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pretty cool, but wish I could send out personal emails or get to select certain contacts for certain emails.

GenZ Tailoreds

Great app. Terrible pricing. Klaviyo really needs to fix their pop-up builder as using Privy just for pop-ups is not economical. Privy should really offer a non-email plan for customers who just want to collect.


Money heist alert!!
Be super aware before you activate the paid plan. Privy has the most ridiculous policy that says, removing the app does not automatically stop the billing. We tried the app and uninstalled it the same month, the billing keeps rolling. Privy support will not refund all the extra charges, although they can clearly see that we didn’t take advantage of the app at all after removing the app, Yes, we are responsible for not carefully reading the policy but Privy can easily correct this by verifying and refunding full payment. Their policy doesn't make sense at all and it almost sounds like a trap. UPDATE from 1 star to 3 star: After seeing the initial review, Privy's billing team verified our last login to the app is actually same as we claimed(last year), they refunded all the remaining amount. The whole experience can be a lot better should their support team make the proper refund in the first place. I wish Privy will consider changing the "removing app doesn't auto remove billing" policy as that is still a big trap to any Shopify store owner. Or at least alert the owners with email or something after the app removal.

Privy Operations 已回覆 2021年6月7日

Thank you for sharing this feedback. As you mentioned, we do have this noted in our policy, but we do understand your frustration and would love to work with you to turn this experience around. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.


Somewhat easy to use. Like the features to collect emails with a nice and simple design. A good option for beginners.

Ailu Swim

The UX of this app is quite poor - it is really not that easy to navigate or create campaigns from scratch with no prior knowledge. I am committed to spending the time to learn as it seems like its features are fantastic and once you learn it then it will be very useful but my patience is wearing thin with it's ease to use.

The Vegan Company UK

Having some issues with branding our emails. When the app sends email confirmations and newsletters they come with the Privy brand. I believe this is not good for any business and I am surprised no one else has complained . We have been chatting to support for almost 2 days now and still not clear answer. Not very happy with this, plus a bit expensive for the service.


I have been using this app for 3 years for a single pop up. have about 5k a month page views, and now they have put a limit on pageviews and are charging $20 a month. Time to find a new app, nothing special that any email platform cant do.

Sole Trees

Although the interface is a bit cumbersome, the technical aspects work like they're supposed to. It's the design side that is a disaster. Whether it's pop ups or emails, the options are very limited and feel dated. So far the technical support response has been to tell me that the reason images I try to upload appear blurry is because f my computer's HD/Retina screen...


I want to use it, but i want to pay thru my shopify shop or thru paypal. but they dont have those option, only have the credit card option. it sucks. why my other apps didnot make me to use credit card only. so said cant use it


Just started using this app today. I really like the features it offers such as adding pop-up windows for email marketing and discounts. However, when I customize my discounts, I cannot see my website while I am working on my desktop laptop. on the left-hand-side I should be able to see my website as I customize the features but unfortunately, I cannot see anything at all.

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