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Discover topics. Generate text. Track changes.

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Keyword Suggestions

Real SEO keyword suggestions with search volume and difficulty.

Integrates with Google

Identify keywords you already rank for and prioritize popular pages.

SEO Checklist

Simple checklist for each product to make optimizing easy.

Om Stackbear ‑ SEO Keywords

Stackbear connects your Shopify, Google Analytics and Search console data to provide insights into the topics and pages driving the most search traffic.

All changes are then tracked so you can see exactly what worked automatically. Quit the SEO guesswork. Start creating content that matches your audiences search terms.

Keyword Suggestions

Easily discover hundreds of relevant keyword suggestions with real search volume. Connect with Google Search Console to see the keywords you rank for. Including these will help your products rank higher in Google and get more sales.

Natural Language Generation

Use AI to quickly generate draft text to add to product descriptions, blog posts and collections. Increasing the amount of relevant content on your pages is a sure fire way to improve search traffic.

SEO Checklist

Find issues quickly. Our simple Google SEO checklist makes it easy to ensure you have included the focus keyword in your title and product description. Update all of your products to maximize search visibility and rank higher.

Filter products

Search and filter to find products that need attention using our smart marketing optimization score. We use real search, traffic and purchase data to highlight the best opportunities.

Set Focus Keywords

After installing the plug in you can start setting focus keywords to better manage your SEO efforts. Track when new focus keywords and changes were made with our handy history feature.

Kan integreres med

  • Google Analytics,
  • Search Console





5.0 af 5 stjerner

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the jewellery house

This app is great it helped a lot to fix my SEO results and also I checked my SEO rank and it gets much better.

I can't imagine not using this app for any reason. It is very important as oberlo.

Really appreciate what you did and I hope that you will keep it free whatever happens.

Thank you again.


This app is great and it gives me everything I needed for on-page optimization. However, there is more room for improvement while keeping an eye on competitors and then it will be KABOOOOOM!

At Terminal

Just installed it on my website easy to set up. It is really helping in creating new context SEO.Great Job!

Udviklerens svar

16. august 2020

Thanks for your review!