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20 styczeń 2024

I am loving this app. So easy to use and gives long detailed descriptions. You can alter the Tone of the message to several handy options. You can also filter by collection which is very useful. Highly recommend!!

Kings Crown Jewel Boutique
Stany Zjednoczone
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6 styczeń 2024

its good app makes my life easier. I just wish it didn't ask for reviews every 5 secs until you do.

Jubilant Bay Shoes
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18 dni korzystania z aplikacji
15 listopad 2023

Well, well, well! If product descriptions were a party, this app just walked in like the cool, charismatic guest who turns the whole vibe around. It's the superhero of the e-commerce world, tackling the tedious task of writing product descriptions like it's on a mission to save the day!

Gone are the days of merchants begrudgingly typing away at their keyboards, treating product descriptions like some sort of necessary evil. With this app, it's more like a writing fiesta! It's like having a magical pen that turns mundane descriptions into marketing masterpieces.

I used to break into a sweat at the mere thought of crafting product descriptions, but now I'm like, "Bring it on!" This app has transformed the game, and I'm recommending it to fellow merchants with zero hesitation. If you want your product descriptions to go from yawn-inducing to jaw-dropping, this app is your new best friend. Cheers to making product descriptions fun again!

5 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
11 grudzień 2023

This app has helped to ensure that my product descriptions are well-developed and not Scanty. Sometimes I am short of words, but the app made it easy to generate and able to edit before adding to the site. It also saves a lot of space. I will recommend this as it is a groundbreaker. I love it.

Stany Zjednoczone
28 dni korzystania z aplikacji
3 grudzień 2023

I recommend this app for those that aren't very skilled I'm writing or using the right words to catch your customers eye, also saves you lots of time trying to come up with something catchy and appealing to your customers

Retail rejuvenate
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5 styczeń 2024

So far so good, i saw this app while using StoreYa's SEO optimizer and tried it out. ITS A LIFESAVER, it creates professional sounding descriptions with very minor editorial work involved.

if your descriptions skills are'nt the best i highly recommend this app

Adultis Solum
Wielka Brytania
16 dni korzystania z aplikacji
16 grudzień 2023

I am hoping that this really help's my shop. It's was very easy to use, so I am hoping that it prpvoded me a lot of beneifts to help support the growth of my shop and reach a larger audieance. We are also hoping that it brings back customer's.

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13 dni korzystania z aplikacji
16 styczeń 2024

So far awesome site to have and save time

Pure Serenity DBA
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7 styczeń 2024

Don't be deceived by other apps with 5 stars because this is actually super easy to use unlike the other ones I've tried. Insanely easy!

Edified Faith
7 dni korzystania z aplikacji
23 grudzień 2023

I will Recommend to all shopify user atleast one time try this app. It will diffidently help you.

Krisha Exports
19 dni korzystania z aplikacji