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Let your customers build their own customized products.

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This app is awful; extremely complex and not mobile compatible. DO NOT BUY THIS


A terrible App.
Not Mobile Friendly.
Overall look and feeling is beyond bad. It takes your images and makes them look pixelated.
We installed this on 2 sites. The second install that we paid for on this site was never completed and our money never returned. We keep getting a http 500 error message.
We spent a lot of time creating 3000+ images only to be let down by this app.
Before installing this app read through their reviews and look at the sites. No one seems to be using this app? Are these all fake reviews?

Peg World

A very old app that is extremely outdated for these times with mobile traffic being so high.
After implementing it into our 2 sites and paying the installation fees we found the app to be outdated. It is like Bold has this app and just continues to make money off it without any constant or meaningful updates.
Unfortunately this was an expensive waste of time and money. Bold support is great but its their way or no way because that is how it is built.
Image sizing and constraints are a problem especially when you have created 3000 odd images to their specs and they "Fix a bug" and now you must just resize. Images look terrible and if you take pride in awesome crystal clear images this app is not for you, pretty sure its not for any one.
Overall we are pretty frustrated with this app and the lack of upfront information on its limitations.


Ok the concept is brilliant but execution is not really up to par (And at $60 p/month / $720 p/year this is up there as one of the most expensive apps)

Lets tackle the fact that Display / Layout / design on a mobile device is extremely poor. For example;

1. All the 'Steps' are stacked on top of each other, then once you scroll down you can see the product in the first step...but if you have more than 4 steps this is not obvious at first that you even need to scroll down!

2. To select that product the customer has to DOUBLE TAP it...and we all know what that means on almost all mobile devices right! Yup...BOOM you have a zoom! You have to pinch to zoom back out, and then press once, then wait a second and press again to select the product, very poor customer experience for 50% of your users on your store.

I am amazed that this has been allowed to be pushed out in this state, was it tested by anyone outside the organisation and feedback gathered?

If you want to see what I am blithering on about in terms of design, see:

Moving on.

1. Both mobile and desktop version suffer with a problem where you cannot have 'optional' product steps. The customer is ALWAYs forced to make a selection. In our case the paintball gun builder we offer a foregrip option...its optional and not required to make a functional product...but this cannot be skipped, something has to be selected to allow the customer to continue the journey. After contact support we were told this is how the app was built, sorry. Amazing feature which is lacking to just allow a skip of a product! Surely building in a NON selection is far more simple that building in a product selection?
2. Back end photo import is a massive pain, all images have to be forced down to the EXACT size denoted by the APP. What would be awesome is a feature where it auto does this for you when the option is mapped to a variant.
3. Once mapped to a variant its not possible to change the price field, this is a real missed opportunity as discount could be applied when customer do build up an expensive product to encourage more selection (seeing as they cant skip even if they wanted to lol!)

Good points are;

1. It does actually almost get you where you want to be...just.
2. Conditions / Rules can be created to show or hide products based on the previous selection.

Really sorry I had to leave this review, but as always with Bold they come across as VERY rigid, the response is almost always 'well this is the way it was built' leaving the customer (us!) feeling there is no hope! And convincing them a change is required is more or less impossible.

Dar4e Bg

Basically Product Builder makes my business possible, as it is build on combining 2 elements to make a personalized gifting experience. It works perfectly for me, allowing additional customization and addition of consumer generated content. The monthly cost is a bit steep for a starting business and this is the only reason i give 4 and not 5 stars.

Create My Natural

So far I have enjoyed my app. It has given me the options to customize my products the way I need to. I look forward to seeing other options and upgrades avail. for this app. However for someone who isn't very good with computers this app was easy for me to use. I was able to ask questions and get help from the support team very quickly. They seem to be pleasant and genuine with wanting to help me succeed. Customer service is on the decline and its always good to find people that still enjoy helping others. I love this app and I hope it grows my business further.

The Popped Popcorn Company

We LOVE this app! It's revolutionized our gourmet popcorn business, giving us the ability to offer custom popcorn orders to our fans across the country. Not only is the software awesome, but Bold's customer service is second-to-none. They've always been quick to help with any problem we might encounter. Check out our builder here:

Laced Decal

Honestly, YOU (bold) could do better.

First let's start with the most important part of this review. Most of the good reviews of this app seem to be fake. How I recognize that is by going to all of the stores that all these positive reviews lead too. 90% of them don't use this apps services, so its hard to believe they just think its cool to pay you guys to not use your poor services. DON'T use this app unless your whole entire business strategy depends on it.

Visually, this app looks absolutely terrible. Besides the lack of support, difficult settings, and poor design of software, the page that the app produces on your store is hideous! Like, we are talking craigslist style. Don't waste your time or money on this app.

Second I want to tell you about how difficult programming this app is. Notice I said "programming", because that is exactly what you have to do to get the app to work. To make this app work for your store, you literally have to write code like sets of rules. Which by the way is explained no where in the tutorial sections of this app. Also to let it even go live on your store you actually do have to mess with the code of your store. So just to be able to understand how to use this app, and/or install it, you're going to need some knowledge in computer programming.

Thirdly let me go over what I mean by hideous. After 4 hours teasing my brain trying to figure out the mechanics of this app, I found out that the page it actually produces (build a product page) is visually awful! They give you very little options of changing the layout of the page, but even the options you do have don't do much. It is next to impossible to be able to match this 'build a product' page to your actual store. The design of the page literally looks like you are on craigslist. Absolutely no modern influence seemed to have gone into the visual designing of this software.

My honest opinion of the app is that, BOLD OWES ME MONEY. Just like the rest of you shoppifiers, my time is valuable. Sadly, I put a lot of time into trying to get this to work only to find out it is a COMPLETE RIP OFF of time and money at the rate they charge.

Seriously, they should be paying us to use it just to fix all of their problems. The developers of this app seem like the type of people that I hate through what they have produced. Money hungry let downs that don't understand the importance of quality work. If they did, they wouldn't be charging $60 dollars a month for me to have a headache and waste advertising money on a page that looks worse than Trumps hair cut.

Come on guys, again YOU CAN DO BETTER.

Saraf Furniture

Uninstalled the app within hours due to lack of support, and we were right, its been about a month and we haven't yet received the REFUND, and worse, there is no communication from support, once asked about it


Was excited to find this app, essentially it's exactly what I need. Unfortunately after you add all your products and options in the last step you have to click a button to "generate image scenarios" to assign an individual image for each scenario. Makes sense, but if you ever change or add an option that affects the assigned images, you have to click that button again to REgenerate the new scenarios and it erases ALL of your past uploads. If you never intend on adding products after your intial upload to the app, it would be fine. BOLD something to think about improving possibly?

The back end was a bit clunky and hard to make changes (font, frame size, photo size) for a non programmer. I mean I'm on shopify because I'm not a programmer right?

I paid to have the app installed because again, I'm not a programmer. The customer service was a bit lacking pending the installation of the app but the follow up after my review shows BOLD does indeed care about their brand and has potential to provide adequate customer support.