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19 luty 2024

I just started using the product. So for now, all I can say is that it user friendly. I will wait and see if it generates traffic and increases sales in my store. I guess we shall see

Stany Zjednoczone
11 dni korzystania z aplikacji
1 czerwiec 2024

Works quite well, however, I wish there was an option to specify the language of output prompt.

My shop is in German but the descriptions keep coming out in English.

Sino Han
8 minut korzystania z aplikacji
22 czerwiec 2023

Easy to use, but wish there was a way to filter out products that are already done. Also wish there was a way to add keywords to each product.

Nauti Life Tees
Stany Zjednoczone
11 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
30 wrzesień 2023

Would be nice to have the ability to update in bulk, rather than one at a time.

This would be 5* if it didn't pester for reviews after every few edits, it gets very annoying when you have 100's of items to get through. Only reason i'm leaving this is to remove the annoying pop up. May edit this when I'm finished.
Wielka Brytania
Około 2 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
27 październik 2023

The app is easy to install use and use. Good app.

Mercy Abounding
Wielka Brytania
22 minuty korzystania z aplikacji