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28 mars 2023

I've been using Privy for almost a year and I am so frustrated by the app and their customer service. When I went to cancel I lost access to my account immediately even though I paid for the month. They said this information is clearly stated in their help articles when really it should be stated when you go to cancel your account And the right thing to do would be to prorate a refund depending on when the customer cancels...
In terms of the capability of the app its 100% not worth the price. There are so many bugs and the capabilities are lacking. For $200/month I'd rather pay for Klaviyo to have access to better features and better customer service. Honestly, I would never use Privy again nor would I recommend other businesses use it.

28 mars 2023

They sent an email out saying there would be a SMALL price increase, but did not state the amount. They said you would see the increase on your next bill, of which it was doubled.

Menace Clothing Company
15 februari 2023

terrible, opt out and they still sending me emails without the options for unsubscribe. Not recommended use Klaviyo (I tried this hoping to have something special, just worst, designed to attract beginners who don't know other apps)

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9 februari 2023

I have been a customer for almost a year. Today we got word that the basic plan is doubling from $15 a month to $30. Like many small businesses this is not an easy time. I am basically being asked to pay double for no extra features. So much for any customer loyalty.

8 Cool Cats Jewelry Shop
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5 februari 2023

Terrible! Spent 2 hrs building a pop up only to have to start all over because of bugs in their system. Images can't be removed or changed because the corner radius slider overlaps the buttons. Not mobile friendly so don't expect to work on the go unless you carry a computer everywhere you go. How they got so many 5 star reviews blows my mind! Worst app ever. Stay far away from them.

Bold Soaps
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 10 dagar
3 februari 2023

The process to add legitimate emails to your email list is too time consuming and unnecessarily complicated. Once they have signed you on, support disappears. They also...send emails offering to help your business, but when you reach out, these emails has always ended up a waste of time for me.

BeeKeeper Parade
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14 december 2022

Used them once previously and due to a technical error on their side missed out on what I believe would've been a lot of sales. Lots of other services provide what they do, so I will be going elsewhere.

Sneaker Rotation
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12 december 2022

BEWARE! They stole my money for over 12 months.
I cancelled our account via my Privy account but because the app was still installed on Shopify they continued to take money out of our account and will not refund even though they can see we cancelled. USE KLAYVIO INSTEAD!!!

Bitesoft Co.
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Privy Operations svarade 14 december 2022

Hi there,

I am happy to clarify here; since our app was not removed from your Shopify store, the charges did continue. It is important to cancel as soon as our app no longer meets your needs.

Regarding a refund, the charges in question fall outside our refund policy which can be found here:

If you have any further questions, you can email and refer to ticket #195223.

– Best

7 november 2022

DO NOT USE PRIVY! Absolutely horrible to deal with. Also, in this industry, who who works 9-5 Mon - Friday?? We need assistance on the weekends and after hours. but that aside, I have never dealt with customer service so unprofessional. Use anyone else. We used Privy for about 5 years gathering up over 4,000 verified contacts and then we rebranded our company. EXACT same products, EXACT same containers but a different look and our customers were ALL AWARE of the change but everything was still the same, we just didn't like the old name or the old owner (long story). When we imported the contacts into our new account, Privy wouldn't let us email them. I explained everything to them and that we had actually used PRIVY to acquire these contacts legitimately. They didn't care. They said "Too bad." All those years working to build an email list all for nothing. DO NOT USE PRIVY.

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Privy Operations svarade 7 november 2022

Hi there,

We have reviewed the email where you spoke to our Billing and Compliance teams; I apologize if anything was not clear and I am happy to break down below what occurred:

•  Due to the origin of the list in question, our Compliance team was not able to approve these contacts.
• Privy, or any email marketing provider, can only accept the contacts who opted in to receive the emails for one business. Merchants are not able to have merchant's who opted in for one business be moved over to another business.
• This aligns with the laws and regulations, CAN-SPAM and CASL, put into place to protect the recipients.
• General Support availability varies by channel; we do offer support during the weekends. As mentioned by our Compliance manager, the weekend team will do its best to answer all of your questions on the weekends, however, some emails may require follow ups when we are more staffed during the week.
• Lastly, our teams replied to all email communications with the upmost respect and empathy for the situation at hand.

Should you have any further questions, you can email support directly ( or reply here to this review. Should you email in, please refer to ticket number 190325. Our Billing team has asked Shopify to remove the $45 fee you were charged as well. We wish your businesses the best of luck!

30 juli 2022

Beware: Like all other reviews I got caught in Privy's scam, they initially quote you $45 a month and then months later they start charging you $120 more a month, which they tell you that since I have gotten more emails I am charged because of it, I used it for one pop up and one abandoned cart email campaign, which neither helped to gather more emails. This app left a bad taste in my mouth on how these apps can change their amount of payment without letting you know. $165 a month for an app is not worth it, especially Privy is not worth it. Alas, I do see there is a pattern of this behavior in the reviews.
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Privy Operations svarade 1 augusti 2022

Hi there,

Our billing team has checked and see that the increase in price came from the 3 imports of contacts made to your account. As your number of mailable contacts increases, so does the price.

You can also see our pricing here:

If any further help is needed, please email and please reference ticket number #178712.