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Product Comparison

Product Comparison

Developed by BOLD

Price: $14.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Let your customers select products they're interested in and compare them side by side!
  • You have full control over the specs and features on every product.
  • Allows customers to "Self Shop" and DRASTICALLY increases conversion and reduces questions.

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Finally a clean, simple, easy to use product comparison app that looks good on your store too!

One of the easiest ways to increase conversions on your store is to give your customers the ability to make informed decisions. A classic "Product Comparison" table is the BEST way to do that!


Plain and simple, this app allows customers to compare multiple products side by side in a feature comparison chart. They can choose the products from the collection page, or from the product pages. As they select products it populates a fancy schmancy little widget on the bottom of the page. When they're ready, they hit "compare" and viola!

→ TRY IT IN OUR DEMO STORE ← . Notice how you can select to compare products from the collection page, or from the product page. Awesome hey?!

PRO TIP: Supercharge your product comparison pages! Intuit increased their conversion rates by a WHOPPING 211% by adding a proactive chat on their product comparison page.

  • You set the maximum number of products your customers can compare at one time.

  • Simplify the shopping experience for your customers by allowing them to compare product information on any page!

  • Compare absolutely ANYTHING! You create the specs.

  • Bulk import product specs.

  • Save product spec templates to use over and over.


You can always manually add specs to products, BUT if you prefer, you can also bulk import them! We built a CSV import tool to allow you to import specs to every product in your store in minutes.


When adding specs to a product you can select from a previously saved template to save time. Often specs from one product to another are very similar except for maybe one or two features.


Use the built in design editor to control everything about how your comparison table and the widget look. You can edit just about everything with NO CODING KNOWLEDGE! But of course, if you like you can inject any custom CSS as well.


Whether it's for a different language, or you just want to give your own brand's "lingo", you can change any of the wording! The wording on the spec table and callout widgets are all customizable.

Common Questions:

Q - How do customers choose which products they want to compare?

On the product pages of your choosing, you’ll see a “compare” button under “add to cart.” When this button is pressed, the product will be added to the user's compare widget. This widget will show the whole time the customer is on your site, so they can visit other products pages and also press their compare buttons, adding them to the comparison chart.

Q - How many products can be compared at once?

You can set a maximum number of products that customers can select to compare at one time; the minimum number they will need to select is 2.

Q - What specs will show up for each product?

You can add as many specs as you want to a product, but to avoid overwhelming the customer (and for good page design!) we recommend no more than 10 for each product.


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On iPad:
Compare Now CTA button works about 15% of the time. Otherwise non responsive.
Cannot remove the non responsive window, only reduce it -- and then it cannot be expanded.
No way to test this app on your site -- cannot 'turn off/ turn on" app after data is uploaded.
Other problems: rows are reordered alphabetically, not in the order we require; pricing: only lowest price is compared; cannot have blanks (null value or 'n.a.').


After almost 3 weeks using Bold's new app, I am sticking with my 1-star review. BUYERS BEWARE: THIS APP DOES NOT WORK WITH APPLE DEVICES. Apple shoppers on iPad, iPhone, MACs will incessantly click the Compare Product's CTAs but nothing will happen. Your site will look broken and defective. We complained vigorously to Bold support but this crucial problem persists. Also, the Compare Price is permanently set to the lowest of each of your products -- so if you give something away (we give free swatches) the compare price shows $0.00. You cannot turn off pricing.
The only reason I'm staying with 1-star is A) I hope Bold fixes the app so it's actually working as they describe; B) We've already put so much time into this; 3) There's no other Compare Products app on Shopify. But If Bold doesn't fix this app I'd give it a Zero-Star if available and probably not trust Bold for any other apps they offer.


So far so good! I haven't used it long enough to evaluate conversion rates but I can say it was SO easy to install! I opted to have the folks at Bold do the liquid update for me (they do it for free and completed it within 24 hours). After that, just set up a spreadsheet with the product handle and variables you want to compare (size, price, etc) and its done! Looks great on my site and I like how its sort of like a temporary cart tucked in the corner. I also like that it has a Buy button on each product making it easier for customers to purchase what they decide on.

$14.99 / month

This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

30 days

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