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Product Discount

Product Discount

Developed by BOLD

Price: $99.99 More info
  • In seconds create sales by PRODUCT BRAND, TYPE, COLLECTION, HAND PICKED or even STORE WIDE! PLUS Add automatic sales icons to the items on sale.
  • Run DAILY DEALS by scheduling your sales! NO COUPONS REQUIRED! Don't risk customers coming to your store and not knowing there's a sale on!
  • Manually Control or Schedule sales for holidays, weekends, power-hours... **NEW** LIVE SALES COUNTDOWN CLOCK ADDED

★ ★ ★ This app now has some KIT Skills. Learn about it here!★ ★ ★

The video above is to highlight a new integration between Kit & Bold. Click here to see our regular explainer video.

The Most Popular App in the Shopify App Store!

Product Discount holds the following distinctions:

✓ One of the most popular apps in the Shopify app store

✓ The fastest app to reach #1 from launch date

✓ Most consecutive weeks ranked #1

✓ The first app to offer a One-Time fee for a price

✓ Only app that allows timed sales, daily deals & scheduled sales


Now You Can Own the Product Discount App for Life!

*** NO MORE RECURRING MONTHLY FEES! *** The #1 most popular app in the Shopify app store is now available for a one-time purchase price. Now you can own it for life with no monthly fees! Buy it once for just $99.99 and then it's yours forever. How sweet is that!



- - - - - - ☛ Click here to see it in a Live Store!

- - - - - - ☛ Click here to test the backend of the app.

LOGIN WITH: ► Username: support@boldapps.net
► Password: password

When you login go to the apps section and log into the discount app from there. Feel free to create as many discounts and sales as you like! Have fun :-)

So what exactly does the Product Discount do?

With this powerful app you can run sales the same way a brick and mortar store does... By reducing the price! PLUS what's even better you can run a sale on just certain collections, brands, product types, hand picked segments, or even store wide!

Coupons will always have their place, but when you want to run a sale, you want your customers to know instantly that there's a sale on!


- See it in action in this 5 Minute Overview Video! -

- Here's a video about how Daily Deals get made -


So without coupons how to these sales work?

When you put on a sale with the Product Discount it actually runs through your entire store and adjusts the price of every item going on sale and then puts the old regular price in the "compare at" price field.

So now when a potential customer visits your store they instantly see the sale price and you don't risk the chance of them leaving because they didn't know there was a coupon. You drastically increase your conversion rate!

You can put just certain segments of your store on sale, the whole store, or just hand selected products. All with only a few clicks!

New Real-Time LIVE Sales Countdown Timer! Run a FLASH SALE!


Use the Countdown Timer and boost sales even more by adding a countdown time to your schedules sales! You can have a fully customizable live countdown time on every item on your store so customers see that the sales ends in 1 day, 3 hours and 2 minutes. Just imagine what you can do!

New Daily Deal Feature Enhancement: AUTO TAGGING!

Why would you tag items going on sale? You can set Shopify smart collections to automatically include products with certain tags. Here's some cool things you can do with that!

  • Create a Sale smart collection to automatically include items with this tag.

  • Add a Daily Deals page to your site that include these items.

  • Make your Frontpage collection automatically include them to promote it.

  • Add a "Deals of the week" or "month" button to your menu...

  • Any much more!

Learn more about DAILY DEALS here.

Click here to watch a video How to Create Daily Deals here.

Click here to see a live example of the SALE COUNTDOWN TIMER


New Automatic Sales Icons added to products on sale!


Just another powerful feature of this apps is the ability to add sales icons or images to a product when it's put on sale. You can pick one of the many icon options from within the app or you can use your own custom designed image!

Click here to see a live example of the SALES ICONS


But Wait... There's More!

This app also has the very powerful ability to make products invisible and still be able to be added to the cart.

Great, invisible products. so what does that mean?

Well, if you also have the famous Product Upsell in your store this means you can offer BOGO promotions never before possible!

You'll be able to run BOGO promotions such as:

  • Buy One Get One Free

  • Buy One Get 1/2 Price

  • Buy 4 of Something Get a Free Gift

  • Buy 3 Get one 75% Off

  • Spend $100 Get a Free Gift

  • ... the list goes on and on!

-- Learn to Create Sales like These in This Video! --


☛ How to create DAILY DEALS

☛ How to to create BOGO (Buy One Get One) Sales

☛ Creating General and Storewide sales

If you're looking to kick your store's sales in to high-gear, grab the Product Discount app and start running some amazing sales!

It's really an app that no store should go without!

Common Questions

Q - Is there a liquid update to my store required?

The core functionality of this app works without any liquid update. That core functionality being Bulk Discounts, Scheduled sales, Storewide sales, Daily Deals etc. There are some advanced features to this app that do require a liquid update though. If you'd like to use the live countdown timer, the sales icons, or the duplicate and hide feature there is a liquid update required. In the app there are instructions to do it yourself, or a button to request us to do it for you. If we do it for you there is a $10 charge per install, BUT if for some reason you uninstall the app within 30 days that is 100% refundable.


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Product Discount reviews (634)


The app video seem impressive but once installed and paid then I found there's only a few good function. The help support is not very active too. As I have been trying the whole night to install the sales icon in my collection liquid but no one has response. Furthermore the sale price is not shown on the video suppose to be a "Strike off' then show the discounted price. So kind of being cheated feeling.
For such a expensive one time payment and limited function given, I think it is totally not worth spending your money.
Also they do have a function to seek for technical help to install the Sales icon. However you still need to pay another USD$10 for each help from the expert! I am shock to know that after paying USD$99, to get help for installation still need to pay another fee! Though its one time payment, the function is not a lot, if you happen to select a template like me that's is crazily not simple, and don't know such lingo...frankly will be stuck every time using this app!


A powerful app that does the job beautifully. Easy to install for those who have limited knowledge with clear instructions for both installation and setup. Great time save. Highly recommend.


Easy to install, most functions work out of the box. Functions that needed coding were installed by the Bold team for a small fee in a very timely fashion.


Very useful app. The option to schedule your sales is pretty huge. The interface is fairly simple and easy to use. Worked great for us at http://level1productions.com
I rated 4 stars, because I'm still missing a couple things:
- the option to setup one sale where you can pick different prices for different products. Rather then having to make separate sales if some items are $5, $10, $20... off.
- it should be a little more clear, how to make a sale for an item that's already on sale. (We usually have a big sale day and then push certain items with even lower hourly special prices)
- I wish there was a function to only put certain sizes/colors of one product for sale.


We're very pleased with the Product Discount app! It's been easy to use and the Bold team is extremely helpful and responsive whenever we have questions. Great app!


Bold Commerce have some solid innovative apps, I use several on my site
https://supplies.homebrew4less.com/ going live soon.

Tech support is speedy, pleasant, and competent.

Special shout out to Jay from Bold Commerce who took care of some minnor install and theme issues quickly and correctly.

I will definitely be considering some of their other apps too.


Product Discount by Bold is an amazing app. I originally needed some customization guidance and Dan from the support team responded immediately and helped me out. Support is top notch! The app performs perfectly and will allow us to have various daily and weekly sales, driving more business to pdrmed.com. Definitely worth the price. Thanks Bold!


Although it seems as though it would be good the support is lacking. You can enter the chat so you think someone is there but they never actually appear. When I called and expressed I was having a sale that day and the instructions are not clear they said they would call back but that did not happen. The instructions do need to be a bit more clear in some places, however, after several hours I think I have a good enough fix until I can get a little clarification on the abilities.


Excellent App. This has solved all my problems.
Quick and easy to use and so far reliable.

Previously, although I could upload specials from my inventory system, but not set them to run for a specific period. I had to manually stop them and remove the tags. This App does all that for you.

Although this App runs out of the box, there are a couple of added extras that require some code to be added to your theme. I have a very rudimentary understanding of code, but the instructions were so good I was easily able to do it myself in about 5 minutes flat.

Well worth the money


Great app. We use it on our leather goods store.


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