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Let your customers build their own customized products.

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Petal & Paperie

same issue with previous user. Try to add a step and when I go to add a thumbnail at 85x85 pixels size, a popup comes up and says "site says abort". When is someone from support going to address this issue that I'm sure is happening to many? I even tried to change the size in customize theme and reupload a thumbnail and same issue.

Buds Gaming

I wanted to upload an image and kept getting abort even after i matched the size. i got to watch a tutorial that they have up and it is an older version than the one im using so its not much of a help.

Luv My Leash

If you go to Bold Commerce website , there is a video on how this app works . Funny thing, on their website,it says you get a 30 day free trial, on Shopify, once you get ready to download, it’s a 15 day free trial. Why is Bold Commerce taking advantage of Shopify’s customers?

Developer reply

January 30, 2020

Hello there. I just wanted to thank you for leaving a review and making us aware of this discrepancy. It's certainly not our intention to mislead people, and we sincerely apologize for this.

We have made a recent change to our app trial lengths across the board and it seems that not all of our marketing materials were updated to reflect this. One of our experts, Nick, has reached out to you and is happy to help you if you decide you'd like to give the app another try.

Please don't hesitate to let us know your decision.


After I changed All me store set up include hours for coding and shopify set up, I found out whats going on. It is a tricky app and not worth the price! I do not know how I get all my original setting back.


The thumbnails are not uploading!!
I don't get a answer from them about that. Is there a way to get customer support with this company???

Pooters Diapers

Very misleading. They say it's super easy to do but as soon as you install it they pop up a full list of detailed techy instructions and then offer to do it for you for an additional $40. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a free 30 day trial. This is a scam!


This app is awful; extremely complex and not mobile compatible. DO NOT BUY THIS


A terrible App.
Not Mobile Friendly.
Overall look and feeling is beyond bad. It takes your images and makes them look pixelated.
We installed this on 2 sites. The second install that we paid for on this site was never completed and our money never returned. We keep getting a http 500 error message.
We spent a lot of time creating 3000+ images only to be let down by this app.
Before installing this app read through their reviews and look at the sites. No one seems to be using this app? Are these all fake reviews?

Peg World

A very old app that is extremely outdated for these times with mobile traffic being so high.
After implementing it into our 2 sites and paying the installation fees we found the app to be outdated. It is like Bold has this app and just continues to make money off it without any constant or meaningful updates.
Unfortunately this was an expensive waste of time and money. Bold support is great but its their way or no way because that is how it is built.
Image sizing and constraints are a problem especially when you have created 3000 odd images to their specs and they "Fix a bug" and now you must just resize. Images look terrible and if you take pride in awesome crystal clear images this app is not for you, pretty sure its not for any one.
Overall we are pretty frustrated with this app and the lack of upfront information on its limitations.

Laced Decal

Honestly, YOU (bold) could do better.

First let's start with the most important part of this review. Most of the good reviews of this app seem to be fake. How I recognize that is by going to all of the stores that all these positive reviews lead too. 90% of them don't use this apps services, so its hard to believe they just think its cool to pay you guys to not use your poor services. DON'T use this app unless your whole entire business strategy depends on it.

Visually, this app looks absolutely terrible. Besides the lack of support, difficult settings, and poor design of software, the page that the app produces on your store is hideous! Like, we are talking craigslist style. Don't waste your time or money on this app.

Second I want to tell you about how difficult programming this app is. Notice I said "programming", because that is exactly what you have to do to get the app to work. To make this app work for your store, you literally have to write code like sets of rules. Which by the way is explained no where in the tutorial sections of this app. Also to let it even go live on your store you actually do have to mess with the code of your store. So just to be able to understand how to use this app, and/or install it, you're going to need some knowledge in computer programming.

Thirdly let me go over what I mean by hideous. After 4 hours teasing my brain trying to figure out the mechanics of this app, I found out that the page it actually produces (build a product page) is visually awful! They give you very little options of changing the layout of the page, but even the options you do have don't do much. It is next to impossible to be able to match this 'build a product' page to your actual store. The design of the page literally looks like you are on craigslist. Absolutely no modern influence seemed to have gone into the visual designing of this software.

My honest opinion of the app is that, BOLD OWES ME MONEY. Just like the rest of you shoppifiers, my time is valuable. Sadly, I put a lot of time into trying to get this to work only to find out it is a COMPLETE RIP OFF of time and money at the rate they charge.

Seriously, they should be paying us to use it just to fix all of their problems. The developers of this app seem like the type of people that I hate through what they have produced. Money hungry let downs that don't understand the importance of quality work. If they did, they wouldn't be charging $60 dollars a month for me to have a headache and waste advertising money on a page that looks worse than Trumps hair cut.

Come on guys, again YOU CAN DO BETTER.

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