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18. maj 2021

I tested this App out and it does everything you need it to do. my only criticism is you van track price via SKU. but i will be defanatly be using this app once i'm finished fixing my store.

Industrie Music
10 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 3. december 2021

The app overall is good and it works properly. Special mention for the customer service, that was really good. The customer service provided as much help as possible at the beginning to help you use and understand the app.

Münchner Dartcenter
9 dage bruger appen
Prisync svarede 13. december 2021

Thanks for your great review! Customer support is one of the main priorities of Prisync. Glad to hear that you've easily set up & gotten fast support! 😇

17. november 2022

Really great app at allowing us to track competitor pricing in the market quickly & easily. The tool/app itself is very easy to use and we have had brilliant customer support so far. Would recommend!

Joseph Joseph AU
7 dage bruger appen
Prisync svarede 15. december 2022

Thank you for this review. We are happy to hear that we can make your job easier when it comes to pricing. Fulfilling our customers’ needs is the priority for our team! 😊

9. august 2022

This app is great for helping us track how are competitors are priced! Customer service has been great too, very quick responses :)

Joseph Joseph UK
4 dage bruger appen
Prisync svarede 5. oktober 2022

Thank you for this great review! 🙌 Our customer support team is always ready to help. 😇

18. juni 2015

I have been looking for this app for a long long time. Must-have for e-commerce companies who need to track online prices. Also a great team with very warm onboarding and support.

Cirka 23 timer bruger appen
7. april 2021

I tried this app because the prices of our products change a lot. They provide great service and the app works really well.

Dinh Store
Cirka 19 timer bruger appen
20. oktober 2022

I downloaded their app to see if it would help. I did not have a chance to use it and I was charged $199. When I scan through the app store and find apps I want to try there should be a place to keep them until I'm able to use

Tarps America
21 dage bruger appen
Prisync svarede 20. oktober 2022

We are so sorry for your experience. As stated at the beginning of the free trial, after 14 days, you get charged our standard fees automatically - unless you uninstall the app. However, we have a 100% unconditional refund policy in your case & would be happy to help you with an immediate refund of that automatically charged $199.

24. oktober 2015

This app does not take into account coupons and discounts that subtract from the price of the item at checkout. In addition the prices that this app quoted did not match the website's prices...

Heritage House 2
3 dage bruger appen
27. juni 2015

I totally recommend this app if you need to monitor the prices of your competitors on a regular basis. The integration with Shopify is very smooth and the support we got from the team was superb.

6 minutter bruger appen
4. januar 2023

Weeks after deleting this app, they keep sending me emails with no way to unsubscribe. They refuse to remove my account or stop the emails.

Smart Gear Technology
8 minutter bruger appen
Prisync svarede 7. januar 2023

Dear Smart Gear team,

I am Burc - the CEO of Prisync.
Firstly, I am sorry for the whole experience you went through.

Our team was trying to ensure that you were not missing some key functionality you could not experience during the free trial & wanted to communicate that with you after your 14-day free trial with us. This proactive approach was rewarded many times with 5-star reviews from our merchants worldwide - sad that it worked in quite the opposite way for you.

All communication was stopped on the same day you requested that.
Your Shopify-integrated account was removed the very instant when you uninstalled our app.

We - small businesses worldwide - all need more positive energy throughout this challenging year. Therefore I am sending you all the best wishes from the Prisync team & wish you a very successful business year.

Keep in mind that we're open to dialogue whenever you permit us again - and this time, we'll make sure that you set the tone. :)