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1 mei 2020

I tried a couple of these and the support these guys gave was the best. They also helped me put the widget on custom product pages and custom collections pages which is HUGE. I think there are some improvements to be made in the general ui/ux area but the app is pretty solid so 4/5!

Edgecomb Potters
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14 april 2020

Excellent support and works pretty well. There are a few ways it could be improved but I am sure that the developers are working on this. Thanks everyone for creating a great product

Cyprinus Carp Fishing Technology
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10 februari 2020

The support team is great! It is not all evident; how to use the app but they are patient and effective, helping out it any way they can to match your needs.
Thank you!

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Webkul Software Pvt Ltd heeft geantwoord 26 maart 2020

Hi, Thank you for the review.
We do provide a thorough user guide and online sessions to help you install and understand the app. You can use them if you have more questions and queries.

19 december 2017

Excellent concept for an auction on a website. Integrated into our website. They were very helpful with this integration. But it had a lot of tweaking after the fact to make things right.

Very customizable with email alerts and various customizations

Can not do bulk products or anything in bulk. Every product that is place for bid have to be done one by one.

We are a live fish store and we had some WYSIWYG items on our page and had to make the product for each item (which is the normal process), but then after the product was made... we had to go in the product auction app and set the configuration for each production one by one.

*Would be nice to be able to select a batch of productions from your store and use a standard auction template.... and post all the products to auction with a few clicks instead of doing each product one by one.

Other than that it is a good app to download.. just need tweaking by the support team to fix compatibility issues with your website.

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14 juli 2017

This is the only auction option on Shopify, so keep that in mind. The app itself works well enough, but it's just a pain to set up. The instructions are written by people who have English as a second language, so they are very confusing to follow.

Honestly, you're better off getting the app and just asking Support to integrate it. It is much faster than trying to follow the instructions, getting stuck, then needing to contact them anyway.

Support is very responsive. The only issue is their emails are often like the instructions, often being difficult to understand. It can take quite a bit of back-and-forth to resolve something, but it does get done.

The 7 day trial becomes quite ridiculous, because in our case, we were still having conversations with Support about setting up the app when our first $30 charge appeared.

The app is missing a few basic features you'd expect from an auction app - like one-click restart for items that didn't sell (you need to create a whole new listing) - but again, if you're patient with Support it'll work.

We haven't tried the proxy or automatic bidding, so can't comment on that.

Fairways Fund
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18 mei 2017

4 starts because it has worked but not for everyone. Little wonky but seems like best option available on shopify app store.

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