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The app has a bug in it where it doesn't give any option to import from. We need to take our customer database over to Privy so we can send email blasts.

Developer reply

October 7, 2019

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the issues you are experiencing. I forwarded this issue to the support team and they should be in touch.

I spent some time with an agent from Shopify yesterday trying to identify which app from my website makes a whole bunch of foreign requests, and we worked it out to be... Privy?!

We tested it multiple times, with the app disabled/enabled, installed/uninstalled and we can confirm that the requests only happen while Privy is installed and enabled (even if you have no active campaigns). Shopify are now reviewing this application, and I advise anyone to continue reading before installing this app.

This is incredibly disappointing to learn, I would have hoped that since Privy indulges in such dirty practices, they would at least make it completely transparent to us, the shop owners, that they sell our data collected from our customers and visitors.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of all the websites that Privy makes requests to and a brief description of the site/company. Feel free to conduct your own research about each of the websites listed below.

Privy is redirecting data from my store to all the following websites:

33Across is a technology company focused on solving the challenge of consumer attention for an era of automated advertising.

2. & & is a page-redirecting browser hijacker that can affect your Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser that you may be using

Not as a matter of course a virus, but rather it is clarified as an adware.

Eyeota is an audience technology platform that enables the intelligent use of data. We work with marketers, data owners, and research companies

5. is run by AppNexus, a company that provides technology, data and analytics to help companies buy and sell online display advertising

Read article below:
Also adware.

I was on the free plan, but I suspect that even the paid users would be in the same boat, since the app is essentially the same, and you only pay if you get more than 'x' page views.

I have since uninstalled the app and will look for alternatives. Although Privy offers good features, I'd rather not have anything at all than have to explain to my customers that their data is being passed around for advertising purposes.

German IT Academy

it just crashed while setting have to find another app in shopify app marketplace..sorry

Coastal Sea Treasures

way to expensive and algorithm is flawed. with shopify not counting pageviews I have 0 way of knowing how accurate your algorithm is that you use and have to trust you blindly. Not a smart business practice. With not even 4k visitors for this month you claim I have to be on the 50k page view plan I find it impossible to believe I reach 50k pageviews. Not to mention you cant honestly say if your algorithm counts you yourself viewing your own page thus penalizing you and using your algorithm means it counts viewers who may just enjoy looking at your products and never intending to buy thus penalizing you again . A very flawed system with so many competitor apps out there charging far less and working just as well and better. Customer service couldn't provide proof of pageviews when I brought up this concern and just linked articles about how they count it which doesnt help prove that you're an honest company. They did offer a 30% discount for 3 months which still makes the app too expensive for the traffic I truly get and number of sales I get. I will be contacting shopify to see if they can provide any proof of pageviews to compare it to your data you claim to have.


I started using Privy at around the point they changed their pricing scheme, so I was able to view their previous pricing model and the newest model.

I think their core service of popups is pretty good. But I was disappointed to find that 2 completely separate stores I run, that are not related to each other, were merged together for the monthly views. So I am at the point where the Privy app is disabled on both stores unless I pay their fees. So if one store has lots of views, but another doesn't have much at all, both stores Privy popups won't work.

I have already done a live call with one of their staff where they hoped to show me the additional value Privy offers if I were to use their subscription service. But I do not think that minor features like more audience targeting is what I need. And I don't think it's worth paying $20-40+ monthly subscriptions for.

Will be looking for other popup services in the meantime and transitioning away from Privy. I'd come back if they changed their pricing model back to what it was before.

Developer reply

September 27, 2019

Thank you for the feedback, and I'm sorry you were disappointed by our recent price change. We believe our new pricing puts us more in line with the needs of the market and the majority of our customers who are getting more features for a better value. If you're an existing customer and your price was negatively impacted by this change, we'd be happy to work with you! Just shoot us an email at and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

W Ginseng Farm

I was looking for an alternative to Mailchimp for sending mass newsletters. And I spent two days trying to send the first campaign with Privy Newsletters. A total nightmare! 1- Unable to upload photos to its newsletters template, the workaround would be copy&paste the link of the photo to it; 2- Test email won't work; 3- When sending emails got this error massage "Segment cannot be empty. Please adjust your filters." even when using send to All Contacts... I haven't tried others functions yet but this buggy app I have no confidence at all!


Constantly asks for a review from the minute the app is installed. How can anyone possibly review an app after 30 seconds? Privy; give your customer a bit of time before you ask for this information! Also, the 15 days do not allow you to test the Newsletter function unless you book a phone appointment with them! Honestly? Deleted!

Developer reply

September 19, 2019

Thanks for your review! I'm sorry that you were unhappy with your experience. Anything we can help with to raise your rating and help you get going? Please feel free to reach out at


cant review haven't used it yet. grehtrhrhjnyjntjuykyukhtrwhtrjytwjnytjytjytejmytejmytekjytekytekytek

Developer reply

September 17, 2019

Totally understand if it’s too early to give an accurate review. As you get started, feel free to reach out to us for help at, check out our help docs at, or sign up for a live training at


FAKE.............. Provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy about using this app. Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.

Developer reply

September 17, 2019

Thanks for the review. Let us know if we can be of any help at

Cowboys and Astronauts

11/11/19 Updated: Cancelled today...they still have not fixed the de-duplication issue. Began using Klaviyo...way more full featured and cheaper too! Bye, Privy!


10/10/19 Reply to Developer Comment: I would have left this alone but it is not cool to publicly tell a complete lie and say you don't have to MANUALLY de-duplicate your absolutely do. As of today (Oct. 10 2019) this is what your Support team (Andy) had to say about the fact that your system doesn't automatically deduplicate emails that have different casing ( vs.

"I checked internally and we are actively working on this now. The only update I can provide is: We're in a difficult situation where we need to determine how to make this change for all existing contacts across all business accounts. if there are duplicates how to fix them.
- What if one of them is unsubscribed and the other is mailable?
- How will this handle GDPR compliance in the context of duplicate customers for different businesses, or archived businesses?
- Do we default to unsubscribing these?

There's a lot of complications that play into this issue, im happy to provide you with an update when this have some movement on it"

But don't take my word for it...before you use this product test if it allows emails with different casing to be created. You will see that Privy is not ready for prime time when it comes to email marketing.


Original Review: It's really too bad that I can't give the a higher rating as I'd love to. I really like the app and the customer service and easy integration. BUT...they have one giant Achilles Heel. Their system allows for the same email address with different title cases to create duplicate records (e.g., and will create SEPARATE contacts) so you end up sending multiples to people all the time. You have to deduplicate your lists MANUALLY! The worst part is that they have known about this issue for months and have still not fixed it. De-duplication is the most fundamental feature of any email marketing's staggering to me that they have let this go on for so long with no fix and have not even communicated the issue to their customers. Ask them about it before you sign up!

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the issues you're experiencing. You shouldn't have to de-duplicate your list manually. We do have this capability in the product. Do you mind emailing us at so we can look into this for you?