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Increase sales

Get your products to sell by having unique handwritten product descriptions that are SEO friendly and makes your products stand out.

save time

Detailed descriptions. Offload your content writing task to us,. we deliver quality descriptions in 24 hour

save money

we charge you less than your traditional copywriter.

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About Prodesc Product Descriptions.

Well-written product description has the power to influence your customers to buy your products, Prodesc injects creativity and product benefits into your descriptions.

Hustling hard, generating traffic but struggling to get a positive return on your ad spend? You’ve got great products, a smart design. Your catchy Facebook ads are drawing hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your store per day. But your products are still not flying off their digital shelves.

So, what's missing?

Unique product descriptions are the secret to converting expensive traffic into profitable sales.

A well-crafted description is your product’s very own professional sales rep. It knows how to use your product’s every feature and benefit to inspire action and drive sales.

And just like a bad sales rep, a poor product description is a costly liability.

Picture this, you walk into a store to buy a product. You’re undecided, you have questions and doubts. But the sales rep doesn't have the information or selling skills to reassure you. So, what do you do? Yep, that’s right, you walk out empty-handed.

Without high-converting descriptions, you’re pouring money into a store with escalating bounce rates and shrinking profits.

How we help you to succeed faster?

You no longer need to waste time, money and energy researching killer copywriting formulas, vetting copywriters or rewriting suppliers' descriptions that not even Google bots like.

In just two clicks, using industry-proven copywriting formulas, our 500+ network of writers deliver human-written, unique high-converting product descriptions within 24 hours.

App features:

High-converting and SEO optimized descriptions

We know how to persuade for immediate sale. Using easy-to-scan formulas we demonstrate how the irresistible and unique features of your product make visitors’ lives better.

Fast delivery

With our network of 500+ copywriters, any number of totally unique, tailored descriptions can be delivered within 24 hours.

Makes you stand out from the competition

All product descriptions are edited by native English writers and are error-free.


No Excel files or clumsy CSVs. No copy-pasting. Simply select products. Leave your order details. Click go! Once satisfied, with the click of a button, product descriptions are instantly updated.

Unlimited revisions

Get zero risk assurance with free unlimited revisions until we perfectly capture the unique product image you want to create in your store visitors' minds.

Other features

  • Launch your store faster as we take care of the content writing.
  • Each description is unique and handwritten based on your product title, images and tags.
  • Perfect for dropshippers or other stores adding many products in bulk

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$2.4 per 0 - 39 product descriptions, $1.9 per 40 - 99 descriptions, $1.25 per > 100 descriptions

2.3 con 5 estrellas

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Parrot Addict

If I could give this app a negative number, I would do so. After MORE than two weeks, still not a single reply to: 2 questions via the Get Support button AND I put in an order for 2 products for them to do their thing and still NOTHING from them. I've got Shopify support involved trying to get me my money back. I'll be recommending to Shopify that they get rid of them.


The descriptions I ordered were not anywhere close to "Killer" or even unique. Someone just went in a re-wrote/re-ordered the description that was already there. Nothing special and certainly not even close to how they describe how they do descriptions. I got an email after and commented on my displeasure and they thanked me for the feedback, but nothing else...they didn't even attempt to rewrite the descriptions....I wouldn't use them again. Money down the drain.

Respuesta del desarrollador

6 de agosto de 2020


Thank you for your feedback. We looked up your case and it is very unfortunate. We realized that your descriptions were images and those tend to be hard for SEO to capture. We also noted that our support team asked whether they should be redone and you said "I was hoping for more human style descriptions. More conversational I guess. They are not bad, just don't elicit any emotional reactions...." We are sorry we did not meet your expectations.

Team Prodesc

Excellent App and Excellent Service. After I ordered they were prompt and delivered sooner than I expected. Did whatever they promised.

Respuesta del desarrollador

18 de junio de 2020

Hi There,

Thank You so much for your feedback.

We are glad that you liked our application and product descriptions. We are constantly improving our description and writing services, to help customers rank and generate more revenue.

- Prodesc Team