SmartFeed Product Feed Manager

SmartFeed Product Feed Manager


Sell on Amazon, Walmart, Wish, Google, Newegg and More.

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Marketplace Dashboard

View and Manage Marketplaces Such as Amazon, Walmart And Jet., Set products to list on marketplaces easily and efficiently.

Distributor Dashboard

Configure Multiple Distributors to sync data directly with Shopify. Easily add new products, sync inventory and pricing changes.

Order Management

Manage Orders on our Dashboard or in Shopify. Orders import to Shopify and you Ship from Shopify and Tracking is sent back to Marketplaces

SmartFeed Product Feed Manager 정보

Automate your Product Listings and Manage Your Orders on Marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart and!


SmartFeed Product Feed Manager is a on-line marketing on-demand solution specializing in the efficiency of transmitting product feeds to many shopping comparison engines and Marketplaces.

Featured Marketplace Management Include

  • Rakuten
  • Wish
  • Newegg Markeplace

Sync Orders and Products between your Shopify Store and marketplaces easily and efficiently. Process orders in Shopify and Tracking gets sent to the Marketplaces!

Filter out products in groups by Price, Brand, Category or Keyword. Highly Customizable and easily able to create various rules for each marketplace.

Marketplace Rules Include but not limited to... * Unlimited Pricing Rules * Set minimum inventory values to eliminate overselling * Set Custom Lead Times on each Marketplace


  • Automatically sync inventory and pricing changes from any number of distributors to your website and easily add new products to your Shopify site
  • Manage pricing easily for each Distributor
  • Make Minimum Inventory Adjustments
  • Combine Data from multiple files for each Distributor
  • File Output of new products for easy Uploading new products to Shopify


  • Amazon,
  • Walmart,
  • Jet,
  • Rakuten,
  • Wish,
  • Sears

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Silver Plan


  • This plan includes only Basic Feeds such as Google, ShareaSale, and Shopzilla. Under 20,000 total skus only.

Silver + 1 MP


  • This plan includes One Marketplace, either Amazon, Walmart, Jet or Sears. Add An additional marketplace for $30 on top of this price.

Gold Package


  • This plan includes over 40 feeds and marketplaces such as Rakuten and Newegg Marketplaces. This package includes Distributor Management

Gold + 1MP


  • This is the Gold Plan and includes one marketplace such as Amazon, Walmart or Jet. Switch to Platinum for $229.95 to have all marketplaces

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가장 최근 리뷰

Feshionn IOBI

We have been with this app for a while, lots of bugs to work on, time consuming to contact them for everything that comes up, they would respond and most of time fix sometimes it would not be fixed.
We have one channel only for the past 9 months and they over charge us as we have 2 channels ($149) $30 over... We used to have Jet but discontinued, and they know it as we contacted them about it Nov 2018 yet they charge us till today. I contacted them a month ago with no response to that email or other emails about issues with Walmart listings or special updates regarding the API. for the past month I have contacted them at least 5,6 times with no response. Too bad.. we are removing the app and getting a different app to connect to Walmart.
Very Disappointed.


This app is good if you sell in many marketplaces... it is no very user friendly but the customer service is oustanding and they will walk you through every step! Richard helped me so much with everything!! unfortunately our store prices couldn't compete on some of the marketplaces. But I recommend this app 100%

ONYX by edge

We have been using the App for about a month now and have quite a large database with thousands of SKUs. The App works great for listing our Shopify items on Amazon and pushing our orders from Amazon to Shopify to be fulfilled. The App Customer Service is Awesome, Richard is a big help and answers emails super fast with helpful information and resolutions to our questions! Thank you SmartFeed!