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PCG Direct – Factory Direct Dropship

PCG Direct – Factory Direct Dropship

Developed by F13 Works

8 reviews
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  • US-based drop-shipping fulfillment
  • We work with partners on product design feedback, production quality control, packaging, and support so you can be confident that your customers have the best product experience.
  • Automatically fulfill customer orders

Now you can sell PCG products to your customers!

We will drop-ship all of our products to your customers from our US-based factory facilities. Including: phone accessories, consumer electronics, outdoor/sport items, fitness items, home goods, and more more more

PCG-Direct is a program by Product Creations Group which develops and partners with consumer product brands and factories to launch them into the small to mid-size retail world. PCG participates in partnerships with multiple brand portfolios for consumer product manufacturing around the world and distributes these products from our own facilities in the United States with universal customer support from our knowledgeable brand managers in the USA.

US-based fulfillment means your customers will receive products quickly and we GUARANTEE the quality with a 1 year warranty for every product! Customers can contact PCG-Direct for any warranty claims. All orders include a 30 day return.

Expand your product offering and categories by tapping into a network of brand partnerships from the USA and around the world. Our app automates order fulfillment, tracking and product updates so you just pick the products you like and let us handle the rest

The App is FREE to use

You only pay after you have sold a product to your customer and it is 100% automated so you don't need to worry about paying for each purchase yourself.

Enjoy the simplicity of our Shopify app that offers:

  • Automated and Quick Response Dropship Fulfillment (Same or next day shipping)

  • Simple product selection and management

  • Great margins

  • Automated payment processing

  • Sell for US-based or International merchants

  • Wide selection of new innovative products
  • How it works:

    Simply install this app into your Shopify store and choose which of our products you would like to add to your store. You will be shown a wholesale price which is the price you pay for the product as well as our Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), and a Minimum Allowable Price (MAP) for some items. The MSRP is what we suggest the item is sold for on your site while the MAP is the minimum price we allow the item to be sold for. You can check the MSRP as displayed on the PCG-Direct.com Shopify website.

    Once you set your price and add the item to your store you can start marketing the product to your customers. When a product is purchased we will automatically and immediately fulfill the order for you and update your Shop with tracking information. We will charge the wholesale price plus shipping to the credit card that you have on file with us anytime one of our products is sold in your store.


    Each product has a cost, and you will pay that amount plus shipping, which varies by product and will be listed on the app. Your profit is the difference between the price you set + your shipping fee and the product cost + the PCG-Direct dropship fee.

    It is very simple, you pick out amazing products from our app and offer them to your customers, we handle the rest!

    PCG Direct – Factory Direct Dropship reviews

    8 reviews
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    Can someone have the courtesy of responding to my emails. I removed your application, I cancelled the order but since monday you are charging my card.


    These items are overpriced and usually out of stock, even if it says differently in the app. I will be deleting this app as soon as they refund me for the incorrect item they sent to my customer, then saying they are out of stock and want to offer an item that is worth less than the original, totally pissing him off.


    Every item exists on amazon for cheaper. This is a joke for dropshippers


    Prices on Amazon are cheaper than the drop shipper's price in this app for many of the products... Then add shipping and you're paying more than Amazon.


    Disappointment, The prices are insulting to a drop-shipper and are a not even in the realm of reality as far as quality products go.


    Very limited in items. The items they do have can be purchased on Amazon at a lower cost then the wholesale price in this app. Their sporting goods come from Franklin, Franklin is selling direct on Amazon at a lower cost then on here!!

    The electronics (only 5 products) are the only products that I can't find cheaper, the ones I did find have poor reviews.



    Lots of beautiful items can choose. Great way to get your products stock, will comment more as I find out more


    Loving the app so far. Great products and responsive customer support. Two thumbs up!


    Pay only when you sell a product


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