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I start with the plan of 29. I got to cancel it because I didn't see too much of discounts or prices that I can have revenue with simple design in top of that I order samples of the products and the quality was horrible my design was a colorful rectangle with a logo and I got to returned 2 times and the last one that I received it was off to and the rectangle wasn't straight. I got a good customer service that's why my 2 stars but the quality even thank god was a sample for me 2 time in bad quality is not what I want my customer to have. you can try it but don't have this app as the only option.

Chef Mcqueeny Store
使用應用程式 4個月
Printify 已回覆 2020年10月8日

Thank you for the feedback! Sorry to hear about your experience - one of our managers will contact you within 24 hours to solve this matter as smoothly as possible!


I used this app to create printed T-shirts. But 4 of 4 test orders came with problems. 3 with print defects, 1 absolutely wrong item. The only positive thing, that they reprint all of them for free and almost with no questions.

Smile Artify
使用應用程式 3個月
Printify 已回覆 2021年12月20日

Thank you for the feedback - we are really sorry to hear about your experience! One of our managers will contact you shortly in hopes of rectifying this situation.


Stay away from Printify if you care about your customers. Example: order for sweatshirt placed over a week ago to Monster through the Printify app, which shows (and continues to show) no delays at Monster - when I inquired about when this order would ship, they canceled it rather than reply. Printify support was no help - they refused to try to put any pressure on Monster and declined to let me speak to a manager.

Minnesota History Shop
使用應用程式 3個月
Printify 已回覆 2021年12月22日

We're sorry to hear about your experience! One of our managers will be reaching out to you regarding the mentioned concerns. We truly hope that we'll be able to remedy the situation!


Platform is buggy, Products don't fully link to store (prices won't sync). After I placed my first order, for some reason, the shirt had to be produced in London when the customer address is in the US, and they claim to have a wide network of manufacturers, so turnover time was significantly increased.

Level Merch
使用應用程式 3個月

I used this app to print and fulfill the shirts and sweatshirts in my store. About 70% of the time, the vendors and Printify deliver as expected. The other 30% has very negatively impacted my brand. My customers have received the wrong shirts, shirts that are not even available in my store, poor printing where the print areas are stuck together, and extreme delays that are not related to COVID - we're talking 15-19 business days when the printify platform says 3-5 business days. I had a product quality issue where I sold 35 pairs of leggings, and 65% of the customers asked to return them because of fit. The Merchant contact suggested to me on multiple occasions that it was the body shape of my customers that was the issue, not the construction of the pants. It turns out there was a defect in the material... but I had to speak to the actual manufacturer on my own, separate from Printify, to figure that out and find a true resolution. Ultimately, it is challenging to change my fulfillment model now that it is integrated into my store, so I am still a customer. I hope another organization with a similar network makeup but better service and a US base shows up. I will gladly move my business away from this platform. I would NOT recommend it.

MochaPrescribed™ Apparel
使用應用程式 2個月
Printify 已回覆 2021年1月25日

One of our managers has reached out to you regarding the mentioned concerns. We truly hope that we'll be able to remedy the situation!


Printify unless you want to waste your time and screw over your customers.

Ordered SAMPLES from Printify. First order came 12 days late and smelled horribly of fumes. I was concerned about the delay, but figured to give them a second try.

Ordered a SECOND batch of samples, this time from two suppliers (the same as before an a new one). Suppliers A product arrived in time, but I wanted to throw up upon opening the bag the fumes were so bad. Washed the shirt inside out, and the design pealed right off. Told Prinity, replaces arrived about a week later. No fumes, but definitely not as high a quality print either.

The second printer “had to replace their machinery” and the order would be over 14 days late. When it arrived, a wrong item in the wrong color was sent. Still waiting to hear back from Printify on when this can be rectified, but 30 days after my second order of SAMPLES, I still have useless products that have not been fulfilled correctly.

In general their support has been good, but it’s clear emails are being answered in a queue. Twice, I’ve had quick responses from employees who have CLEARLY not read the above comments.

In terms of an app - their interface can’t be beat. I get that there are growing pains, and as a company, they seem to be trying to address them.

But if you care about your customers, you need to stay away for at LEAST six months. Give them time to figure out which of their suppliers can actually meet the need - before YOU ruin YOUR reputation with constant complains and returns.

Warrior Women Society
使用應用程式 2個月

UPDATE: I have updated my review to 2 stars for management reaching out to me concerning these issues. However, outside of the shipping situation, all of my concerns are valid and are features that they are looking into not the features they currently have. A promise is not going to change my mind today. Plus, I was asked to change my review which also has put a bad taste in my mouth since my biggest issues are not being resolved yet. I'm not going to rate something 5 stars if that wasn't my experience and the things I need are not available to me today. Thank you Shopify for the professional email regarding my concerns but I'm not updating my review to 5 stars. You have a 4.3 rating so my 1% negative rating that is genuine and authentic even by your standards per our email should not deter you from striving to be a better company or steer others away from continuing business with you. If in the future these changes are met then I will update my review to a higher star value. Thanks. This app lacks an intuitive interface. Setting up shipping was very complicated and because there are different print providers it gets a little tricky if your order is rerouted. I am currently switching my shirts from Printify to another POD since my selected printer no longer prints with Printify. It is a headache if your printer you select no longer is an option. Now I have to roll the dice on another printer that I am not familiar with. They also do not have a wide variety of printers that print labels or sleeves anymore which is a problem as many of my designs print sleeves and labels. The only printer that prints on a bella + canvas labels and sleeves aren't in the U.S, which can increase your shipping rates drastically. Also, there aren't any reviews on the site whatsoever which makes me even more nervous to choose a new print provider. You have to do your own research on these printers as well as on the products themselves. If you could see what other sellers think it would make things a little less of a gamble on products and printing. There is a ranking but it says it is based on user reviews that I have no idea how to see these reviews since they are not on the website. Felt like a waste to even start selling with Printify. Help has gotten better though.

Pändabär LLC
使用應用程式 2個月
Printify 已回覆 2020年10月1日

Thank you for your feedback. Each print provider offers different shipping rates for different regions, but if you have the annual Shopify plan, those shipping rates will be automatically set up in your store, so you do not need to do it by yourself. Regarding print provider ranking, we have print provider ranking that you can see on the website and it is based on the satisfaction of customers with each product. Nevertheless, we will take into consideration your feedback and will work on a better solution in what concerns reviews. We always strive to keep our merchants happy, this is why one of our managers will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours to see how we can make it up to you.


Right now I am not very happy with them but every day they ask for a review I figured I would finally leave one. We have 10-20 shirt designs we wanted to upload. We chose the person who was not the most expensive as we just assumed it would be okay. We get the first shirt in and it is great. I have people buy shirts and they come in terrible. Cracking paint and a giant square around the artwork a different color than the shirt.

I tell Printify about it and they do actually refund and reprint the shirts. That is fine but then it keeps happening. They then recommend to just switch to a different supplier thats more money for possibly better results. Would it not be intuitive to put maybe a better best category? I assumed the cost was for the speediness of the delivery not the actual quality would be bad.

I am trying a new supplier right now but I think they should be far more clear about the quality control. They told me many are very happy with that supplier but I am wondering how when the quality was so bad on some of them.

They give you this information of the suppliers like they use a "DIGITEX 4000 Top of the line printer" and then another one uses a completely different printer. Am I supposed to know which one of these mean I will get a good quality job?

I hope they add that element then it would easily go up to 5 stars.

Angelus Direct
使用應用程式 2個月
Printify 已回覆 2019年3月16日

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! As you wrote, any misprints are reprinted or refunded. Moreover, we are currently investigating how to inform merchants better about expected print quality for each supplier. It's not a secret that the same product fulfillment prices differ for different suppliers because each supplier uses different printers or organizes work differently. We want to give freedom for merchants to choose suppliers.

Not always you need a top-notch printing technology to get a good print result for a simple design – and those $2-3 in price differences can play a huge difference if you have a simple design and you compete with other t-shirt sellers in the low-price segment.

As for now, we always recommend to reach out to for advice regarding suppliers.


I don’t even know where to begin.. so a coustomer ordered an item for the first time and it took a week just to one item.. mind you there is still two of his products not shipped yet.. I’ve also emailed customer service about this and they have yet to respond to me

Dvine Apprel
使用應用程式 大約2個月
Printify 已回覆 2019年9月9日

We are very sorry to hear about your experience with us, but our team is already on this case and we will do everything we can to make things right for you. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your patience!


Good customer service, but their providers are terrible. I ordered sample mugs and tshirts and the quality is not good. When the replacements came, the t-shirt had an oil type stain and felt sticky and the mug print was blurry at the bottom. MyLocker's quality control is nonexistant and Printify would do well to either tell them to step up or stop using them.
It is a shame because SPOKE reviews aren't much better and if you want 15oz mugs, those are the companies to choose from there.
Very disappointed in POD and I can't in good conscience sell these products to my customers.

Faith Through Words
使用應用程式 大約2個月
Printify 已回覆 2020年2月18日

We are very sorry about the issue regarding print quality. As our print providers are working with very high volumes, there is still about 1% error ratio for the printed products. However, we want to make it up to you. Therefore, one of our managers will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours. Thank you.