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We can't change from lenguage their automatic comments, and we would like to start to sell to other Countries with other lenguages, this is not so good for us.

Developer reply

January 14, 2020

Hello again!

Did you get your concern answered? Would you consider either deleting this 1-star review for our app, or adding more stars? It would REALLY help us! :) Thanks ahead of time!

-Sean H, Customer Success Manager

Original Reply: Hello! This is Sean, the Customer Success Manager with Product Customizer.

Very sorry that our app cannot currently automatically translate its words into other languages. Most apps cannot do this. We will consider it for a future upgrade though!

Would you consider removing this 1-star review or deleting the review? That would be VERY appreciated. Most apps cannot do this, so I don't think we deserve this very harmful review...

Thanks! I will email you directly also.

Sean H & The Product Customizer Support Team

This app is not working and now a days we have to work with everything ready for Christmas and more promotions.. Please react!!!!!!

Developer reply

November 29, 2019

Hello friends from! We had a bit of a scare with our server yesterday morning, but it turned out to be a non-issue. We just always want to over-communicate in situations where users might be affected, and we always put a message up if there is any chance our server might be in a backlog.

Please let me know if you have any questions -- and let me know what I can do for you to convince you to give us a few more stars on your review? We are here to help, 24/7 M-F, and most hours on the weekends as well.

Thanks for your communication!
-Sean H & The Product Customizer Team

Time Refinery

I wish I could write a better review because I feel that this product has potential. But it is lacking SERIOUSLY in a couple different areas. The workflow to create a customization that has rules for it is incredibly obtuse. You can't make edits templates- only delete and start over. Templates apply the conditional logic but only display that the options are applied to the product. Sometimes the options appear twice on products in my store. Sometimes they appear even though none are applied. Other times they are missing the conditional logic. And support is HORRENDOUS. Strangely they reach out almost every day via email but almost never respond to requests for help.

Developer reply

September 24, 2019

Hello friends from Time Refinery!

I've spent a bit of time reviewing the conversation strings and your challenges, and I do see where you would have lost faith in our team, even though they were trying hard to give the help needed... So my personal apologies that this didn't go very well. It's fairly rare that we can't get requests taken care of in a timely manner and get folks stores who add our app to be where they need to be to work well with it.

I'm sorry that you felt you had to leave us a negative review. But if you'll give me a chance, I'd like to personally do all I can to earn a few more stars from you, and help you get any other issues with the app ironed out for your store?

Just let me know and thanks again for all your communication and patience here...
-Sean & The Product Customizer Support Team


Did not work with Testament Theme and other issues. Cannot display as I want and would add weird products and cost to cart. Deleted and reverted the liquid files. Nothing but hassle ... and support do not work the weekend so be prepared if you are trying on a live shop.

Developer reply

August 19, 2019

Thanks for leaving us this review. This is Sean, the Customer Success Manager here. I have reviewed our email messages with you and it looks like we had some serious code conflicts on your theme files which caused customized pricing to add up incorrectly in your cart. VERY sorry about this trouble. I have messaged you again to try and offer some solutions and time frames for them, as we are committed to getting every store's theme working seamlessly with our app. This is indeed a very rare happening.

If you decide to give us a chance to get this right for you, we will certainly work hard over the next day to do so! Thanks for your communication and understanding.
-Sean H & The Product Options & Customizer Support Team


Support simply not exists. After installation "get notified when back in stock" field disappears. "Required" field does not force to be filled out.

Developer reply

August 5, 2019

Hello and thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately you happened to install our app just before the weekend, and now on Monday when our support team is back in, we went in to fix these couple of simple issues... and you had already left this review and removed our app. ***PLEASE NOTE: Our team fixes simple issues like this every day, and each small "kink" that needs to be worked out is different for every theme in the Shopify ecosystem. So every theme has it's quirks, but WE CAN FIX THEM, and we do.

Simply give our team up to 24 business hours (standard for all Shopify apps), and we will get er' done! This user simply didn't give us that time frame to work these simply kinks out for their theme.

KMM & Co.

We would not recommend using Product Customizer if you need to add options that cost the customer extra. The app has a serious glitch that causes those charges to stick around in the cart even after a customer removes the associated product from their cart. The issue has persisted for months, and the developers have been unable to fix the problem. (Communication on the status of the efforts to resolve the glitch was also very spotty, which just made it more frustrating.) We ended up finding another solution -- for us, that was using Shopify's variants feature -- because the app was costing us too much money in lost sales. It was also a nightmare for our customer service team. Hate to leave a bad review as the idea of the app is great, and the conditional logic feature is one we haven't found elsewhere. But ultimately we'd recommend finding a different solution -- Product Customizer just isn't up to our standards.

Developer reply

June 27, 2019

Friends from KMM,

This is Sean, the Customer Success manager here. Our apologies that our app caused this persistent issue with your store's theme. In rare cases a theme is just too custom for us to find a fix, but that is very rare indeed. Thanks for giving us a chance and I'm sorry it wasn't all you hope it would be! If there is ever anything we can do for you to help redeem your experience (if and when you change your theme in the future) please do let us know.

We try our hardest to solve 100% of client issues, and it really bums us out when one can't be resolved. Thanks for your communication.

Overview Design

Im sure the app is fine but the customer service is terrible. Two weeks without a reply and my store has had to be closed the entire time. These guys have cost me afortune and cannot be relied upon if your business needs custom options.

Developer reply

June 14, 2019

Hello and thanks for taking the time to leave this review! This is Sean, the Customer Success manager. Your issue was extremely unique, and required developer help to fix. This is NOT normal for users of our app, so our sincerest apologies that you experienced that. Bottom line, with any developer issues, the client always has the option to uninstall the app, or use a good workaround temporarily until the fix is done... I had hoped our dev team would get to the bottom of your issue within a week, but sometimes it takes them a couple of weeks with a very unique and abnormal issue like this one. I have followed up with our team and they should have the fix done in the next couple of business days (crossing fingers!).

Still here to help in the ways that we can, and even when it takes big $$ to our dev team to fix, we do get it done - just don't have a lot of control over the time frame with custom fixes. Thanks for your understanding! I'll email you as soon as this is ready of course...

Artemis Box

Customer service is terrible. My store has been paused for over a day now because my developers are STILL waiting for you guys to update me on the removal of any of your codes left in my shop as they will need to know this important information in order to get started on their end which is already a long process. I don’t know how long it takes to check for any leftover codes and then remove them and then let me know about it.

They even said that I didn’t give them permission to access the store, but under my accounts they have full access... I tell them this and ask for some urgency and then ...ghosted. Weird incredibly unprofessional.

I will be writing about my experience on the Shopify reviews shortly.

UPDATE: So, it's been literally almost a month now since the closure of my website and what's incredibly frustrating is, I sent an email with everything I would like to look on my site (conditional logic) and I asked if they can help me with this set-up as well as other questions regarding my concerns. Well the next email they send is asking if things are going okay. NO! Why dont you guys read my emails and see that the article does not make sense and is buggy like what someone else mentioned on here. Im trying to give you guys another chance and I was trying to leave another 1 star review, but I can only update my old one. Having said that, I was going to update this once everything is resolved but it seems like that wont be happening. I have different ppl sending me different threads of emails which explains the confusion as well. I would like to speak with the supervisor because I am not satisfied with my service.

UPDATE 5/18/19: After deciding to try out the conditional logic, Sean H has a very condescending tone in his e-mails and I was actually quite shocked when he didn't want to help anymore - wow! It's a bit baffling that as a so-called business you actually refuse to work with a client that you've worked with before just because they left a much-deserved low rating based on the lack of help received. They claim that they have a timeframe to getting back thru e-mails, which was fine. But why not actually read the client's e-mails? I wrote very thorough e-mails clarifying the set-up as well as help on setting up ONE product to guide me, so that I can do the rest. His response was, "As I already mentioned, we don't build out the conditional logic sequences for you." #1, that is a lie because he has never told me that and #2 as a client to the PREMIUM PACKAGE, which states that it provides premium support, I don't see how that is considered "premium" help. Well, not offering to even provide a little support on their end, despite telling them of the confusion of the articles, is a bit contradictory to what I am paying.

Now, they are sending a CRAZY load of e-mails that I don't care for. Why are you sending me e-mails about how my experience was? I mean, really? You refuse to work with my store now unprofessionally and you want "feedback" ... I've gotten at least 1 marketing e-mail per day since he's boldly stated he didn't want to help me anymore as a paying client. All the e-mails are about convincing you to stay (a tad bit ironic if you ask me, but hey!) One (of many) e-mails did ask for a reason for leaving listing 1-4 and asked for a reason not listed, well, here is number 5. I was told you didn't want to work with me anymore!

Thank goodness for BOLD Product Options app for jumping into action and helping me out again. They also stated it was confusing why this app did not want to help me anymore after I've been a long-time customer. But BOLD really are willing to help! If you need an app that provides awesome conditional logic AND most importantly, GREAT customer service who isn't sarcastic, condescending and contradicting like Sean H, please try BOLD Product Options!

Hopefully, you were still able to treat your team with the pizza party without my money. Good luck to you!

Developer reply

April 25, 2019

Hello friends at Artemis! Sorry about the delay. Looks like it's been less than 24 hours since last reply... our gal Danielle will be doing that work here in the next little bit, and will email you as soon as it's ready. Hope we can convince you to up your review for us at that time :) We work really hard to take care of every client interaction within 24 hours.
• WITHIN A COUPLE HOURS of this review, we performed the requested action for the store owner, and I (Sean, the Customer Success Manager here) emailed the client directly twice to make sure they were properly taken care of.

UPDATE: This client went to a different similar app after their first review comments. 3 weeks later they emailed me and asked for help again to come back. So I worked for 2 days to clearly explain the process of getting the other app's coding off, which they did. We re-installed our app's coding, got them up and running. Client emailed asking us to build out their product options for them in the app, which unfortunately we don't do. Tried our best to explain this, point the client in the right direction for how to get that done... then the client's tone suddenly changed to one of anger and they swore to leave us bad reviews everywhere they could online, and cancel and go to another app again. Unfortunately the MANY hours we spent helping this client over the last 5 weeks has been in vain. In the end, we are glad they found another good option, because we can't continue to spend hours of time helping a client who ends up verbally abusing our team. We work VERY hard to help every client, but some clients simply won't let folks help them. Glad this client found a workable option for their needs elsewhere.
-Sean, Customer Success Manager

Divine Saunas

This app is worth more than 1 star to me (would give it maybe 2-3), but there are some really serious issues. I hope that this review would either work as a wake-up call to the developers, or help other developers create better competing apps.

If you're not good with computers and figuring out workarounds to software bugs, do not bother trying to use the conditional logic feature of this app.

In short, the app promises conditional logic, but there are a TON of bugs. I've worked with computers my whole life, so I know a bug when I encounter one. And with this app, I experience them all the time. That wouldn't be the end of the world if the developers were responsive, but they've outsourced the support... and the outsourced support can only handle pre-defined cases, not do any research of their own. I've had a lot of questions / bug reports open with them for a month now. They always promise to get back to me, but without dev support, they can't.

I would have given up on this app because of these bugs, but as far as I understand, this is the only app that runs only on Shopify servers, and is probably the fastest. The others I tested seemed to be slow and unreliable, so that's a definite bonus with this app. If only it did what it promises, I could give it five stars... but right now the practice is so far off from theory, that I'm definitely not happy.

I've been able to get my products configured so they are somewhat usable, but it's come with a lot of workarounds, redesign and just making unnecessary compromises to the customer experience. With the promised conditional logic, it would be totally possible to prevent customers from selecting options that don't work with each other. Because of the constant bugs, I haven't been able to really do this, and have to instruct the customers to check this and that... and if they don't, the products get priced wrong. These kinds of things shouldn't be left up to the customer!

The documentation on the conditional logic is very poor, so I'll give some tips for those of you that value the speed of this app over other apps (if I was doing this again, I would forget about the speed requirement).

1. If you have options measured in feet, don't use the ' character in the name. Bugs will result.

2. If you need to duplicate the options, don't do it in the product view. It may create weird issues, so only duplicate in the view that shows options for all products.

3. Don't plan options that depend on two or more other options. The logic only works on very simple options, and if (for example) your pricing depends on two different factors, you're safer not implementing it in the app logic... it may or may not work.

4. Same thing as with #3, but with trying to use the same option on two different conditions, combining with different option... won't work.

5. Undocumented "feature" that made me lose a couple of days: the "hide" option is more or less redundant. The app automatically hides all the options that have "show" setting on. Trying to hide options results in weird bugs. It was not easy to figure this out, and the support was clueless.

6. There's just a long list of lesser bugs, usability issues and generally bad development work. Please look into alternatives.

Overall I must say I regret I chose this app. It is not being actively developed, even though it would really need that. I've now created over a hundred options and about 10 products in this app, and changing to a new one feels like too much work... I wish I'd known about these bugs and extremely limited support before choosing this app.

Developer reply

March 22, 2019

Hello friends from Divine Saunas. Thanks VERY much for taking the time to give all this valuable feedback. I am so sorry that the app ended up having several limitations that made it not the best choice for your store. I am taking these items and putting them into our list of improvements that our developers will be looking into in the near future.

Shopify store themes are all so varied and unique that it can be a real challenge to develop apps that are truly versatile for the Shopify space. Up until now, we have done several things with every single store that adds our app:
-Every time a user adds our app, our team manually verifies and configures their install to make sure it works seamlessly with whatever theme they have
-Each time any of our users change their theme, we receive a real-time notification and we take time to manually re-verify their install for their new theme
-And of course, anytime there are questions about functionality, support needs, special formatting requests, advice on how to build out products, etc - we take each one seriously and do our very best to resolve any issues and provide any needed help

That said, we will look into these concerns and work to turn them into fixes! Again, thanks for your patience and understanding with these items - the app will get better and better! And we would love it if you would change your review to the 2-3 stars you mentioned. We are definitely worth that ;) Thanks again!


App didn't work for my theme even after me going into the code and manually entering it. I uninstalled the app and got a message as to why I did I told them what the issue was and they told me to reinstall and they would do the coding them self and give me a free month. I don't care about the month obviously I paid the price the first time I just need a product that works. I responded to the email and got automated response that basically said Hi thanks for installing we've looked at your code and looks like everything is functioning properly let us know if you need anything... I then respond is this a bot and a rep named Sean answered no this is not a bot... but the later explains to me that it was an automated message(aka a bot!!) after me explaining my frustration on the situation not being handled. The conversation went back and forth about petty details that kinda shifted blame from them to me instead of this guy looking at our conversation thread and coming up with a solution to my existing problem. Needless to say its not a big deal to some but to me this was a very bad experience when I already had uninstalled the app and moved on and they asked to make it right but I still don't have a working product a week later because I'm spending 20-30mins of my time explaining irrelevant details with Sean. I'm glad I know how to problem solve and created my options through the existing product variables that comes with shopify as a temporary fix or I would have been scrambling because Sean don't know how to do his job correctly. Hope This saves someone else the headache. My shop is so the users know this is a real person. Hope this isn't to wordy. I tried to skip a few things that are unimportant to my point.

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