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Privy ‑ Exit Pop Ups & Email

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Pop Ups w/Exit intent, Email Marketing, Abandonment & Wheels

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Sweet Susie's Embroidery

This is my experience with this company. I met with a sales representative online to make sure that I this company was what I needed. I am very small and just launched my website to collect emails. We discussed the various plans and I was assured that Privy would meet my needs so I signed up for their email plan. The next day after I signed up, the company had an 'internal event' so there was no support and they do not have support on the weekends. I went ahead and followed online tutorials and documentation and set up much of what i needed. Today when I call about adding the Facebook Pixel I find out that in order to do this I have to also have another Privy plan. I have just wasted many hours of work because at this point in time I do not need another Privy plan that I am no where near needing. This was an awful experience as my time is the most valuable asset I have and I just wasted alot of it with this company. Privy GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! Your sales rep should have explained what I needed ahead of time and there should be something explaining all the requirements prior to someone purchasing the email plan. And as a side note, someone should not have to go three days without any support.

Royals Watches

Paid for the monthly subscription but am having issues, emailed them 3 times and they never got back to me after 5 days.

Developer reply

July 29, 2019

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the issues you are experiencing. I forwarded this issue to the support team and they should be in touch.

Star Dream Boutique

Wouldnt allow me to create email newsletters. Also the learn more button didnt even work so I'm very confused


I’m not recommended this app for anyone, they never help me recovery any abandonment cart. They charged $10 after 3days installation, I have only 5 sign in and 50 views. When the trial end they charge me another $20 dollar, and they don’t help me get any email, they just get my money. I don’t even choose the plan yet, they don’t give me any free plan. When I emailed them about that, they just ask me to cancel it. If you want your business to growth check a other option.

Evelyn’s Room Creations

It’s really a great email pop up. Looks great and works. So why rate it so low? Because although it says there is a free plan and it goes by your page views that isn’t the case. It’s not what you think. They have their own page view counter which they use to determine your rate. I had according to them 22,000 + views. WOW! I wish. Right now it’s just me testing things and as much as I check I’m not looking that much. My Shopify views and google views show 32 visitors this week. Vast difference. Even if I was going to upgrade based on their false data the monthly price is just too much for a pop up especially being held hostage by their own counter. I am looking for something else. I would suggest you do the same unless scam counters are your “thing”.

Floridas Dying Records

This product is complete garbage especially when one takes price into consideration. I mainly was looking for a product to send out newsletters and privy is near useless if that is what you are looking for. You can't manually add emails to your email list. You can't separate your clients into separate mailing lists, there is no way of resizing or adjusting images in your emails. Add to that I've currently been waiting 2 1/2 hours for my last marketing email to send and that customer service didn't seem too bothered by that and you have a pretty nice idea of what using privy is like. I can't believe they are attempting to charge for a product which is not yet fully developed.

Developer reply

July 29, 2019

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the issues you are experiencing. I forwarded this issue to the support team and they should be in touch.

Boomerang Tool Company

They charge by page view, so if you have a large office like ours and each employee visiting our site multiple times a day that adds up fast. If each of our employees visit our site twice a day (which is low) 25% of the monthly pageviews we're paying for would be our own employees. It would be a simple fix to exclude an IP address from pageviews.

Developer reply

July 19, 2019

Thank you for the feedback, and I'm sorry you were disappointed by our recent price change. We believe our new pricing puts us more in line with the needs of the market and the majority of our customers who are getting more features for a better value. If you're an existing customer and your price was negatively impacted by this change, we'd be happy to work with you! Just shoot us an email at and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

Pure CBD Oil Ireland

once you get some traffic they will lie about your pageviews and charge you mad money. I only wanted exit intent pop up and was charged 35usd per month, other apps are much cheaper. Never again.

Developer reply

July 16, 2019

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the issues you are experiencing. I forwarded this issue to the support team and they should be in touch.


It is not mobile friendly at all. So annoying !! Hard to navigate around as pop ups come over the buttons your trying to select


The new pricing of this App is ridiculous considering I don't use it for email campaigns. Going from a FREE app to being $70 a month based on PAGE VIEWS alone?! Ridiculous. Uninstalling and finding a different App. Now they'll get new customers who will pay the outlandish fees because of the high ratings from customers who used the App when it was free. Really poor, extortionist practices. I am so unimpressed. I was willing to go to a paid plan, thinking it would be 5, maybe 10 dollars a month. Nope. Absolutely not worth the 70-200% markup they're now charging customers.