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10 styczeń 2024

This is a real time saver. I already use the services of AI regularly on my own but having this integrated into Shopify as an Ap is a real time saver. I'd actually give it 4.5 right now in its current state. My only wish is that it remember changes I make as I progress through Descriptions. The AI takes liberty in offering ways my product can be used that I later correct. If it could remember my input it could be even quicker.

Peeping Tom's Cottage
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4 dni korzystania z aplikacji
21 grudzień 2023

Super helpful and a great time saver. It does sometimes simply reiterate the existing description, but most of the time, it makes great improvements.

Brass Cat Books
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26 dni korzystania z aplikacji
3 styczeń 2024

it helped me get along words that i couldn't come up whit

Squad Cases
6 dni korzystania z aplikacji
16 styczeń 2024

So far so good.

Delta Testing And Research Clothing
Republika Południowej Afryki
10 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
10 październik 2023

Ive only used it for 4 descriptions and this is the 4th time its asked for a review only this time it wouldnt let me do maybe later. So far so good but would really like to have to option to search products or go by category or collection instead of mindlessly scrolling until you find a product you missed.

Ayahs Attic
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30 wrzesień 2023

This app is a time saver with completely accurate product description. The apps only downfall is that it only works on one product at time and when you have thousands of products in your store, setting descriptions one at a time will take forever.

Mostly This'n'That
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27 dni korzystania z aplikacji
14 listopad 2023

good job , keep it up

Wielka Brytania
2 dni korzystania z aplikacji
9 grudzień 2023

So Far, I love the quick description revisions and updates from this app.

My Boutique Vibes
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Około godziny korzystania z aplikacji
31 grudzień 2023

Love the ease of of 1 click for description and 1 click to change it on product page!!

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4 minuty korzystania z aplikacji
2 grudzień 2023

Great app

G’s GlitzyGalleria
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