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9. Mai 2024

very reliable and helpful.

Vereinigtes Königreich
6 monate mit der App
22. April 2024

Privy have good customer service.

Vereinigte Staaten
25 tage mit der App
21. Februar 2024

Henry @ Privy is exceptional and is extremely supportive. I've experienced a few instances where I ran into a roadblock during our company's migration from our legacy platform to Shopify, to which Henry helped solved in the nick of time. The service itself is easy to implement and data tracking is easy pull.

On, Inc
Vereinigte Staaten
4 monate mit der App
19. März 2024

Beginning my experience with Privy presented some initial challenges. Additionally, the quality of the live chat support left much to be desired, costing me an excessive amount of time in search of answers. That said, the appointment of Henry as my dedicated specialist marked a significant turning point. With his extensive expertise, Henry contributed greatly to a better user experience. The application operates reliably overall but I believe there is considerable scope for enhancement.

13 Moons
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Privy Operations hat geantwortet 21. März 2024

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Privy. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us as we continuously strive to improve our services.

We have reviewed the chat conversation you had with Privy support and agree that there is additional work we can do with this agent to provide better clarity and timely support for our merchants.

28. Juni 2024

The Privy customer support is outstanding. My first time experience using Privy Live Chat was handled in a professional, easy, clear and quick response manner. I highly recommend Privy.

Black Light Apparel
Vereinigte Staaten
31 minuten mit der App
9. März 2024

Carley is the absolutely BEST Privy support manager I ever worked with. She is on top of her game and is willing to get in the "weeds" to solve problems. She is truly an asset to Privy.

Delilah Home
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
2. Februar 2024

My experience is ALWAYS AMAZING especially with Jose :) He is always very helpful and and more than eager to assist me in my problem solving! Keep up the great work!

Red Rouge LLC
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
18. März 2024

Honestly the best customer support I have received in a long time. Jose was very attentive and quick to solve my problems.

Sielo Beauty
Vereinigte Staaten
4 tage mit der App
5. Januar 2024

Henry from Privy has been phenomenal when it comes to optimising my privy account. I wasn't using a lot of the options available until our first call and Boom! things started to go up from there. There is a lot you can do with Privy and it has some great features that will help you optimise your customer contact points while being non-intrusive.

Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
26. April 2024

Efficient customer service. Jose was able to quickly resolve my issue as a new user.

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