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Storewide sales, discount, flash-sales, & scheduled sales.

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The app works well, but the company does not allow for a development instance without paying for it on top of your production instance. If they changed that policy to match most other vendors I'd give them more stars...

Developer reply

December 6, 2019

Hi there. Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately we aren't able to provide a discount on the app for development stores, but we are more than happy to provide you with a trial of the app to cover your testing.

We wish we could provide a solution that works better for you, but if you'd like to accept the trial for your development store, please let us know.

Savvy Row

Complex set up required. You can struggle with it or wait 2 days for them to do it for you (and some features are immediately chargeable). No thanks.

Developer reply

July 2, 2019

Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't satisfied with our support team. I can assure you that your feedback is crucial for us to improve, so we'll be looking into how we can improve the install process for manual installs, as well as expert installs.

Katie's Kids Clothes

Poor. This app was neither easy to use, nor quick.

Whilst the app works fine once it's published your items for sale, the store owner experience is pretty bad. Reasons:

1. The app removes the styling from the clock and other styling elements every time you launch a sale, meaning hardcoding the liquid files is necessary. You have to do this after each sale activates - not great if you're scheduling sales to start ahead of time. When running multiple sales, this means constant monitoring of the UI to ensure the site is displaying correctly.

2. We have 1700 varients in our store. It took 90 minutes to publish and unpublish a sale. Therefore, there is no way to start a sale at a specific time... sale prices gradually drip feed onto the site at a snail's pace. On our store, it was adding/removing items from sale at a rate of 18 a minute. That's not particularly quick given it only needs to update two fields for each product!

3. Worst of all, there is no 'cancel' button when you activate or deactivate a sale. If you mistakenly deactivate a sale, it doesn't check that you want to, it just starts removing sale prices... for the next 90-minutes. There is no way to stop this process. High risk if you're running a big sale with a lot of marketing activity supporting it.

All in all, for the monthly fee they're asking, not a particularly slick app. Won't be using it again.


The app worked ok for me for a while until I just spent 7 hours editing every product manually on my website because the app got stuck loading and loading and brought every item down from $45 and above to $1 or $2.00 and you can only imagine how many sales came in the meantime this was happening so I had to cancel all the orders and refund all the clients. I reached out to bold and no one got back to me. They NEED TO FIX THIS! This mistake cost me more money than what I've paid the app in all the time I've had it.

Run4life Usa

It has many bugs. It needs support very often. It crashes with other apps, it conflicts when duplicating a product that previously had a discount. Every time you make any modification on an ongoing product that has a discount, and save the product, you need to restart the discount which takes time to sync (and this is not explained anywhere, I had to find this solution myself). Overall, I'm pretty disappointed unfortunately. I feel bad, cause they have good support that care, but most of the apps need further development and bugs fixed.

Alpaca Direct Dev

This product has great functionality however it has many bugs that have not been addressed over the last year. If you place a large number of items in a discount, the system will often hang or can take hours to apply. Even now, we have a discount with only 9 items and what should take less than a minute has been taking over 30 minutes while we stare a spinning "working" and no way to cancel or restart. So...our marketing campaign is on hold until this program decided to run today (a weekly event) and we're at the mercy of Bold tech support. We can open a ticket but often new tickets now can take over a day to respond so we've lost our window for our Monday promotion. I wish Bold would focus more on making their apps rock solid vs launching more apps and and features. My 2 cents...

100 Hood

This app gets 2 Stars because it plays well with Kit...

Besides that do not download this app, it will cause headaches if you are a store that constantly updates its products. My major issue with this app is that it requires you to disable all discounts before importing or exporting products. If you create a new product while a discount is running you risk altering the coding and rendering your sale unable to end. I am not making this up, this is an edit message directly from Bold within their app. They warn you constantly not to add products while a discount is live.


Mckim Photography

They did a nice job installing for me, but its confusing I can not figure out how to use it.


So far, I'm not impressed. Not only did I pay to have them adjust the appearance of my sale icon and it has not been completed in the 2-day time frame, but when I add items to my sale, they do not get added to the app's rules so half of my collection does not appear to be on sale.

I did email them about this but haven't heard back from anyone. I'll revise my review as my experience changes. Fingers crossed that this gets better.

*UPDATE 2/13/17* Sadly I am having problems with the sale prices not being calculated/showing. I have contacted support and will update this review accordingly.

On a positive note, once I got someone to help me with installing the sale banner, they were AWESOME to work with and went above and beyond to make that right.

Soco Fragrance

It's really not intuitive. You can't easily see if the entire shop is marked down, which is a big deal. The support staff is a mixed bag. Some are very informed, others are not at all. I had to shut down my shop in the middle of a huge sale due to issues with the app. I also found that their support chat doesn't work at all. I already paid $99 bucks to have it for life, but I certainly wouldn't buy it if I could go back in time.

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