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13 luty 2024

I wish there was a way to do it in bulk instead of one product at a time or change the prompt. Aside from that, its good and I'll recommend if you have a few hundred products or want to add more description for variants of your skus

9 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
22 maj 2024

Its hard to critique a free app doesnt harm your store - (not noticeably at the very least). And I find the review request prompts excessive and obtrusive. In any case, I think the descriptions are decent and worth using.

I noticed that in some cases, the app generates (and regenerates) the same desciption, but for the most part, it comes up with something better. I also find it odd that when the product urls come up in the product descriptions, they are urls (confusing to the user, if you ask me). Even the store name used in the product description is the old store name. I wonder how this has gone overlooked or unnoticed!

Point is, don't get carried away by the apps functionality; be sure to read every description generated before updating your storefront.

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9 luty 2024

Very useful and helpful for generating book descriptions for our site.

Honeyburn Books (UK)
Wielka Brytania
Około 2 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
16 styczeń 2024

So far so good.

Delta Testing And Research Clothing
Republika Południowej Afryki
Około rok korzystania z aplikacji
6 luty 2024

Really helpful. Thanks. Only thing I would say is that they could change the description for similar products.

Random As Elle
Stany Zjednoczone
8 dni korzystania z aplikacji
15 maj 2024

Very fast, super handy. The only function it's missing is the ability to filter on price, tags, reviews, etc.

Sexual Toys®
Stany Zjednoczone
14 minut korzystania z aplikacji
12 kwiecień 2024

I find this app to be auper useful, fast, eady to use and understand everything is straight forward. I definetly recommend this app.

Something Nice
Antigua i Barbuda
19 minut korzystania z aplikacji
20 marzec 2024

I was so overwhelmed with writing descriptions for all my products! This app has made my life so much easier. The descriptions are on target for most of my itmes with only minor adjustments for some. All this for free! Great addition to my shopify apps.

Stany Zjednoczone
Około godziny korzystania z aplikacji
10 kwiecień 2024

Permite rectificar una descripión en cuestión de segundos. Muy práctica. Sería mejor si permitiera seleccionar todos los productos y realizara la descripción de todos automáticamente de manera simultánea

Perlen Wiot
10 minut korzystania z aplikacji
31 grudzień 2023

Love the ease of of 1 click for description and 1 click to change it on product page!!

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