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16. Juni 2017

There is often bugs with banners disappearing. Would not recommend

Ouray Skateboards
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 25. April 2019

Great for initial setting up of pop-ups on page and adding customers to email list, very difficult to arrange newsletter emails, for me it would not send any to any contacts, not even test emails to myself.

Pace of Ace
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Privy Operations hat geantwortet 25. April 2019

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with our newsletters. If you send an email to they’ll be able to help you as soon as they are back online in the morning.

16. August 2019

Makes you review app before use. Makes you review app before use. Makes you review app before use. Makes you review app before use.
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2. März 2017

i can't personalize the text of the banner...

Petit Turban Barcelona
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3. Oktober 2021

I mean, it was reasonable easy to setup & find our way around it... But it never actually sent any abandoned cart emails, which meant we had to stop using it & cancel our account. Was pretty disappointing tbh.

Home Office Space NZ
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8. September 2019

customization and sync is not entirely glitch free. It seems I cant easily turn it on or off and that should be easier

The Sleepcollective
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6. Januar 2018

Haven't really used it. Exploring options now.

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Bearbeitet am 15. Oktober 2018

I was advised to use this Privy app as a free automated email newsletter sign up by my website design company...

Ummmm am I missing something?

But to do this you have to pay for it?
As it looks like I do and it pushes coupon codes that I don't want

If I'm like you and you're fairly new at setting up your 1st Shopify website, dealing with AliExpress and others and start dealing with Google Adwords, Analytics, Merchant Centre. Recoding your website, dealing with Oberlo's constant glitches Please Please Privy make your app totally NUI for all of us that are brain fried! Blankly staring at our computer screens....

If only I could code properly I could easily design you an NUI logistical very quick set up process that instantly works, that is beautifully aesthetic, fluid and so simple a 5-year-old could do it and as our businesses grow and we obtain the finances we all would choose a higher plan of yours

My House Of Gadgets
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6. August 2019

Switched over from MailChimp to get better pricing on newsletter feature. The template was confusing to adust to. The columns and rows threw me off. I can't adjust the size of my photos, and it doesn't save them so I have to upload them every time. I'm certain these are most likely available options, but the point is, I'm a brand new user and I can't easily figure it out. In addition, after I finally figured out how to import contacts from Mailchimp, the new contacts had to get "approved" and that took several hours which I was completely unaware of. So when I sent out a very import email about a new collection release, only half my subscribers actually got the email. Very. frustrating. Also had problems figuring out how to verify my domain name. So my email went out looking very unprofessional like it was from a marketing team - which my customers don't want to see. The whole conversion has been a huge headache and very stressful, BUT customer service is excellent. They walked me through everything and I didn't have to wait more than a couple minutes for them to respond. The problem is that I've had to contact them for support over 5 times in the last 2 days. I'll probably reevaluate whether or not I'll stick when Privy once I reach the next tier of subscribers. For now, it's not worth going through all this work just to leave immediately.

MAGNUS Clothing Co.
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Privy Operations hat geantwortet 6. August 2019

Thanks for the review, and I'm sorry about the issues you're experiencing. We're releasing some new updates to our import process later this week, which should make uploading contacts easier going forward. If you have any other product feedback for us, please don't hesitate to reach out at

Bearbeitet am 9. Mai 2023

APP is NOT WORKING!! It won't even let me install it! I get an error that says that page has been ghosted!!! I'm considering changing. I thought the charge was 15.00 a month, they've been charging me $30.00 a month for a year! Plus, I just tried to open the app from my shopify store and it's not working. I'm going to use a different email platform. This is no longer working for me.

The Nichole Collection
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