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9 czerwiec 2024

Being a sole proprietor, I've got to wear all the hats related to my business, from design, to production, packaging, shipping, customer service, and on and on...

Writing effective product descriptions was just another item on the list and this one I was happy to hand off to the AI. I wrote the best compelling, descriptive product data I could then AI ChatGPT re-molded it and made it even better.

Thanks for helping with this part of my small business!

Victor Wood Forge
Stany Zjednoczone
3 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
8 maj 2024

Excellent Application to add to any Shopify store for very informative descriptions of products and easy use makes this a 5 stars for me by far!.. Thank you to the developer.

Treasured Jewels
7 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
15 maj 2024

I recently used this app and found it to be extremely helpful. It saved me a lot of time by quickly regenerating product descriptions. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to streamline their workflow.

Wonder Wish List
3 miesiące korzystania z aplikacji
5 czerwiec 2024

i love this app so far. it helps me a lot writing hundreds of product descriptions. saves time, fast, very convenient and the best thing, its free!

Maison Lemoni Designs
Około miesiąca korzystania z aplikacji
21 kwiecień 2024

This app is an absolute life saver, saves so much time when you have little content to add to a product, it's just a great little app I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a little help with content

Envy Bathrooms Ltd
Wielka Brytania
5 miesięcy korzystania z aplikacji
18 maj 2024

Really great app that saves hours of mind numbing work. It works brilliantly and the ability to bulk edit saves time. StoreYa are a company that really seem to be on the side of the user in helping you develop products that help you run your business more easily.

This app and the company behind it is highly recommended.

Wielka Brytania
14 dni korzystania z aplikacji
12 czerwiec 2024

Super Star Free App and easy to use. It rewrite your content in few seconds, I highly recommend it.

Rose Mai Store
Nowa Zelandia
Około miesiąca korzystania z aplikacji
11 czerwiec 2024

I'm loving this app and it's ease if use. It'll add it directly to your site and you can copy it to paste in your products page in admin for your store

DBA Create
Stany Zjednoczone
19 dni korzystania z aplikacji
4 lipiec 2024

Very helpful. I wish the App will support the other parts of the website content pages such as Homepage, About Us, what we do, etc. Not only product descriptions. Excellent!

DMI Store
Wielka Brytania
1 dzień korzystania z aplikacji
21 czerwiec 2024

This app is such a time-saver! I am a small business owner and writing proper product description for every product imported to my store is very time-consuming, given all other tasks I have to handle on a daily basis.

Within a few clicks and minor review copy adjustments, I'm able to finalize my product pages within minutes. So happy with this app!

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