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19. April 2023

Customer support is good.
when we had few issues to be sorted on urgent basis they responded very well.
App works very well too

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14. März 2023

A very helpful team who helped with a lot of customization requests. I recommend this app for those needing a product comparison feature on your Shopify stores!

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13. März 2023

Customer support is good and responsive. They helped with our issues in a timely manner. The app is working smoothly with our theme. Definetly recommend this app.

Bad Ass Extension Cords
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22. Februar 2023

The help from the team to get this looking and acting how I wanted, has been amazing! I couldnt recommend this app enough just based on their support team!

Thanks for all you do!

Hydro-Max Jetter
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21. Februar 2023

I had a really great experience with this app.
We need to change some things displayed on the frontend and they do, also provide support until this app is implemented in the store as well as possible.

Great service.

Stretto Chile
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Bearbeitet am 6. Juli 2022

Almost perfect.
This is a great little application for enhancing your conversion rate by helping your customers to select the product that is right for them via a simple graphic interface. It has a low resource overhead, negligible impact on page load speeds and it's reasonably extensible with a decent selection of graphic styling options that can be easily enhanced with a bit of CSS styling. It's missing the ability to choose to only display some products in a specific category within the compare app. for example I don't want to display all the tool accessories in the compare app, even though they are part of my tool category/collection. if you could choose a different display priority for the product drop down list that would be cool. ie I use display 'by best-selling' in all my product collections as that converts most, but for a drop down text selection alphabetical order is much more useable. Those two feature ads would make a very good app perfect... * Already had a a reply to my feature add suggestion... The team has earned the extra star.....

Evolution Power Tools UK
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Softpulse Infotech hat geantwortet 7. Juli 2022

Thank you for your amazing review and input for new features. 😊
We took them on high priority and applied successfully right away.

As notified you one email, you can check them now and write us back on if there is any.

Thank you once again. 🙏

26. Mai 2022

App works as desired and they got one of the best customer support around. They listened to our requests, responded to our issues fast and gave us a solution that works.

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Softpulse Infotech hat geantwortet 26. Mai 2022

Thank you for your review 😊

9. Mai 2022

I really love this app. It's really easy to set up. Very customizable. I had a small problem with my comparison page but support helped me and fixed it quickly. I can really recommend this app!

Regel je business
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 tage
Bearbeitet am 9. Mai 2022

I like this app. Also because you can easily compare custom metafields. When they add the functionality: "Hide same values" the app will be amazing! Support is also great. Had found some bugs, but they fixed it quickly and good!
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24. März 2022

We are very happy with this app so far. Answered our requests quickly and think this will be a big addition to our site.

Atlas Stationers
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