with similar apps (T-shirts, phone covers).

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My main product I sell is the clock, which the quality seems to have went down because I unfortunately now it seems some are breaking after two months and it was not like that before, so I am having to pay to replace them to not get bad reviews because of the quality issues. Unfortunately after 3 years using printify I will be looking for an alternative company.

love and lily designs
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Printify 已回覆 2021年8月2日

Thank you for your feedback! Happy to hear that our products work for your business, and we hope to have a long-term collaboration further on!
We will definitely continue to expand our product selection internationally, so there are more options to choose from.
In case you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.


This app has been giving me issues since I installed it. It is an awesome concept that poorly executed. There's zero notifications from the app when orders are going to no longer be fulfilled.
After one of their print providers was removed, I still had designs combinations that were purchased and only filled with this provider. ZERO notifications from Printify on this, so I had orders sitting in queue that were never going to be fulfilled or synced. I had to refund several orders because of this.
Not happy so far...

Danger Close Apparel
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Printify 已回覆 2020年6月15日

We are sorry for the inconveniences created. Due to the current health crisis, there are a lot of changes that happen on daily basis. We are aware of the fact that this may bring some inconveniences to the merchants, but we are actively working on changing that. We want to make things right for you, therefore, one of our managers will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours. Thank you.


Horrific fulfilment! Yikes, avoid! I only gave an additional star because of the variety of items. If your customer places an order, you might find after a couple of weeks that the item has been discountinued! and then it's a mess to try and refund the money to the customer because the item is "on hold" or has been sent to print... really frustrating. I will uninstall this app shortly.

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Printify 已回覆 2021年5月8日

One of our managers has reached out to you regarding the mentioned concerns. We truly hope that we'll be able to remedy the situation!


UPDATE: I set up my store for fun, and assumed I was making money. It started getting more and more orders, but I didn't really dig in, just thought of it as "free money" for the most part.

I say that to explain my mindset when finding Printify. The app was pretty easy to use, they had products different from Printful, and it seemed decent. I was pleased.

Fast forward 6 months and I'm trying to get serious as a business. I started digging into my expenses, and saw that for several orders, I was LOSING MONEY. How could this possibly be?

It was ALL because of PRINTIFY'S SHIPPING. Let me dig deeper...

I started with Printful. I had it set up so that Printful was setting the delivery price that my customer saw because they were my only print provider. Then I added Printify. I couldn't use that delivery price thing anymore, couldn't figure out another way to set it up, so I said "Screw it" and just set flat rate shipping. Printful's shipping was usually around $3 in the US (with some rare outliers) and $7-8 internationally, so I set my shipping prices as $5 flat for US and Canada, and $12 international.

Then I set it and forgot about it. That was so stupid.

Each of their printers has their own shipping, and they are not just charging you the costs. They are charging you like I charged my customers, with a little padding. That is not cool. Let me break it down:

A mug
A backpack
A t-shirt
- All printed from the same place, and shipped to the same place, so shipping would be like $4 domestic, $8 international

A mug - comes from one printer who charges $5 dom./ $12 int.
A backpack - comes from one printer who charges $5 dom./ $12 int.
A t-shirt - comes from one printer who charges $5 dom./ $12 int.
- All shipped separately from different providers, costing $15 domestic and **$36 INTERNATIONAL**

I don't know about you but that would be my entire profit margin. I added coasters through Printify, that were really popular but they were cheap ($9 or so bucks, $5 cost I think). I thought it would be an easy way to upsell. They ended up draining profits because the shipping ($5) would eat up the profit margin and then some.

Don't be fooled by this. Do not use Printify unless they fix their shipping costs. I tried talking to support and they were just like "it's not up to us, the shipping providers set their own prices." So they don't really even care. I deleted all my products, cancelled my subscription, and uninstalled the app.

I left 2 stars because for everything else, they are great. If they fixed this, I'd come back.

Original Review: I love the app. It's pretty easy to use. There are a few small things that bug me, but overall it's a great app. I wish there were more products available. Right now, I have to use several different POD services, and I wish I could just use Printify. Great app!

Naughty Gits
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I thought this would be a cool app. The first couple of orders were ok but they last one was terrible. I took months to get my shirts. When they arrived they arrived in different shipments at different times... like 5 shirts one time and then another 3 a week later. After one washing all of the printing peeled off. Terrible. Deleted from my store.

Lark Ellen
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