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Storewide sales, discount, flash-sales, & scheduled sales.

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I strongly recommend you guys DO NOT USE it.
It make all products in my website in big DISCOUNT and lose a lot of money.
NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Such a Rubbish app.

West Texas Justice

This app has some major problems and is absolutely the slowest syncing app I have ever used. I made several discounts and added them to my store and they showed correctly. I started running the promotions but when I checked the next morning all the discounts were gone. The product still showed the Sale logo but the price was back to full retail. Support told me I would have to make each discount inactive and let it sync and then activate and sync it again. This took me over 8 hours but worked and discounts were showing again even though the amount of time it took was ridiculous. Next morning I check my site and all the discounts are gone again. I sent another email to support several hours ago but still have not heard back from them. I am looking for another app that will work now.

Jokers Costume Hire Mega Store

If you could rate nil stars then that is what I would have chosen. The App does not work correctly for a large number of discount items. Numerous products did not have the applicable discount applied even though the set-up was correct. This issue was identified on the 30th July and as at 16th August there has been no resolution. The costumer service was even worse. Despite numerous attempts to get an answer and being advised that I will be updated urgently, no feed back was provided. On the third day in a row of email an chatting, I received this response "We have a larger than normal volume right now and everything is taking longer than anticipated" which is a stock standard response. I would not recommend this app for its functionality or the service response to anyone! Very disappointed!


can not build discount on homepage and collections,just works on products page,sucker


The app has bug that sometimes changes price to 0 after disabling sale added through this app and sometimes sale didn't even removed from products even after disabling the sale through app.

Upon reporting the issue the app developer told to keep the issue live to check this clearly doesn't makes any sense. We showed them screenshots but they want to see the live issues. They want us to keep the 0 value products live so they check and in the meantime customers keeps ordering those affected products and there's not way to fix all affected products at once. You've to manually update all products because price information completely removed by this app.

If you've thousands of products don't use this app. You'll end up fixing most of the products manually that will consume enough time. Their support is terrible and slow. There's no such term priority in their support activities. Shopify agent told us that bold commerce is working on this issue and when we contacted bold commerce through their chat they said the co-worker will be available next day.

Extremely disappointed.

Ninja Brand Inc

Their install links and instructions are garbage. It shows the app as not installed by a default banner even when it's installed, then once you dismiss it, you realize it's just a marketing banner to get you to pay for the install. The install links don't take you to the actual install page, and then it's spread between different links rather than simple step by step instructions like most other Developers. Jacked up my website and doesn't work, it shows as very simple code copy and pasting, but obviously there's more than it, and since everything is all over the place, who knows if I missed a step. Support says they'll probably get around to helping fix it in 2-3 days. Longest I've ever had to wait for support. Makes me appreciate other developers by far...

Lets Truck

Not impressed that you're not able to set a variant sales price. If your store is user friendly and you use variants please be aware that this app will NOT and they REFUSE to make changes to the app in order to set different sales for the different variants.

For example, if you have a product that has 2 variants and the second is just a multi-pack and you want to discount that variant and not the individual variant you CANNOT do that.

I've paid for this app for over a year with promises of this addition and nothing still.


I just watched 2 sales slip through as my discount was having issues mid promotion. No sense of urgency with help support live chat....2-3 days for a "specialist". I used to love Bold, and have many of their apps. However, based on this experience I'll be deleting them.

Also of note, production options does not work with product discount showing the real time pricing change. I was told I would have to pay for customization which is silly.

So, Bold COST me money, therefore, 1 star review. They lose all of my trust based on this.

Lily Arkwright

simply dreadful app, the time settings failed to work, so one of our discounts continued on long than planned.

I then tried to disable one discount and it will not turn off, subsequently i've deleted the app and discounts are still live!

I've emailed support and heard nothing back, its been over 4 days!

We have no choice but to re-list every product which still have the discount present.

Avoid this app like the plague.


I bought this app for $99 and it worked once. I went to do some admittedly last minute discounts for this weekend and the app didn't work. Tried and tried but it didn't work. So I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall. Doesn't work unless I pay $99 again! What a rip off. Have had good experience in the past with Bold but wow. Charging me twice for an app that doesn't work. No thanks!