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Printify - Print on Demand Drop Shipping

Printify - Print on Demand Drop Shipping

Developed by Printify

242 reviews
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  • Upload your design and create custom printed products for your Shopify store. Shirts, phone cases, mugs and many more.
  • Choose your manufacturers and brands - our wide range of printable products gives you a complete freedom of customization.
  • Pay only per actual sales - each product is printed and shipped automatically after receiving payment - print on demand for Shopify.


Create and sell products on demand with the Printify Marketplace. Printing and drop shipping fulfilment.

Printify provides you with a wide range of the finest print on demand manufacturers worldwide - and you have instant access to any of them. We understand that you are a professional and we respect your preferences and values - that is why we give you as much freedom for customization as possible. Printify will always continue to advance the system for the sake of meeting your demands and giving you limitless freedom.

Because it's cool to have a choice.

What's great about Printify?

  • The best Product Designer on Shopify App Store and high definition 3D mockups. It's for free.

  • 100+ unique printable products. Check them all out here.

  • 16 world renowned apparel brands : American Apparel, Next Level, Rabbit Skins and others. T-shirts, hoodies, v-necks, tank tops, long sleeves and also - kids apparel!

  • Instant access to a network of manufacturers in US and UK. Choose the ones that suit you the best, comparing prices and print quality.

  • Your own virtual inventory. There's no need for storage space. Print on demand on your Shopify store.

  • Fresh and modern user friendly interface. It's so simple to use. Try now.

  • Great 24/7 Customer Care at customercare@printifyapp.com.

  • Personal Customer Success Manager for professional clients.

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    How does Printify work?

    Upload your design on Printify, generate products and sell them on your Shopify store. When someone buys a product - only then it’s printed and shipped. You receive money. Simply print on demand.

    Printify offers a wide range of custom printed products

  • T-shirts. Wide range of world renowned brands such as American Apparel, Gildan, District, Anvil, Next Level and others. Choose the one that fits your values the best. Also - custom printed v-necks and tank-tops and so on.

  • Hoodies. Simple hoodies, zipped hoodies - printed specially for your customers.

  • Kids apparel. For different age groups.

  • Phone cases. Slim and tough. Available for iPhone, Samsung. Printed in high quality.

  • Mugs. Coffee mugs. Travel mugs. Such a great product for selling gifts.

  • Wall Art. Canvases, posters and wall decals. Custom printed wall art for people who care about beauty and design.

  • Wide range of products. Stickers, notebooks, laptop sleeves and many more. Everything printed and shipped with care.
  • How do I get started with Printify?

  • Upload your design on Printify and use our product designer to create your first Printify custom products.

  • Set up your Printify account so that everything with your custom printed product fulfilment can happen automatically.

  • Order samples from Printify to see how your products look in real life. Touch your creative printed babies.

  • Get your first sales with Printify. We take care of your orders A-Z - they are printed and shipped automatically.
  • Start now

    Powerful interface and a trustworthy partner from Shopify App Store.

    Longterm relationship with a Shopify print on demand solution, that gives you the opportunity to outsource T-shirt printing and other product fulfilment with drop shipping. The best product designing experience that you can get from Shopify App Store.

    If you have any questions, contact our Customer Care at customercare@printifyapp.com.

    Have a great day.

Printify - Print on Demand Drop Shipping reviews (242)


It was easy to use, fast to deploy design into products right away!


Great app! Super easy to use, great mockups, great customer service! Now, we'll see how things go once I get orders and see how Printify handles my customers. :-)


Super easy to use, they pay you via paypal which is very convenient, and you only pay them when you sell something. It's a wonderful app. I hope soon they add all products to be available in shopify!


By far the greatest app. The app beats Printful, Teelaunch and Print Aura.
The mere fact that you can apply your design to all their products in one shot, puts them light years ahead.
With Printful you have create each product manually. It would literally take 1 hour to apply one design to all their products. If not more.
With Printify, you save yourself that time.
But of course the Printify app has many features it must add as well.

I will say one more thing. On Printful, once the product is created, you have to edit the product in Shopify. And when dealing with Art, there's no way to edit art in bulk fashion. That means that you would have to edit each one manually.
On Printify, you can edit items/art in the app in bulk fashion and it updates it in Shopify!

But, I am still new to this company. So let's see about customer support and to which lengths they are willing to work with me.


So far so good. It is pretty annoying that the app keeps asking for a review though, even after I have reviewed it. This really needs a fix.


Fantastic app for printable clothes and wares! i've tried a dozen different apps to see who has the best system for importing large numbers of listings into shopify with just one image upload fed into multiple products all at once, and PRINTIFY wins hands down. it's not even close. i just deleted all the other product printing apps from my shopify.


Easy to use! Great product!
- AB


So far so good! Printify has allowed me to easily expand my product line and I love the ease with which orders are handled. They have always been quick to respond to any questions. One note: Don't use the auto populated item descriptions verbatim. (PS. If you want good SEO and unique content, you'll have to rewrite your item descriptions to make them stand out and not shoved to the back of Google searches.)


Customer Service is 100% As soon as you sign up, you get your own personal reps assigned to you. I love always knowing who to contact and that they will know what I'm talking about.
The ONLY reason I gave a 4/5 is because the images were printed MUCH lower than the mockup image.
Over all, amazing service, great quality print and selection of colors =]


The app is relatively easy to use, even for a newbie to Shopify. There are no hats offered, as of yet, but I can get those through another storefront if/when needed.

The integration of the app through other selling channels is good, although you might have to check your paragraphs (mine disappeared, so I had to manually hit ENTER to fix most listings - Facebook, mostly).

Overall, this app does what it is supposed to and has some really great features.

EDIT: I will not change the overall star rating because Printify customer service outweighs my one issue - Shipping. The shipping took way too long on my last order. I would blame this most on the use of DHL and their terrible shipping standards. I have dealt with them in the past and have had nothing but issues and terrible customer service.


Start using Prinify - it's for free. Payment for products only per actual sales.
Visit our website to see product prices.



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