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Tabbed Descriptions by Surge Apps

Tabbed Descriptions by Surge Apps

Developed by Surge Apps

Price: Free More info
  • Optimize conversions by offering a better experience for customers browsing your store.
  • No coding skills needed! One click install and the app just works.
  • Increase mobile conversions with our extra accordion feature for smaller screens.

Optimize Sales by revamping your store across ALL devices.

Customers can sometimes be overwhelmed by the amount of information presented to them. The format you display product information could be losing you sales daily. Let's clean this up and ensure customer's have a great experience across all devices

Check out a demo product with tabbed descriptions installed

  • Easy Installation: Get set up in one click.

  • Show information in a tabbed format

  • Show information in an accordion format for smaller screens and mobile devices

  • Full control over design

  • Add static content around the tabs

Support and FAQ

We're here to help. Email help@surgeapps.co if you have any questions or issues :)

Tabbed Descriptions by Surge Apps reviews (35)


makes the page look alot better and clean , no distractions for the customers


We're happy to say we have just installed the app & are looking forward to the additional sales it's going to bring us, great work. Check the app working at https://brownbottlecoffee.com




Awesome app!
Sales have increased over 200% since then!


This app is OK overall. It looks great at first but if you take closer look this app still needs a lot of improvement.

On desktop the tab is small but depending on your site style it may be just fine.

However under mobile view the tab is really small to touch and tab title position is jumping slightly making the active and rest of tabs ugly.

I go over the CSS style tag in custom-product-tabs.liquid and make some changes so that the style fits my needs. The CSS codes are not easy to understand as the dev. named them as tabs, tabs1, tabs-app, etc. and I have to switch between element inspection and the liquid file again and again to make myself clear of which is which.

Also this app makes use of some h1 or p tags for the style and these tags' style are predefined by shopify themes, and the result of using h1 or p tags is those predefined style can overwrite the app's wanted style and eventually makes some display weird.

Honestly his app is not bad at all and it provides the full capability of customization for everyone as long as you have some basic CSS knowledge. You can always easily modify the CSS as long as you get used to the author's codes.

Considering this app is free I really do not want to drop any more stars, but I also do not want to add more just because it is free...

If this app could allow us to do more basic customizations in settings such as tab font size, etc. that would be much better...


Update 1:

dont know what to say about this app. It will refresh its custom-product-tabs.liquid back to stock periodically so that all customized style are lost. 1 Star off.


Simple easy app. A lot of comments about the tabs not displaying correctly, this can easaily be resolved by adjusting the code in the custom-product-tabs.liquid found in the snippets folder.


Great app! I have no technical skills and found this (unlike some other tab apps I tried) very easy to use.


Cannot get the app to work with products that are subscription based. I am using Charge Rabbit on 3 of my products, which has its own product.chargerabbit file that is separate from product.liquid. I am assuming that the app isn't working for this reason, but there is no support from the app. Uninstalling and will use Powr tabs instead.


Handy, easy, clean-- definitely a nice app.


Quick and easy installation.


Support & Sales

Surge Apps
(415) 236-2164


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