Product Compatibility Checker

Product Compatibility Checker

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Give buyers more confidence by answering common questions!

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Reassure Customers

Easily let potential customers check if your product is compatible with what they already have. Don’t let customers get confused!

Personalize User Experience

Convey customer-dependent information in a clean & personalized way. No more huge and ugly lists!


Fully customizable. Check for: Cash on Delivery, Product Compatibility, Delivery Information, Food Allergy and FAQ's all-in-one app!

关于 Product Compatibility Checker

In this day of age, consumers are used to simplicity and user-friendliness. Their attention span is extremely short and anxious customers can lead to lost sales! This is why it’s crucial to be able to convey important information to them in a clean way. Product Compatibility Checker will help you to do this and therefore prevent confused customers!

Delete large ugly lists and show your customers information in a clean and personalized way!

These are some great examples of possible uses for this app!

Product Compatibility Checker

Let customers check if:

  • Your wireless charger works with their smartphone
  • Your car part will fit in their car
  • Your watch wrist band is compatible with their smartwatch
  • Your camera lens fits on their camera
  • Your laptop/camera case is compatible with their laptop/camera
  • Your product is compatible with their operating system
  • Size M will be the right fit for themselves or even their pets!

Delivery Information Checker

Let customers:

  • Check if COD (Cash On Delivery) is available in their region!
  • Check their postal code/country to see information about the delivery time, possible delivery methods and much more!

Allergy Checker

  • Let customers get more information about their allergy in combination with your food-related product!


  • Input your most asked questions to take away customer uncertainty and increase your conversions!

Key features

  • Provide information for specific customer input - Reassure anxious customers!
  • All texts fully customizable - Add an unlimited amount of inputs and outputs!
  • Product specific inputs and outputs - Show one set of inputs and outputs for product A and a different set for product B!
  • Search bar or drop-down list choice - Use a search bar or drop-down list depending on your likings!
  • Customer-specific information for their input - Personalize your customer experience with information specific to their situation!
  • All colours & sizes customizable - Make Product Compatibility Checker fit perfectly to your theme and colour scheme!
  • Product page placement setting - Choose where the app will appear on your product page!

Importance of product compatibility

  • Lost sales - Some consumers will decide to not purchase when they can’t tell or feel uncertain about a product’s compatibility with the product(s) they own.
  • Anxious customers - If customers can’t easily find this information, some will “take the chance” and simply order the product. This causes a stressful shopping experience
  • Returned orders - Sometimes those anxious customers were right to be anxious, as some will inevitably end up ordering incompatible items. This will cause you to have more returns and chargebacks, which is never a good thing.






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2.2 评分


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The App never worked for our Store, I contacted support 3 times & they never got back. Terrible experience.

Venice Design

The staff is great! I had some difficulties to fix it but this company helped me through the process! Great App!



Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear about the problem you've experienced with our app and are confident that we will be able to solve this issue with you! Our app has been tested a lot and it should work on every Shopify store.

One possible cause for this problem is that you did not Enable the app and then hit the Save button, as it's disabled by default and does not auto-save your changes.

We would really appreciate if you would try to make it work one more time. Please contact us at:

We will be there to help you set up the app and answer all your questions!

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