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Printify: Print on Demand

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Create and sell items with your design, we manage fulfillment

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Confidence by Hope

I have been using this POD service with our main brand on another account for almost a year now with over 1,000 orders and I can tell you one major thing about printify: if you want to make a quick buck, go with printify. If you want to build a brand, go with printful.

First lets talk about shirt quality. If you use DJ thru Printify the quality is decent. If you use mylocker it is horrifyingly bad. I cannot stress this enough. Faded, poor color, often late shipments. Printful quality exceeds DJ and by a country mile, mylocker.

It's also worth noting that printify is just a middle man operation, whereas printful is an actual company printing the shirts. This matters particularly if you use multiple POD vendors thru printify (mylocker, DJ, etc) and a customer orders products from each -- you're having to pay shipping from EACH vendor. All because Printify is a middle man.

You will wait 1-2 hours for a support reply on printify. You will wait, at most, 5 minutes on printful. Even as a middle man they drop the ball here.

There are branding options at printful like inside labeling, package inserts, and more.

There are affordable express shipping options at printful. I kid you not, to express ship ONE SHIRT thru printify costs $34, domestic. Printful it costs $6.

I can go on and on, I only wish I switched to Printful sooner. Yes you will pay more for the shirts, but you will have a chance to succeed as a brand. You will be very challenged to succeed as a brand with Printify. The customer service and quality are very poor. Make the choice.

Cannabis Culture Store

Its too bad I cannot attach photos of what was printed and the complete difference between to tees that should have been identical. If Printify does not refund my money I will never do business with them again.


Not really happy. I received 2 samples and the logo printed is really bad! I Paid $34.84 for only 2 shirts sample. I contacted the support who kindly resent the shirts. They told me nothing is wrong with the logo itself. Today Just received and I had to pay at the post office about $15 to get it! Total about $50 for 2 Shirts with horrible quality... How people make business with Printify! I am really curious...

Developer reply

May 06, 2019

We are sorry to hear about misprint. As it was explained, errors sometimes happen. Since you have an international order, shipping costs are higher. Also, our Premium plan offers up to 20% lower costs.

Buffalo Boutique

UPDATE - now I have 3 orders just this week that were screwed up. Customers got the wrong shirts and the one below mentioned shirt was stained.
A shirt made it to the customer covered in stains from the printing process and I was only refunded the cost of the shirt and shipping/handling, but yet had to issue a full refund to the customer. I emailed their team and was told "We are not refunding the retail costs of orders as it is against our Terms of Service or Merchant Protection policy"... so basically we don't care that we screwed up, you lost your profit, and got a bad review over our error. READ their policies carefully before using them!! Losing the money isn't what hurt me the most, it was the principle of the situation and how it was handled.


Slow production (up to 9 business days) and nonresponsive vendor reply. For example, order placed Mar 21, 2019. Zip hoodie had faded, silvery grey ink instead of white. Printify customer support said they'd take care of this Apr 2 w/ reprint. Next hoodie had same faded white ink issue. I asked Printify to get an answer from their vendor and the only answer I received was, "they need more time to investigate." It's now Apr 24th and there's no resolution, which is a shame because I really like Printify's catalog of items! The reliability and fulfillment part of their service is severely lacking, however.

Developer reply

April 26, 2019

We are sorry to hear there's a problem with one of your orders. It happens in less than 1% of orders. An agent will get in touch with you to clarify situation and find the best solution for you.


I'm using a different POD on my first site, this time, I tried using Printify just to get how they do.
First, I don't like their customer service. I have tried submitting issues to them 3 times without any reply. My order was placed 1 week and yet, it has not been shipped to the client. I just need to know their TAT so I could message my customer in advance.
Second, I received a feedback from my first customer that the shirt had pale prints.
I'm taking my business to another supplier. Costly, but reliable.
Nothing compares to reduced headache and satisfied customers.

Developer reply

April 18, 2019

Hi! Thanks for your honest feedback! A success team agent is in touch with you to solve all the communication problems. Meanwhile, we wanted to emphasize that our support team works 24/7 and our response time is under 2h if message reaches us via our official communication channels. Also, products have production time (usually 2-5 business days) and shipping time (starting from 2-5 business days domestically to much more days if sent internationally). We hope this a little bit explains more how we operate and milds some of the communication issues that have been by now.


I just received a few of my sample products to get an idea of what I'm selling. Upon receiving them, I have to say I have never been more disappointed. The quality is not clear, the alignment of the print was crooked, the paint was faded and not sharp at all. -- I want to stand behind my product and have customers love what they have, and quality is top of mind...Printify just didn't do it for me.

Developer reply

April 09, 2019

Hi! We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with your sample order. A support agent will get in touch with you to make things right for you. Sometimes these things do happen (less than 1% of all orders) because printing process is automated. Unfortunately, this time it happened with you! Please accept our apologies!


My last order from feb 26 has not been fulfilled i got no reply when i asked about it so printful gets an F 0 stars

Developer reply

March 19, 2019

We are sorry to hear that, but we are Printify, not Printful. Since you are not happy with Printful, you are welcome to place orders with Printify.




Terrible quality!! Misprinted, Pink tinted, chemical smelling shoes! I was enjoying Printify until I ordered something for myself. I ordered a pair of one of the shoes I designed and the ink had a pink tint- even in the white ares of the shoes there was pink! (The shoes deign itself contained no pink.) The tracking was completely in Chinese, so I had no idea when it was coming. The shoes smelled like chemicals so strongly they made my entire room smell for a few hours, even after they were no longer in the room. ALSO they were misprinted! My logo which was on the outside of each shoe, ended up being on both sides of one shoe! Legit terrible. Then if I wanted to get a refund I would have to get Printify Credits after submitting a claim.
I DISCONTINUED ALL OF MY PRODUCTS FROM THEM ASAP b4 anyone bought any. Really awful.

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