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11 marzec 2024

So far this app has been easy to use. I have it on my phone - just recently downloaded it - and I like it a lot!

Jojo’s Boutique
Stany Zjednoczone
26 dni korzystania z aplikacji
27 luty 2024

This app is amazing and a time saver!! Super easy to use and creates a custom description of your product using AI. 5/5

Stany Zjednoczone
21 dni korzystania z aplikacji
10 luty 2024

Love StoreYa, I keep coming back to the tools I didn’t realize they had.

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29 dni korzystania z aplikacji
28 luty 2024

Excellent App, a real lifesaver!!! can currently it is FREE! amazing!! Super fast and accurate results, check the descriptions it has created on our plush toy page at plushshop.co.uk

The Plush Shop
Wielka Brytania
4 dni korzystania z aplikacji
17 luty 2024

Great app so far. Just started using but works well!

First Impressions Clothing
17 dni korzystania z aplikacji
27 luty 2024

Good and reliable site to edit your products description.

Wielka Brytania
Około miesiąca korzystania z aplikacji
6 styczeń 2024

its good app makes my life easier. I just wish it didn't ask for reviews every 5 secs until you do.

Jubilant Bay Shoes
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18 dni korzystania z aplikacji
9 marzec 2024

it save months of hard work!

17 dni korzystania z aplikacji
22 luty 2024

I recommend this app to any business owner. Not only do they come up with phenomenal descriptions but they save you hours of hard work. The time they save you is the time that you have to work on something else. I would like to use them for more projects.

DiGruttolo Products
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Około 6 godzin korzystania z aplikacji
5 kwiecień 2024

This product description AI is fantastic! I don't have to tediously open my product listings one at a time to implement this app. Is very easy to use and I like the sort by options along with the description's tone. Thank you for helping my business grow.

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