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Storewide sales, discount, flash-sales, & scheduled sales.

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Kinkycurlyyaki 3

I had this app installed on 2 stores for Black Friday. Had to uninstall it 30 minutes after my sale started as it was not working as it was supposed to.

Had been testing them out for about 2 weeks and all the edits I had made on one store, kept copying over to my other store. I thought I was hallucinating.

They acknowledged the issue and blamed it on something about L Frame. They said I could only make changes to one store at a time ( I had both stores open in different browser tabs). It was a pain in the butt to do because both stores are exactly the same, just set up for different currencies.

I moved ahead anyways and tested and tested and tested to make sure everything looked good.

At midnight on Black Friday the app basically crashed. My social media and inbox was a mess with customers complaining that:
1. discounts weren't showing up on product pages.
2. when the discounts did show up, they disappeared by the time customers were ready to check out.

For some customers, worked perfectly fine.

At the end of it all, it turned into a huge administrative headache that we didn't need and didn't do as well as we'd predicted. We believe that this app is the cause.

We historically have just used promo codes for big sales, but wanted to avoid the headache of "I forgot to use the code" and wanted to do sitewide, timed sales.

Cleaning up the Bold mess was an even bigger mess that we're STILL dealing with as customers are receiving their credit card statements.

A few days later I contacted their support to express my disappointment and asked for a refund, they agreed to do so and said it would be done in 10 days or so. I contacted them again after not seeing the refund, they said to check again Dec 25 (????).

As of Jan 5, 2017, I STILL Don't have a refund.

Update Jan 6th. Finally received my refund


Suddenly app does NOT create any discount no more, and I get no assistance from Boldapps. Don't waste your money with it, when it works it's all perfect, but when it gets some issues, Boldapps will let you alone,

Down Sunshine Lane

Don't waste your money with this app. I wish I hadn't. It doesn't work like they say it will and it's nearly impossible to get help once it's paid for and installed. Many of my items were discounted more than I put in, and right now I set the time for a sale to start incorrectly and it will not let me turn it off or change it no matter what I do. NOT HAPPY with this app & strongly suggest that others DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!!!

Your Connection Destination

Decided to jump in and buy this app after using several other bold apps and being pretty happy with the outcome. First of all, after charging me $99, they then require an additional fee to install the code for the app to even work. After paying this fee it took about 48 hours for them to supposedly install the code and tell me everything was ready to go, and I would have to turn on the theme. However, when i turned on said theme, there was code all over my product pages. So I contacted them to fix it, and had to go through a bunch of hoops just to get the issue resolved. Mind you this is the 24th of nov. and black friday is about to happen. Sure enough, all black friday and cyber monday my abandoned carts were through the roof. Why? So I do a test purchase and wouldnt you know it, code all over my checkout and it says bold all over it. Thanks bold for killing my best shopping season of the year. No app is worth the ridiculous headache this has caused my business. Did i mention I have contacted them 3 times about this now and still I have code all over my checkout and no idea how to fix it? If you are going to charge extra to install the code necessary for this app to work. You would think it would be done right. Frustrated as all get out!!!


Cool app. But WAAAAAAAAYYYY over priced.

Pci Race Radios

Removing this app because we can't possibly give BOLD any more of our money. The support has been awful, the apps don't work as they say they do and they don't care about our business.

Tew Store

Aweful customer service...stuck for now 3 days with no help. Already paid for the install and sent multiple messages but no one cares to even respond. I had marketing campaign planned but can't even run the promotions have to push everything back. I would not suggest this app purely based on poor customer service.

Fragranceoriginal Com

This app is a disaster! This is Holiday season & this app, instead of working properly, messed up my prices. I activated 30% discount in two collections. The app triggered 30% discounts in three collections, including a duplicate 30%. Thus some of the same products were discounted twice. How horrific!

I did switching on & off (wasted several hours) but the error didn't disappear. Given it's the peak season of the year, I'm so pissed off.

Cuff Love Company

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE save your $$. If you are buying this to be able to do BOG offers like I did, DON'T. Come to find out if you want to do a true "buy one full price, get one at 50% off" you have to create upsell offers for every single item in your store. That means I would have to create over 100 upsell offers just to run a one day sale?!? Otherwise, the customer can buy one and get everything else in the store for 50% off?!?! Or you can limit what they get for 50% off to the item you pick for them.

I feel completely defrauded by this company.


Worst App.. This App doesn't work. We subscribed and paid long time back. But the app just simply do it's basic job. Not Recommended