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Let your customers build their own customized products.

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Luv My Leash

If you go to Bold Commerce website , there is a video on how this app works . Funny thing, on their website,it says you get a 30 day free trial, on Shopify, once you get ready to download, it’s a 15 day free trial. Why is Bold Commerce taking advantage of Shopify’s customers?

Developer reply

January 30, 2020

Hello there. I just wanted to thank you for leaving a review and making us aware of this discrepancy. It's certainly not our intention to mislead people, and we sincerely apologize for this.

We have made a recent change to our app trial lengths across the board and it seems that not all of our marketing materials were updated to reflect this. One of our experts, Nick, has reached out to you and is happy to help you if you decide you'd like to give the app another try.

Please don't hesitate to let us know your decision.


After I changed All me store set up include hours for coding and shopify set up, I found out whats going on. It is a tricky app and not worth the price! I do not know how I get all my original setting back.


I haven't fully tested the app yet, however, their customer service is amazing. I was stuck on some step and they quickly gave me support. Daniel who helped me was very good.

Developer reply

November 13, 2019

Hello there! Thanks so much for the review; we're so glad to hear that Danial was able to assist you with where you were stuck.

We look forward to seeing what you do with Product Builder, and are ready & available to help with anything you might need with it; don't hesitate to reach out again!

Bulging Gift Baskets Vancouver

It's a really exciting and functional app for a custom product for a few options - really amazing if you have images for all the combinations of your product (so the preview updates as your customers customize the item). I wasn't able to reduce the image size on all my images to get my products into the app (it doesn't import product images you upload them at 40x40px).

Developer reply

October 10, 2019

Hey there! Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us a review of Product Builder. We're really glad to hear that you like it!

We're sorry you have been unable to reduce your image size due to the requirements being a lot larger than 40x40px (325x325px), and unfortunately we are no longer doing development on our Builder app since we've shifted focus to Product Options.

If there's anything else we can help you with, however, please don't hesitate to let us know! By the way, I was checking out your gift baskets and have to say that the chocolate ones look absolutely delectable!

Airsoft Anonymous Ltd

We haven't launched yet but will do so in the next few weeks, we are a brand new retailer.

I'm working on producing an industry first CUSTOMISED AIRSOFT GUN BUILDER! There is a lot of excitement regarding this, as players anticipate seeing a tool similar to what they'd have on a computer game to 'pimp' their gun! Airsoft guns are really life like and we offer services to fully upgrade them, add on scopes, rails, different boxes etc, so the builder product is perfect for this. When our first stock arrives I'll be rushing to get pictures taken of guns and add ons, if we can eventually display the steps/options as 3D images as people upgrade, we will blow their minds.

I'm not sure at this stage if I need to add a product builder for each gun we offer, I think that will be the case (was hoping to save a lot of work by just having 1 builder!). I will work it out as we get all of the products finalised on the system and see how everything works together.

All of our competitors currently use drop down boxes for upgrades, which we looked at initially with Bold Product Options..... but then I found product builder and near enough wet myself with excitement.

So excited and hope I'm skilled enough to make it work to its' full capacity. It's going to truly set us apart from the competition.

I haven't used the builder support team yet but I'm sure I'll have a few questions before we go live!

Developer reply

August 8, 2019

Hey there! What a cool idea - we're stoked to hear that you were able to find our app to really help your business stand out from your competitors.

Very happy to see you guys have gone live! Thank you for the review - we can feel the excitement and are looking forward to helping you make the most of the app for your products!

Aurora Generators

The new product options app from bold, (same company) works better. This did not work out and BOLD has done a lot more work on the new product options app that kind of replaces this.


Im using this app to help my customers enter the life cycle for expensive custom products. Parminder & Guri were phenomenally helpful!


Right idea but far from perfect. There really needs to be a decent app on the marketplace that does what this says it does but unfortunately there just isn't. Bold once again has tried to push a product that does the bare minimum. The list of things wrong with this app is too long to post. I've tried several Bold apps and always seem to end up cancelling them due to limitation that they are unwilling to fix. Another sad day for Bold users.


The product builder app has been a lifesaver. Working with Shubhneet as been equally rewarding. We have asked so many questions and requests and she has not hesitated to help us out at any point. I am confident that if you need anything from them, they are more than happy to help you get it done. A+ in my book.


The app does not provide a amplified foto from the products, Just the thumbnails. It looks terrible!
I also have problems because all my products suddenly disappear from the preview, and the support they provide is just by email (the live chat does not work), it takes a long time for them to answer, and the team are clearly not qualified. They never seem to understand what you say, I always need to make a print screen to show them the issue, and it makes the process even more slow. They never gave me a solution of anything I asked until now.
Really disapointed...

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