Bold Product Builder

Bold Product Builder


Let your customers build their own customized products.

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100% customizable products

Give customers the power to create their own products from scratch with options you provide, or customize existing products on your store.

Product preview images

Set the product image to change as they select different options so they can see exactly what they're buying.

Set conditional logic

Apply conditions to entire steps, or just the options within a step, so shoppers can only select options that work together.

Acerca de Bold Product Builder

Your customers can now create their own completely unique products on your store! You've probably seen something similar to this before on car dealership sites. Pick a car, pick a color, pick a wheel style, etc. As you go through the steps, the image changes based on your selections. That's a product builder, and now you can offer the same thing to your customers too!

People are using the app to sell custom built fishing rods, unique trophies and plaques, archery bow packages, custom suits; the list goes on and on.

Here's how it works

When you set up your products, all you have to do is create the steps a customer will go through to build their product. As they make their selections in each step, a thumbnail will appear displaying an image representing the choice they’ve made. It allows the customer to build and see exactly what they’ve chosen before they buy it.

Set Conditional Logic

Conditions can apply to entire steps, or even the options within the step. For example, let's say there's a certain choice, which when selected in Step 1 means there are fewer choices available in Step 2. You can add the conditions to make it so those choices in Step 2 will not show if they do not apply to the selection made in Step 1.

Preview products in 2D or 3D

When your customer selects a choice an image will appear in the preview panel. This can be a standard 2D image or a series of images that can create a unique 3D effect. Don't have 3D images? In the app instructions page, there's a list of awesome photographers that can take 3D images for you at a very reasonable price.

Inventory tracking

When you create options in your steps you can link them with a specific product variant in your store. This will attach a price to the choice AND track inventory. And you can control exactly the way your builder handles that inventory. For example, it can ignore inventory, hide options that have no inventory, show the choice but disable it, or allow it to be selected to show an “out of stock” message.

Create custom forms

Create a custom form to gather information from your customers and add it as a step to your product builder.

Import tool

Import a zipped file with multiple CSV files to create your builder with our built-in import tool.


There are literally no limits to how you can customize the look of your builder. Of course, you can select from a few different existing themes, or as always, we've built in options to change basic settings like colors, fonts, text, backgrounds, etc, to easily make it match your website's theme. If you know CSS you can take it a step further and totally customize the builder to look however you want it to.

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3.6 con 5 estrellas

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All images suddenly broke. It has been broken for over a week now. No response from support on when this might be fixed.


Same issue, app does not work. Cannot upload required image getting a message about size or getting abort message.

Petal & Paperie

same issue with previous user. Try to add a step and when I go to add a thumbnail at 85x85 pixels size, a popup comes up and says "site says abort". When is someone from support going to address this issue that I'm sure is happening to many? I even tried to change the size in customize theme and reupload a thumbnail and same issue.