VITALS Bundles | Also Bought

VITALS Bundles | Also Bought

by appsolve

Frequently Also Bought Together · Upsell Bundles · by VITALS

4.9 of 5 stars(42 reviews)

Frequently Bought Together

Increase revenues and average order value selling product bundles. Decide if you offer a financial incentive. Integrated with VITALS.

Upsell using product bundles

Bundle frequent bought together products to get your customers to purchase more. Offer discounts to make them buy more products.

Amazon-like "Also Bought"

The app is fully configurable - get started in minutes by allowing the app to create bundles for your products. No coding needed.

About VITALS Bundles | Also Bought

The Currency Converter is one of the flagship apps built in our best-selling, 40+ Shopify apps-in-one, VITALS.

Increasing average order value is often overlooked, marketers rather focus on getting a low cost per purchase. Few online stores are taking advantage of this simple tactic to cross-sell and boost their sales. "Also bought" is always a powerful message, making your customers fell they're missing on a sale.

Product Bundles - the ultimate product bundle upsell app for Shopify

You've definitely seen Amazon's "Frequently Bought Together", where you can add to cart a couple of related products with one single click. We're bringing this to Shopify - and you can have it running in your store in less than a minute.

The app checks your previous sales to recommend products that were purchased together. Bundles are displayed when the customers view product pages - they can choose to remove some and add the remaining to cart with a single click. Variants can be dynamically selected, with pictures and prices updated automatically.

You can also customize at product level: for example, for an iPhone X, you might want to bundle it with a case, a headset and an extra charger. You'll definitely sell more by upselling and cross-selling.

Our top recommendations

  1. Always add cross-sells for your best-sellers. Just check what products can be easily mixed. Selling cameras? Recommend a spare battery. Phones? Maybe an attractive, compatible case.
  2. Never sell more than 3 products together. Our studies shows that cross-selling 2 products always work better than 3, 4 or more.
  3. When creating custom bundles, make sure you add a custom, attractive title. Bundling a pair of shoes with a belt? Make it sound awesome: "Match it with a Premium Belt - and get 10% OFF both"

This app doesn't offer a volume discount / quantity breaks type of offers. Try VITALS for tiered pricing. With Product Bundles you can't yet create "Buy One Get One" (BOGO) or "Buy One Get One Free" - this is on our future roadmap.

Clean install

Unlike other apps, we strictly follow Shopify's advice to never edit your theme files. And we don't duplicate your product variants - so you never have to worry about syncing inventory or anything like that. The app uses discount codes to create bundles, so customers won't be able to use additional discount codes for their purchase.

Fast loading

We use both Cloudflare for fast, global delivery, as well as browser caching.

Look and Feel

Beautiful front-end display that looks great on any Shopify-retailed theme on PCs, smartphones or tablets. Contact us and we will help you match the look and feel of the app with your theme.

Easy setup, no coding required

The installation could not be easier - it is a 1-click process.

Integrates with

  • Frequently Bought Together,
  • Also Bought,
  • Upsell,
  • Cross-sell,
  • Bundles

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Pricing 7-day free trial

Standard Plan


  • All features included

  • Unlimited bundles

  • Unlimited revenue generated

  • Fast loading

  • Clean install

  • Easy setup, no coding required

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 42 reviews

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Most recent reviews


6 stars customer service (one of the best in the shopify store) Quickly and nicely answer and solve your issue. Stellar Help, and really good app

White Box

If there were 6 stars I would give them to this app. By far the most stress-free effortlessly functional bundle app out there. Infact the only app that I didn't need to contact support for anything. Thanks.

Soccer Paradise

I tried multiple apps especially those with higher ratings and or reviews but they did not work. This app was very easy to install and the best is that it has two great features 1. Bundles 2. Frequently Bought Together in one app. Pricing is also very good.

The only recommendation I would make is for the development team to add a note and recommend customers to force refresh (CTRL + SHIFT + R on Windows) to clear your browser's cache, otherwise items will not display and that can be frustrating and this could be the reason for people uninstalling the app before trying it.