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8 marzec 2024

I love the crew over at StoreYa. They do nothing but great work and are always easy to work with. I am constantly shocked at how nice their products are for the cost. Especially this one because it is free!

Angelus Direct
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23 marzec 2024

I love this app. It's easy to use and it dang near anticipate what I want each product to say.

Teddy Blaze
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2 marzec 2024

This has saved me a lot of time. would be nice if there was a bulk generate and update feature. Thanks for making my life easier!

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24 styczeń 2024

I'm thoroughly enjoying this app. Its remarkable ease of use allows me to effortlessly update descriptions with just a single click, and the best part is the ability to restore changes if needed. This functionality has saved me a significant amount of time, enabling me to allocate more time to enhance my store and be more productive. The app's user-friendly interface and time-saving features have proven invaluable, making it an essential tool for efficiently managing and optimizing my store's content.

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20 marzec 2024

Essential Product Description Tool, It automatically Helps Make the descriptions stand out and would recommend it for anyone who wants to make a good impression on their Product selections. So start today and make your products stand out!

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1 kwiecień 2024

I am absolutely blown away by the Products Description Wizard app! As someone who spends countless hours crafting product descriptions for my business, I cannot express how grateful I am to have stumbled upon this lifesaving tool.

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20 styczeń 2024

I am loving this app. So easy to use and gives long detailed descriptions. You can alter the Tone of the message to several handy options. You can also filter by collection which is very useful. Highly recommend!!

Kings Crown Jewel Boutique
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13 luty 2024

I wish there was a way to do it in bulk instead of one product at a time or change the prompt. Aside from that, its good and I'll recommend if you have a few hundred products or want to add more description for variants of your skus

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13 marzec 2024

What a fantastic app! It is amazing how much time you can save by automating descriptions and with a tiny bit of editing I end up with meaningful content in seconds!

Hobbytech Toys
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29 luty 2024

I must say that this app has streamlined my workflow! It's really great to have options regarding the tone of the description as well as the option to edit wording. Thanks so much!!!

The Voni
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