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March 31, 2016

Proven to be very effective and easy to use once you follow some simple direction. I'm no where near a cider but was able to follow directions and apply all code easily.

Laxstar Clothing
United States
Time spent using app: 10 months
March 30, 2016

Thank You, Shopify! The Product Discount App is very user-friendly and efficient. We have been using for approx one year: it is quick and easy to teach, learn and use! Definitely recommended. Thanks again, Foodsmiths

Time spent using app: About 5 years
March 25, 2016

Very easy to use and useful! My only complaint is you can't stop a discount from taking effect if it's already started -- last night I started a discount by accident, and it took 2 hours to take effect, so I had to wait 2 hours to turn it off. It would be nice to have a cancel button during that process.

Bulo Llc
United States
Time spent using app: Over 4 years
March 11, 2016

Easy to use
powerful and effective

Time spent using app: 7 days
Edited March 18, 2016

Update: Just to let you know again here we are 2 weeks later and they havent added the feature that is in daily deals WHERE you can deselect a product variant so that item wont go on sale. I can tell you the user interface is very pretty and being able to search for items its pretty robust. The ONLY downfall I noticed is the product variant for which most people wouldnt care but its big for us since we have a lot of variations.

Yeah im frustrated now. When using this I should have taken in consideration everything. For instance with the other app I can NOT put a discount on a certain variation, with this app its all or nothing. I have to take a star away from them. The name is true, Product Discount not Product Discounts. Ill have to wait for them to fix it and go back to my other discount app.

Update: Got an email from either the marketing guy or the owner truly concerned with my mishap. He offered to help but explained the limitation calls on the API side which I can understand which is another shopify bug i dont see being fixed anytime soon. These dont have graphic images like the other app, kind of a big deal to me and def worth losing a star off of. Used it for a little and I cant tell you that it is very customizeable and its a little easier to select items then its competition. I went into this thinking it was going to be like the other one but this has more features, you can even search by tag

Oh my my my. First off I was thinking when they said it was a one time charge its going to beat the hell out of daily-deals. Let me tell you something. Yeah no. It updates SO slow and they even made a post about it blaming it on shopify throttling. I Can tell you first hand that the app daily deals will get all your sales done in less than 10 minutes. Why bold doesnt update their feature to use the same script daily deal is beyond me.

Time spent using app: About 4 years
December 3, 2015

I would recommend this for sure. We decided to do a last minute black friday sale on our shopify site. With very little experience and knowledge I was able to get it setup by myself. I could tell the company was facing high volume at this busy time, but for the most part, the app functioned well. I got an error code the day before thanksgiving, which must have been their busiest day of the year, and they got back to me quickly. I recommend it. -KnowObstacles.com

United States
Time spent using app: 9 months
July 8, 2015

It took me less than 5 minutes create our summer sales 20%OFF.
Is not easy for users level to change icons and make them look good in every device.
BTW is a good quality value tool for the shopify websites.

Time spent using app: Over 1 year
July 3, 2015

So far so good! I'm currently running my first sale. It was easy to set up.

I took off one star because there are a few things I wished I could customize through the app admin, like text for the sale countdown.

Otherwise it's great!
- Amanda

Mandy Art Market
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
June 26, 2015

Great app! So glad we found this. I tried a few others that were not reliable. We've had great success with Product Discount app!

United States
Time spent using app: 11 months
January 25, 2015

Easy to use, does what it promises. And I like the one time fee as opposed to paying every month. This is such basic functionality that i think it should be standard shopify functionality actually.

Time spent using app: Over 1 year