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24. oktober 2016

Great App - Look forward to seeing the results

Kodi Tv Stick
Mere end et år bruger appen
23. september 2017

Good for what it offers, however I do not feel like we should have to pay for the service considering we already pay for shopify and mailchimp, while using the mailchimp service, its like paying twice for the same service.

Hop Head Heroes
7 måneder bruger appen
29. marts 2017

really good app, it was what i was looking for

First Responders Wear
18 dage bruger appen
7. april 2018

Thank you so much this definitely helped my store out =]

18 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 9. juli 2019

5-Stars when it was free. Now, as others have indicated, it's REALLY expensive per month based on our page views. We're off to find another more reasonable option.

Homeseer Technologies
Mere end et år bruger appen
7. oktober 2016

So easy to use, set up took minutes and we were collecting emails. Highly recommend this easy to use add-on.

Mere end et år bruger appen
23. juni 2017

I was like this service. It will help so much my business,

Carioca Shopping
18 dage bruger appen
20. maj 2019

I have only used for less than a week, but I have gotten some signups already. I think personally the pop up to sign up for newsletter works well. When business picks up I would pay for additional features, as now it is free with limited options

Mere end et år bruger appen
Privy Operations svarede 21. maj 2019

Great to hear, thanks! If you want to get a demo of the paid features, you can give us a shout at and one of our reps will be happy to show you what we can do once your business picks up again. Or, whenever you're ready. Have a great day!

Redigeret 15. oktober 2018

I was advised to use this Privy app as a free automated email newsletter sign up by my website design company...

Ummmm am I missing something?

But to do this you have to pay for it?
As it looks like I do and it pushes coupon codes that I don't want

If I'm like you and you're fairly new at setting up your 1st Shopify website, dealing with AliExpress and others and start dealing with Google Adwords, Analytics, Merchant Centre. Recoding your website, dealing with Oberlo's constant glitches Please Please Privy make your app totally NUI for all of us that are brain fried! Blankly staring at our computer screens....

If only I could code properly I could easily design you an NUI logistical very quick set up process that instantly works, that is beautifully aesthetic, fluid and so simple a 5-year-old could do it and as our businesses grow and we obtain the finances we all would choose a higher plan of yours

My House Of Gadgets
Mere end et år bruger appen
15. april 2018

So good app ! easy to use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 dage bruger appen