Make Over & Buy

Make Over & Buy

door Alchemative

Empower your customers to see what they want!

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Customer Empowerment

Enable your customers to customize the products upon clicks.

Instant Experience

Enhance the experience of customers by showing them how their custom product would look like in split seconds.

Flexibility in customization

Customize the product feature i.e. color, swatch, button, size etc. with the app and enjoy your custom product

Over Make Over & Buy

About Make Over & Buy

Empower your customers to see what they want. Make Over & Buy is a one-stop solution app for you that enables the customers to personalize the product according to their style in real-time. The app is designed to read the product and based on the attitudes selected, modify the product and give a visual representation of the modified product in split seconds.


  1. Unlimited Customization Options: Add, exclude, change color, add buttons, orientation, cut, short, change, redo, etc. This product customization app gives the customer the flexibility to play with any and every customization they can think of.
  2. No Customization Restrictions: This app can accommodate as many customization options add by the Shopify store owner.
  3. Highly Responsive: The app is designed to be highly responsive even when you are making multiple customizations and playing between different operating systems
  4. Fast Output: This app is built with an understanding of the importance of quick results. Hence, the app functions in a way that the results of the changes of the customers are reverted back in split seconds. Now customers can make as many customizations to the product and see the new product in a matter of no time with Make Over & Buy.
  5. Color Sensing Capability: The app has a wheel of colors coded in it. Hence, the customer can choose any color that he or she likes from the colors made available by the Store Owner, and the Make Over & Buy can accurately show it!
  6. Strong Logic Framework: The logic sensibility in the app ensures that the product customizations are applied on the product ensuring that the ratios of the body or the product are as accurate as of the original product. So, with this app, you would not have to worry about any deformed-looking end product appearing as the final result!

Why should you have it?

  1. Ensures that customers can see what they are buying in real-time. Thus, improving customer experience with your store.
  2. It manages customer expectations and reduces any returns you may be getting because of unwelcomed customer surprises!
  3. Empowers customers to visually see what they are getting.
  4. Makes your store smart over one click, without any coding!
  5. Enables multi-selection options without affecting the performance of the product page.
  6. Supports unlimited customizations in a product.

How to use

It is easy, click and use application.

  1. Install the app by clicking on the ‘Add app’ button
  2. Let the app get installed in your store
  3. Enjoy unlimited customization



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Prijzen Gratis proefperiode van 5 dagen

Standard Plan


  • Customize unlimited products

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** Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

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