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17 listopad 2023

helpfull app

Gebeta Creative
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21 dni korzystania z aplikacji
23 wrzesień 2023

les descriptions son bien faites et rapide

Elkom Gamme Hikvision
7 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
21 czerwiec 2023

Great App so far Still waiting to see if something is going to go wrong or not . if not I will update

Le'Var Neilson
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8 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
1 kwiecień 2023

Great for producing descriptions that elevate the jumbled mess that comes with some items. This tool has been great to reduce time and effort in fixing item descriptions

Huntress Atelier
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4 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
19 czerwiec 2023

Very nice app, to rate on top top, it should have scheduler option to run jobs to automatically add description of short described product

4 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
14 lipiec 2023

Just started using and appears it does what it says it does! Neat little app! Will update as time goes on.

KW Consignment Inc.
3 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
2 maj 2023

So far so good. Just started using the app today. Will come back for more updates on the functions of this app

Shop Uduakish
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Około 2 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
Edytowano 23 czerwiec 2023

I already had an account with chatcpt and absolutely love. I was very excited to see that it is now included with shopify. It has made it so much easier for me versus going back and forth to the site to copy and paste.
***update***I have already left a review but the app. continuously has a pop up asking to leave a review. It's very irritating. Original score was a 5.
Please fix the "write a review" pop up. It pops up after every 3-5 description generator. Shopify already has a similar program built in but t's not quite as advanced. However, this pop up is like an irritating fly making me want to delete this app. This is the 3rd time I have come back to update the review.

Mischa Lottie
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Około miesiąca korzystania z aplikacji
5 kwiecień 2023

Just added app to store. First time using and impressed so far. Excited to see how it works on other product descriptions.

By Me 2 Style
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24 minuty korzystania z aplikacji
7 kwiecień 2024

Swaggy Apparel
26 dni korzystania z aplikacji