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It is not the best user interface and it is confusing to have to sync its products. I think this is very time consuming. I am in Europe and have my customer group there and my customers are not happy when they order a T-shirt and it goes about 30 days before they get it, even though I have designed a T-shirt in the EU.
But they are good at answering and helping.

inuk Design
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Printify 已回覆 2019年3月16日

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! However, really many merchants appreciate exactly the ease of use and interface of the Printify platform. We would be very glad to hear your thoughts about what exactly could be improved in our interface (please send them to Moreover, we are upgrading our Mockup Generator's interface and functionality in the coming month. Maybe that will fix your feelings about the platform's usability.

Regarding delivery times, t-shirts are currently delivered from the US and UK. That's why it takes some time to get to your customer. If your customers are in Europe, we advise using only a UK print provider. Also, we are connecting more printing facilities in Europe very soon – so, delivery time should significantly improve for t-shirts by this summer.

If you have any additional feedback or need for help, please reach out to


Apr. 2020 (updated review) 2 STARS

Printify needs more USA production partners. When something goes wrong, there are essentially 3 partners in the USA total to juggle your order, or just have it cancelled after waiting almost a month.

I can't run a growing business like this. Use printify if you are a startup and want cheaper pricing and a hit and miss on quality. If you have more than a few orders per day, you may have to go through the 3rd party nightmare printify has become, being told day after day, week after week, your tee is going to be made, only to have it even more late or cancelled.

I have proven to printify how I can get any color within a day or so for any order. Yet their production partners can't get it for weeks!?

If printify adds 5 to 10 more production partners in the USA, I'll come back. Otherwise I feel forced, after sending them thousands of orders per month, to find another solution as I am finding 95% of my negative reviews come from PRINTIFY orders vs the orders I do locally with the plentiful printing companies for both DTG and SCREEN.

PRINTIFY knows what they need to do, I've given them a year of thousands of orders per month, and although COVID-19 hasn't helped, it makes it 100 times worse as I realized they don't have enough production partners to help offset issues.

Their software is improving, but i can't tell you how many times I've told them their support ticket system is the worse by far. They have amazing support team, but the way it's setup is very counter intuitive, disconnected from any flow to the orders involved.

Affordable. Cool setup. Awesome backup process if one partners fails your order, another can cover (if it exists). Awesome staff. Forward thinking CEO and company.

Affordable (quality issues). Backup process (literally your business is in the hands of two large-ish companies and one smaller one, so if they fail, you are doomed). Awesome staff (who will just give you the same answer again and again). Ticket system is very frustrating as it's not connected to orders, you can't search tickets (unless you are tech savvy and know how to search your own emails), orders are not linked to tickets, but it's all copy and paste manual work.

Jan. 2020. (updated review) 3 STARS

Printify is pushing for being the best. I appreciate their efforts. Biggest problem is knowing if your order will actually be fulfilled on whatever colors the POD vendors run out of. There is NO WAY so far to tell what will be out of stock.

PRINTIFY knows what they need to fix, we'll see how they do this year.

Printify is worth your time and money, but do not depend on them if you have higher numbers of orders and they end up telling you their print partner ran out of stock and CANCELLED (did you read that? Cancelled) your orders after waiting for two entire weeks. Very unprofessional, must be changed.

Printify is the best POD 3rd party software out there for the price. Printful is better, but you'll spend thousands more with them. I'm using a mix of both now, per Printify not being able to fix the issues of stock shortages and orders sometimes an entire MONTH with no update, status, or anything, until we get an angry customer.

POD SHOUD be auto fulfilment, but so far, I'm spending more time than needed to figure out which orders Printify and their production partners just simply put off for good.

Oct. 28 2019 (updated review)

See my initial hopeful, thorough reviews below this one.

Printify uses production partners and shows an average production time for each production partner. This production time is not accurate. Sometimes off by weeks!

We have seen maybe 85% of our orders shipped within 7 days or less. But good luck with the other 15%. If we had not been spending (wasting is a better word) so much time reaching out to PRINTIFY through their very useless ticketing system (see review below) who then reaches out to the printing partner, again and again, we would have not even known why in the world, some orders were 20 to 24 days late and counting!

We got the same answer again and again from printify staff. Stock shortage. Will reach out to partner.

I did tests myself and found the same colors were in stock, readily available and we had it shipped to us and out to customers within 3 business days, whereas we are still waiting for a week and a half and nothing has moved on hundreds of our orders - suggesting other issues outside stock shortage.

The holiday is here already, and now Printify is refusing to refund us for these super late orders, they promised us their printing production partner would have out in time for the holiday.

Unprofessional. Damage control is no fun. The brand image hurt. Customers disappointed and infuriated.

I hope this will get PRINTIFY's attention. If they resolve these orders with full refunds, I'll remove this review and keep it removed unless PRINTIFY continues to show they are unwilling to help us for bringing thousands of monthly orders through their app. when they promise something and their printing partner fails us repeatedly.

Oct. 2019. (updated review)

With a few thousands of orders now pushed through PRINTIFY app, I can now see where they shine and fail. I write this so others know what to expect and not expect and beware of as well as enjoy. I'm downgrading my review from a 5 star down to a 3 star, hopefully, to raise it up again when some key issues are fixed ASAP, if not I'll downgrade in a few months to a 2 star - as these issues can literally break your brand reputation and customer trust.

I hope to update this review as I go forward to give PRINTIFY and their PARTNERS a chance to wow us.


Printify staff isn't in some remote garage. They are a legit company, who cares about your experience using their platform and production partners.

Also a HUGE CON, but the pro side of their ticket system is it is more than just a couple of people - and they do respond to every issue.

- UI (user interface):
Although it is lacking in functionality, their interface is not clunky or difficult, but fluidly designed (this coming from a UI designer for a decade himself)

This is huge for us, and what attracted us to PRINTIFY amongst other things. This also has a HUGE CON i explain below until PRINTIFY enahnces their app.

They have a smooth "submit issue" link you can use, setup beautifully for any post shipmpent and production issue. This is awesome, but boy oh boy do they need to tie it to the details page of an order ID.


Although staffed well, it could be a con that the company is in Europe. Time zone conflicts are an issue. This can also be a potential PRO, in that you almost have a 24 hour business - but you have to time things right and it looks like they have staff to cover the off hours you are awake and they are asleep (depending on where you live & where print partner is located, I'm in Utah, USA).

This is a huge con. When you have an issue with an order, you have NO WAY OF KNOWING what is going on with your order and the POD parter making it, as there is no notes tied to any order details. You have to manually go find whoever responded to you, (there is absolutely no search function with tickets, a HUGE TIME WASTER). We have had multiple orders now, go for over 20 freaking (yes, I said freaking) days, without a single reason as to why, only to find out on some orders, after another 4 days passes, that there was a stock issue????

PRINTIFY must change their ticket system to tie with orders, otherwise it's just a huge waste of time for customers, POD partners, and esp. printify, as numerous tickets have to be submitted so as to not lose time trying to find the last response, by manually scrolling and guessing which rep answered you.

To tie in with the ticket system issues, if you have an issue with a live order (not shipped yet), and even if that issues is resolved and the order finally shipped, there is no notes on the order details, and the tracking info is never updated to the order details page, so the only way to figure out what happened to that order and get tracking is to search your email, to find that order and tracking, as good luck searching for tickets, it's impossible, you have scroll and guess who it was that resolved the issue.

There is absolutely NO WAY to know if the colors available with some POD partners are in stock or not. You will find out mind you, but this will be 20+ days after the order was submitted, with an update you had to ask for, that something was out of stock.

Printify has Zero information with a paid subscription to let us know how we are doing. We have no idea using PRINTIFY:
1. How many tees we have sold?
2. Avg. ship time with each POD partner?
3. Our avg. cost per unit for each POD partner?
4. Actual total costs, showing both shipping and POD costs?
5. stats for the day, week, month, previous 90 days?
6. actual savings we are getting for the volume we are brining. They talk about it on their site, but I have no idea at the end of the day or month, what I'm spending and discounts or savings I'm receiving through using PRINTIFY and pushing my business through their app.

I love what I'm seeing with PRINTIFY. I love the innovative feel I've gotten as I've tried to figure out how PRINTIFY company works in our behalf. They have a great staff, team, and seem to be pushing for new updates quickly (a must or they will lose our business not because we leave, but because their system is not helping with the most important, shouldn't be this hard, order issues).

I'd give them a 2 star at this point, just for the sake of the headaches of their ticket system and having ZERO updates by them on orders that have sat for 24 days, when I've asked for updates a few times on those orders. Printify is a middle man, that does well, but to have to wait 20+ days on some orders without updates, when a simple phone call to the POD partner could have solved it, screams for PRINTIFY to improve their ticket system so we can communicate, see, and easily access all notes on the order details page, rather than the nightmare it is right now.


- PRINTIFY must update their ticket system so that it integrates smoothly with the order details page. Connect all notes to the details page.

- PRINTIFY needs to have a way for customers to communicate with the POD partners, through the order details notes area.

- PRINTIFY must kill this difficult manual scrolling and guessing game with their ticket system, to try and find what a rep said about some orders, because the notes are nowhere on the order details page itself, but lost somewhere in the completely separate support ticket chat / systems.

- PRINTIFY must integrate a stock update functionality. You have no clue if the colors you have are in stock. PRINTFUL has a way to choose a backup solution where stock is low, and they actually let you know what's out of stock, discontinued, etc.

We need to see what's going on, how many sales with each POD, total costs of shipping (nowhere does it show you this that I can find) and reporting on fulfilment time averages, number of tees sold, colors, etc. Make me believe I need PRINTIFY as a middle man, by providing me the data that will make me never leave PRINTIFY for. Why am I paying a monthly fee and who knows what other fees, for ZERO stats, data, and insights to what we are bringing through PRITNIFY app.

Sept 2019. 4 STARS

I'm coming at Printify after years of using other apps. There is a reason I'm switching to Printify, and will update my review as time goes by. Printify's UI (user interface) is hands down super fluid, user-friendly, and amazing compared to the others I've used.

I absolutely am finding a safe place with their app, coming from the failed experiences of other apps, costing our graphic apparel business thousands and potential tens of thousands of lost customers due to inconsistency, bugs, software issues, and lack of quality control and ownership of problems.

So far so good. Choose your partner wisely on this app, and you will be happy.

will update in a month or so. But as of yet, this app and company has done it right, and our business looks and flows more smoothly since transitioning over to Printify from other POD apps.

Ella's Canvas
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Printify 已回覆 2019年9月13日

Thank you very much for the awesome review. We truly appreciate your feedback. We are excited to hear that you like Printify's services and we are looking forward to a long-term collaboration with you.
In case you need any further help, do not hesitate to contact us at Cheers!


Unfortunately - I have to modify my review again. After complaining I really had a nice contact with the customer service. It looked ( I was told) the shipping method had been changed and would only take about 3 days. But those were only words... shipments from Germany are still done in the less eco friendly way you can imagine - by plane (< 200 km drive) by the French Poste (package from Germany => Holland).. time consuming. Customer Service told me 21th March to come back to me a.s.a.p... it's now 5th April. So far for close monitoring...Also the packages are not offered at the door of the customer, in stead they go straight to a service point, while the system displays it has been offered at the door. 100% NOT true... because of my doubts I ran a test with a package to my sister... The worst is - the buyer doesn't receive any notification where the package has been delivered!!! If you complain on the chat the answer is: please contact the local post office service point, but which one is a miracle???

Next week one of my sweaters will be in a national television show with over 1 million viewers - I worked really hard to realize that.. I hope to make a lot of sales, but where possible (depending on the ordered colors) it will probably be better to re direct to Printful. Unbelievable Printify doesn't see this! So frustrating...The quality of the app , the sweaters and the prints is great, but the shipment process spoils everything.

I wanted to update my previous review and sincerely give a 5 star rating for the way Printify (especially Ariel) handled my complaint. In just a few weeks the shipment proces. In just a few weeks, the shipping method was changed to a more environmentally conscious and faster process. Thank you Printify and thank you Ariel! By the way, I do hope that this fine trend will spread to all European providers that deliver within the EU....
I am situated in the Netherlands. The closest printer is in Germany - a max. 3 hours car drive. I truly love the Printify app, but it seems they are responsible for the transport process. If you order directly at the printer they use a (road) transport service with delivers within 1-2 days within the Netherlands (2 small road trips). However, the orders placed by Printify follow this route:
- a road trip from the German printer to a French airport
- a flight from France to the Netherlands
- a drive from the airport to a distribution center
- a drive from the distribution center to the end user
The whole point of choosing a local printer is to save: time, money and the environment. Now 1 simple sweater delivery takes up to 15 days (above the production time), an augmented CO2 emission and most probably it won't be very cheap.
I only started to work with the app, but selling within my own country (the Netherlands) seems impossible this way.

Tribes & Miracles
使用應用程式 9個月
Printify 已回覆 2023年1月13日

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are delighted to inform you that our shipping team has worked diligently with the print provider to address the issue, resulting in an average shipping time of 3 business days. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and make further improvements if necessary.
We appreciate your valuable feedback and assistance in resolving this matter promptly. If you happen to notice any shipping irregularities with this print provider, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Our teams are currently working on enhancing the shipping process, with plans to provide more shipping options in the near future. We hope to bring this improvement to you soon. Once again, thank you for your feedback, and we wish you all the best.


The technical portion of the app is great and the developer should be very proud of the interface. Well done!

My issues is with customer service and quality control. Printify is a middleman between printers and merchants. While having a proxy to multiple printers can have its advantages, the downfall is with quality control and delays when there is an issue.

I have had a quality failure rate around 20% with the prints thus far. One customer received a blank shirt with no print. How embarrassing is that? Then not having a direct line to the printer to correct the issue and expedite a resolution compounded the issue. A customer in this situation is angry and does not want to wait days for two levels of bureaucracy to approve a reprint. Then wait an additional 4 days for the print, and an additional 4-5 days for shipping.

Finally, the shipping charges are completely out of alignment with industry norms. $4 for shipping the first product when the vendor is paying no more than $2.60 for a single shirt. Then tacking on $2 for each additional shirt. This is highway robbery. If one orders 5 shirts, the shipping charge is $12. The vendor isn't spending half of that.

The technology is great, but the application of the technology is pretty darn poor. You can't build a brand on top of Printify. If you are serious about being in this industry, find a printer that you can rely on who is just as maniacal about customer service as you are.

使用應用程式 9個月

Higher priced then most print on demand apps, and also orders take about 4-5 weeks and customers don’t want to wait weeks for their products.

Ranger Candy Coffee
使用應用程式 9個月

just started using it for my drop shipping shirts, it is easy, but there is always a problem. my shirts never come out right, and the white shirts that i designed and got made from them ended up being dirty, and yellow. i dont recommended using for shirts but for others yes.

Kaylaz Boutique
使用應用程式 7個月
Printify 已回覆 2023年2月13日

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We're sorry to hear about the issues you've encountered with the shirts you received. In order to assist you better and resolve any issue, please fill out the form on the following link with your details. This will allow us to locate your account and provide you with the necessary support. We appreciate your feedback and are dedicated to improving our services.


UPDATE: I have updated my review to 2 stars for management reaching out to me concerning these issues. However, outside of the shipping situation, all of my concerns are valid and are features that they are looking into not the features they currently have. A promise is not going to change my mind today. Plus, I was asked to change my review which also has put a bad taste in my mouth since my biggest issues are not being resolved yet. I'm not going to rate something 5 stars if that wasn't my experience and the things I need are not available to me today. Thank you Shopify for the professional email regarding my concerns but I'm not updating my review to 5 stars. You have a 4.3 rating so my 1% negative rating that is genuine and authentic even by your standards per our email should not deter you from striving to be a better company or steer others away from continuing business with you. If in the future these changes are met then I will update my review to a higher star value. Thanks. This app lacks an intuitive interface. Setting up shipping was very complicated and because there are different print providers it gets a little tricky if your order is rerouted. I am currently switching my shirts from Printify to another POD since my selected printer no longer prints with Printify. It is a headache if your printer you select no longer is an option. Now I have to roll the dice on another printer that I am not familiar with. They also do not have a wide variety of printers that print labels or sleeves anymore which is a problem as many of my designs print sleeves and labels. The only printer that prints on a bella + canvas labels and sleeves aren't in the U.S, which can increase your shipping rates drastically. Also, there aren't any reviews on the site whatsoever which makes me even more nervous to choose a new print provider. You have to do your own research on these printers as well as on the products themselves. If you could see what other sellers think it would make things a little less of a gamble on products and printing. There is a ranking but it says it is based on user reviews that I have no idea how to see these reviews since they are not on the website. Felt like a waste to even start selling with Printify. Help has gotten better though.

Pändabär LLC
使用應用程式 5個月
Printify 已回覆 2020年10月1日

Thank you for your feedback. Each print provider offers different shipping rates for different regions, but if you have the annual Shopify plan, those shipping rates will be automatically set up in your store, so you do not need to do it by yourself. Regarding print provider ranking, we have print provider ranking that you can see on the website and it is based on the satisfaction of customers with each product. Nevertheless, we will take into consideration your feedback and will work on a better solution in what concerns reviews. We always strive to keep our merchants happy, this is why one of our managers will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours to see how we can make it up to you.


After 2,5 months of many messages and false promises in the end regarding the shipment process, NOTHING changed and big radio silence.. so disappointing :-(

shipping time within Europe is ridiculously long and makes it impossible to sell within your own country. If you complain about this, you hear nothing back. I unfortunately have to switch to Printfull. 5 working days delivery time versus 15 days. Lower quality, but Printify's environmentally damaging shipping method and the shipping time involved is just not explainable. Just started and already can refund customers because it takes too long. If jumpers are not accepted by the customer after more than 15 days, they disappear, as does my money. The 2 stars rate is because the app itself works very well and the printers do a good job. Too bad Printify doesn't seem to want to dive into the shipping method. For US I will keep Printify, but the Premium to have multiple shops I am cancelling.And please Printify don't say hereunder you will look into it, because I know I don't hear anything back. Please change your shipment method within Europa, faster delivery would be beneficiant for both sellers and your company.

Sweater Wonderland
使用應用程式 5個月
Printify 已回覆 2023年1月31日

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We're sorry to hear about your experience with our shipping time and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We take these matters seriously and will be looking into it. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to all of our customers.
We will be reaching out to you shortly to address your concerns and resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Irritating. Made sales with store. Only paid for shipping but never received payments from orders. 1 Day shopify says my payment is pending, next day it's not even on the system. Help.

Baller Crew
使用應用程式 4個月
Printify 已回覆 2022年12月28日

We are sorry to hear about your payment issue. It seems like there has been a mistake as we do not involve in paying merchants. Please reach out to Shopify support for more information and would appreciate updating this review with your experience with Printify. Hope all goes well!


We used to love Printify but the customer service has gotten so bad. Now, we can't get ahold of anyone for at least a week. The most recent problem we've had is a customer got sent a tee with a design that wasn't in our store (not Printify's fault) but we emailed Printify to get a replacement. We didn't hear back so we continued to send emails for over a week straight without a response. Sadly, we are looking for another provider now.

使用應用程式 4個月