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30. Oktober 2023

I give two stars instead of one because their onboarding was fantastic. Everything else beyond that sucks. You do not get an account manager past that first onboarding meeting. You are just left on your own to figure it out. Live chat my ass. They take a long time to email you back and when they do they are not helpful. So sad. Waste of money.

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20. Oktober 2023

I am VERY disappointed in Shopify. They got too big and discontinued their phone service. This shows they do NOT care at all about their customer, but about MONEY! Very sad. They have also moved their chat service overseas. When available, is not very helpful. Before this change, I would have given it 5 stars, Their phone service made all the difference. If you are looking to start a website, I would keep looking.

Webb Skin
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Bearbeitet am 9. Mai 2023

APP is NOT WORKING!! It won't even let me install it! I get an error that says that page has been ghosted!!! I'm considering changing. I thought the charge was 15.00 a month, they've been charging me $30.00 a month for a year! Plus, I just tried to open the app from my shopify store and it's not working. I'm going to use a different email platform. This is no longer working for me.

The Nichole Collection
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18. April 2023

Started with $15 monthly cost and ended in $30 with no notification of changes. I figure it out when reviewing the bank statements.

D' Goddess Aisle
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29. August 2019

I believe my account has been hacked. I am getting many signups that are not requesting them... this is very disturbing that there has not been anything done to fix the issue. I would appreciate if you would take a look to address this issue.

Beyond Broth
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Privy Operations hat geantwortet 30. August 2019

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the issues you are experiencing. I forwarded this issue to the support team and they should be in touch.

11. September 2017

its a little hard to type in the sections and a few things I have saved, aren't saved on the actual site its something totally different.

Love Sick Threads
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30. Juni 2017

Sometimes it doesn't go live or it'll only work on a mobile device and not a desktop.

The Blue Lotus Shop
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11. April 2018

The app kept interrupting me every time I logged in asking me to review it, so here you go.

Home Bar Classics
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27. November 2018

Privy does what it says it will do, but the customer service is weak. Not impressed with the support at all, have had a couple issues come up none of which have been resolved by the Privy team. They basically give me a common sense reply to do something I've already tried. Privy is essentially one of the best pop up options until something better comes along. Can't stand the fact that I can't integrate my own sending domain...feature doesn't work at all.

Havens Metal
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Bearbeitet am 24. August 2019

customer service is by chat only which is very inconvenient and very time consuming. privy should offer at least an online screen sharing service such as or the likes for troubleshooting technical issues. you don't even have the option to copy and paste a screenshot via the chat sessions- you have to download a screenshot you want to send them, then upload it as an attachment- what a waste of time!! it's very frustrating.

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