Product Bundles & Discounts +

Product Bundles & Discounts +

da AllFetch

Boost your sales with unlimited bundle products and discounts!

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Grow sales with bundle product

Motivate your customers to buy more by offering bundle products with good discounts. More bundle products = More sales

Set unlimited bundle products

Mix different bundles & discounts to get the perfect pack. Set percentage off, fixed discount amount, or fixed total price for each bundle

Bundle products at ease

Create your bundle in just a few clicks, no coding required. Fully customize how your bundle products looks & displays on your product page

Su Product Bundles & Discounts +

Product Bundles by AllFetch is developed to help merchants get more revenue from every store visit by selling more with the bundle products. Within a few clicks, you can set up a combination of multiple products, and promote those to customers at a selected discount.

New Feature

Show product ratings & review counts within your product bundles. Boost your sales by increasing your store credibility with social proof.

Offer different bundle products

  • Bundle with a discount by purchasing multiple products: Select a few specific products that you want customers to buy together with a discount
  • Bundle with discount by purchasing a product with a number of quantity: Determine how many products a customer needs to purchase to get a discount

Make your own discount rule

Set up UNLIMITED bundle products with advanced discount types and value:

  • Percentage OFF: For example, buy 1 product A + 2 product B & get 15% OFF
  • Fixed discount amount OFF: For example, Buy 3 product A & save $50
  • Fixed total price: For example, Buy 1 product A + 1 product B + 1 product C with only $100

Whatever your business is, this app helps you make an unlimited number of bundles to meet your specific needs and incentivize customers to buy more

Quantity breaks discount

  • Create unlimited price tiers for products based on how many products which a customer buys
  • Increase average order value by rewarding bulk orders, Ex: Buy 2 get 15% discount OFF, Buy 3 get 20% discount OFF

Fully customizable bundle design

  • No worry about the messy theme! Fully customize how your bundle looks and displays on your product page
  • Adjust the style & layout of the suggested bundle, notification bar & cart subtotal using our excellent editors. Quick preview to make suitable adjustments

Configure bundle products at a convenience

  • Enable/disable bundle as you want
  • Select the start date & end date for your bundles to promote them at a specific time or make them always visible

Promote your bundles on product pages

  • Display multiple bundles & let customers know how much money they save with bundles
  • Promote one product in different bundle products
  • Add any products from your product list to bundles
  • Showcase the bundle widget on any product page

Quick installation - Easy setup

Just install the app & simply create your bundle products in just a few clicks, no coding required

Advanced analytic report

Get the insights you need to improve your bundle products performance:

  • See how much value generated by using bundles
  • Understand how good or bad your bundles are: Bundle purchase quantity, add-to-cart quantity, discount amount, etc.
  • Keep updated with the most important metric of product bundles with specific time-range reports

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4.7 stelle su 5

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Makeup Warehouse

Great app and excellent assistance, thank you. Great app and excellent assistance, thank you thank you


This app has helped us with great sales, thanks so much,Recommend you can use, I believe there will be a good help.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

21 giugno 2021

Thank you for your great review! We really appreciate your time which spends on writing loving words. It motivates us to continue working hard!

Feel free to contact us if you need further support! We are here to help you!


Very good app. We increased the AVG cart value. The tech support fast and helpful
I recommend this app

Risposta dello sviluppatore

15 giugno 2021

Thank you so much for the loving words you share. Reading your review makes our day! We are so happy to see our app brings value to your business!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!